Accidentally Tunnelling

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im relatively new to the game and have recently started playing as The Killer (Trapper). I find things can get pretty confusing at times and am pretty sure I am accidentally tunnelling. I find it hard to keep tabs on who I’ve hit, downed and hooked. Other than experience and time are there any tips on offer as to how to avoid tunnelling?

I want to be a good/fun player and want the opposition to have an enjoyable time too.


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    Unfortunately as you said this really takes time and practice. Sometimes you will still do it when you don't mean to. It would be best to determine what the definition of tunneling is to you as there is a lot of different perspectives of tunneling. Personally if I find them again right after an unhook I will just leave them be,if they have had time to heal, start working again and I have hooked or chased another survivor before I found them I consider them fair game.

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    hello and welcome, remember friend, tunneling is not always a problem, sometimes, if you had fun chasing a survivor, chase them again, but if you think he´s in a really bad spot and want to be the ´´nice guy´´ try to target another survivor

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    There is a reason survivors can see their hookstages in the HUD, but killers don't. Sometimes i'm just too lazy to count.

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    Okay, as someone who plays both sides, I feel you. The thing is, ask a survivor main and you'll get an answer on what tunneling is. Ask another survivor main and you'll get a different answer. So, you should NOT tunnel, however you need to decide what tunneling is to you.

    Now, again as someone who plays both sides, I see tunneling as when someone is unhooked and you immediately go after the person that was just unhooked. You don't give them time to do anything else, your goal is to single out this one person and remove them from the game as soon as possible. If you ask me, that's very bad, don't do it (unless they have Boil Over. I fully admit I hate that perk and I will actively tunnel anyone who brings it.)

    However, some players think that if you hook the same person twice in a row, regardless of what went on between hooks, you're tunneling. Their opinions are valid, but if that's not what you consider tunneling, then you're free to do it.

    In the end, on both sides, I play the way I find fun, and I expect the other side will do the same. Sometimes, their idea of fun will not be fun for me, and them's the breaks, as sometimes my idea of fun will not be theirs.

    Example, I play a lot of what is known as Betrayal Pig. It's a lot of fun, and a lot of times the survivors make jokes or at least say gg in end game chat. But occasionally it makes someone very very angry, and they say I got an undeserved kill. I tell them GG and GLHF next.

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    There isn't inherently wrong with tunneling. Don't worry about it. It's more about if you want to go out of your way to make yourself less effective to give the opponents a better chance or a more fun experience. They aren't entitled to it, but if you offer it, then cool. If you end up tunneling, that's fine, too. If you want to nerf yourself on the regular, then it just takes practice trying to remember who has and who has not been hooked. Frankly, I wish they'd simply add a hook counter for killers. Killers who want to tunnel will tunnel anyway. At least with a counter, killers who want to avoid it can use it to actually avoid it.

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    I'm nearing 2000 hours on PC, and I'm starting to question why I keep being nice. Survivors can be incredibly toxic.

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    I used to worry about this a lot but not so much these days. BHVR won't give us a way to track hook states and my brain doesn't have the bandwidth to keep track, so what can you do? Personally, the only kind of tunnelling I despise is when a killer returns straight back to the hook to "tunnel off hook". This means specifically going after the Survivor that just got saved, giving them no opportunity to heal up and get back into the game.

    This is very easy to avoid doing on purpose, because anyone you hit immediately off hook will glow with the endurance status effect and go into deep wound, so you can leave them be for a little while. And it's not so hard to remember the last player you hooked. I tend to give unhooked Survivors immunity for a couple of minutes to reset and heal while I've chased someone else for a bit and I don't mind if this makes the game more challenging for me. But if they go immediately back to their gen or don't take the opportunity to get to safety, they are fair game to me to at least end up slugged.

    Sometimes the only player you can get 3 hooks on will naturally be the weakest. That's just how it is sometimes. I don't consider this tunnelling so long as you've tried (and failed) to chase others.

    If you feel like being more competitive in your games, I personally think it's OK to tunnel, camp and slug a bit late game if it's right play and the trial is looking like a 0 K for you. Once there are only two gens remaining or the gates are powered, it's fine to stop playing so "nice" to secure a kill or two. Just don't slug for the 4k or intentionally bleed anyone out and most reasonable Survivors will be fine with the way that you've played.

    But you have to come up with your own rule book on what you consider to be fair play. Those are just a few of mine.

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    Don't worry about accidental tunneling.

    1: If you're new, you're playing new survivors as well. While I disagree with a lot of what killer mains say, survivors do have to take some responsibility for their own actions. A survivor on death hook does need to learn to be more cautious, survivors not on death hook need to learn to take risks. If you refuse to target a person even when they make obvious mistakes, they're going to grow the assumption that its not their fault and any future killers who play differently are being toxic.

    2: It doesn't feel good as a survivor to be spared. I'll compare it to basketball. If I was playing basketball against someone and they gave me a 10 point handicap, and I won by 6, did I really win? Mercy in the game has an important place, but playing around others poorly can also be off putting.

    3: If you find being killer too easy to start, run fewer perks or give yourself some other type of handicap. Eventually you'll get to higher MMRs and if you've gotten into the habit of playing intentionally poorly, you're going to lose games because you skipped an opportunity.

    Number 3 is the thing I wish someone had told me when I started off. I find it much more entertaining to give myself an intentionally weak build as killer and then play to the best of my ability, then to give myself a meta build but also have a set of rules I follow to keep the game interesting.

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    Try to keep a mental note of each survivor portrait on the left of the screen, and remember how many times you've hooked each of them. If there are multiple of the same survivor, just think of them as "[survivor name] 1" and "[survivor name] 2" to avoid confusion.

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    All killer mains if they play long enough see themselves turn into the villain if even for a short span, some never revert back.....

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much as a new player, if someone's not dead by hook 5 that's fine to start out with. No need to be like me and 8 hook every game and only chase when after they are healed. Self handicapping that much as a new player will only hurt your fun early on.

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    What a friendly and welcoming community.

    Thanks for the advice, I love playing this game and I’m sure I’ll benefit from some of these tips :)

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    Friendly advice, it's only going to go downhill from here. I recommend just putting in at the most 100 or so hours before going cold turkey because you'll soon be dealing with some of the most toxic people that it'll make your average Dota2 player blush. Its not a fun experience to face a bully squad who know you don't have experience and purposely elongate a game, or a Killer who bleeds everyone out for 4 minutes.

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    Tunnelling is not a bad thing though. Helps you secure kills and all. Survivors often become salty when you do this, of course they do, they want to win. But you also have the right to win as well. Tunelling is not illegal, you have to make choices that have consequences, and if those consequences benefit you then go with it. The killer is alone in the match, there is no team with you, thereby you should only care about what is best for you and not take in count the thoughts of your rivals. I assure you survivors do not have any concerns for what benefits the killer, so why would you want to mind what benefits them?

    In the end you are free to do what you want, even when toxic survivors attempt to impose their rulebook to you. You don't have to abide by their rules, they certainly won't abide by yours.

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    Congrats on trying to be nice. The game will beat that out of you but if you really want to keep track I just assign the survivors on the right side numbers as they get hooked. I don't look at names when I do this I just picture that survivor portrait with a number representing the number of hooks. Maybe I'm weird but it works for me.

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    You don't get a paycheck for being nice or playing like a hired clown.

    Play the way you want. If you feel like you need to tunnel someone - do so. Don't listen to what survivors tell you in the end game chat - they expect you to entertain them and get upset when you don't.

    The way this game works - it's either your fun or theirs quite often. Nothing wrong in prioritizing your own over theirs.

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    You can always try and make a list of the survivors on a piece of paper and note their hook stages there. But really, it's not a big deal. As long you're not going out of your way to have someone dead as soon as possible, you're already playing nice.

    You will never be able to please everyone (I speak from experience) and focusing too much on that will only leave you disappointed. Someone will find a reason to complain. Focus on having fun and don't go out of your way to be a jerk. Many will appreciate that. As for those, who don't, screw them. If they want to be miserable, then let them.

    Good luck and see you in the fog.

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    As you practice, you will get better. The main thing is you play the way you want to, not how others want.

    If you want to play in a fairer, more challenging way, you'll eventually get used to not tunnelling accidentally. You'll also become a far better player as you put yourself in tougher situations.

    Many newer players who play for results and not for learning quickly are matched against opponents who destroy them. Playing in this tougher way will give you many more benefits in the long run.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Welcome to the community. I wish you luck but sadly this community is not known for it's 'nice' members it gets knocked out of you very quickly if you are on PC with endgame chat. Thankfully most people on the forums are respectful. Tunneling is annoying but you are a new player and tunneling only really annoys people if you are a player of decent skill. Trapper is not a very strong killer so I think in my books I would accept this but peoples opinions on it can differ. Also some people take the game very competitivly so don't listen to them. Also if you want to avoid tunneling keep an eye on who you down on the HUD on the left side of the screen and just remember if you can. Don't worry though you will get better. Have fun.

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    Game Afoot, NOED, and Rancor are the core. The rest is optional.

    Here is a great video by streamer/YouTuber SkyFaction that shows a Betrayal Pig in action, along with the variance of reactions you can get from it.

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    I get salt as a no perk, no tunnelling, no slugging (except to give folks an extra chance) pyramid head.

    There's a skill valley where a lot of survivors and killers are really bad, no one is mid, then there's good players. No one really understands this

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    You should not worry too much about your playstyle, if it's overall fair. As long as you are not hard tunneling anyone, it is totally fine to have the same person on a hook for two times in a row. It is not considered tunneling, if the person could heal in the meantime or do gens or whatever. If the Survivors blame you for tunneling, just ignore it and laugh it off. Some people just have weird perceptions of tunneling. Maybe they just had bad games or a bad day over all.

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    You should not either tell he should not play killer just because he plays friendly way. Some people think other players experience that's ok you can do that or not. But I do know that if players think others experience a bit it will make the game better. Now accidental tunneling is something which obviously goes bit too much worrying. At some point you have to think your own experience ofcourse.