Killers: What is your Main's bread and butter perk?


Killer Mains!

Of all choices you have, what single perk is the one that synergises perfectly for you and your Killer's play style? The one perk you can't live without?

Can be meta for hard stomping SWFs, can be some mad cap BS perk for goofing about, or could be the perk you use for roleplaying... whatever your goal is for DBD, what's the one perk you prioritise more than any other?

For reference in you need:

For me:

Main: Pig

Perk: Monitor & Abuse. There are honourable mentions for Deadlock and Hex: Face the Darkness for power synergy, and I really like Spirit Fury or Brutal Strength to help chew through pallets and get a timely down... but the one perk that I always have fun building around and running is M&A.

The ability to get that little bit closer before survivors react and run to safety can make a huge difference to wasting pallets early on and scoring quick hits, especially when you don't have time to crouch and sneak. M&A also allows you to stay upright more often and keep an eye out for scratchies and pre-runners. It ofc also helps ensure you dont watse too much time crouching up to gens, as you can get in range to listen much quicker, just everything you do is just sped up that little bit... for me M&A feels really nice on Pig... and makes me feel like Im a little faster paced and spoopy 😁

What is your go to perk you can't live without? 🤘


  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,953


    Enduring: Shred through pallets, get reverse pallet stunned and get a free hit/down.

    BBQ/Thrilling Tremors: Hook enemy, use Portal.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,764

    I run fire up on basically every killer I just like having the boosted stats

  • pigslittlepet
    pigslittlepet Member Posts: 432

    Skull merchant and it's enduring. I get great value from the instant recovery weather it's catching up faster or just avoiding the pesky flashlight blind but seriously? It's when I get teleported to the other side of the pallet and still get the hit then I can swing around and smack their rears as they try to vault away. Its one of the most fun things too do.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,122

    No matter what Killer I play as I love using Bloodhound and Iron Grasp. I can’t get enough of these two perks! It feels so weird to play without them.

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 10,213

    It doesn't work anymore so I cannot keep my answer up to date, but Monitor & Abuse was an excellent perk for Freddy.

    On-release, M&A reduced his Terror Radius from 16 meters to 8 meters. And after his first nerf, from 24 back to 16. This worked extremely well for his aura reveal on asleep survivors and if you wanted to you could make it even stronger by using it together with the old Red Paint Brush.

    However, there is an honorable mention for Overcharge.

  • Xxjwaynexx
    Xxjwaynexx Member Posts: 273


    Iron Maiden: I hate reloading and it's crazy how many people will jump in lockers to avoid hatchets.

  • Huge_Bush
    Huge_Bush Member Posts: 5,077

    PWYF on my Scratched Mirror Myers.

  • WishIcouldmain
    WishIcouldmain Member Posts: 4,081

    For everyone but Hag, Lethal Pursuer, leads to more fun early game compared to Corrupt and the synergy with other aura perks is amazing.

  • Skittlesthehusky
    Skittlesthehusky Member Posts: 659

    demogorgon and shadowborn

    that's literally it for me 😭

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,342

    It used to be Shadowborn on Hillbilly. Now that I don't have to give up a perk slot for it anymore, I really don't know what else I would run. Lightborn and Shadowborn used to be my comfort build. Curving and picking up survivors without a care in the world feels great. I might run BBQ again, if I feel extra serious.

    I only stopped using it because I felt that I relied on it a bit too much.

  • NerfDHalready
    NerfDHalready Member Posts: 1,425

    i'm just crutching on nwth (rip) on almost any killer without basekit info because i'm so done with patrolling progressed gens and not finding anybody. no not being able to find someone behind one of those 10 trees and rocks or in those 5 lockers isn't a skill issue. but if we don't count this idk which perk i'll choose, i love my entire build on oni they synergize very well and fit my playstyle perfectly: my beloved floods and discordance and just pop and nwth on top.

  • I_Cant_Loop
    I_Cant_Loop Member Posts: 242

    I love using Nowhere To Hide on many of my killers, but it's been broken and killswitched for almost a month now. Apparently there is no urgency whatsoever to get this (or Knight) fixed anytime soon. Sigh...

  • solarjin1
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    edited January 17

    Overcharge is on a decent amount of my killer builds. I just don't gotta go to perk sadly...

    My favorite killer perk is definitely no where to hide tho.

  • tjt85
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    I really enjoy using Enduring on my Legion. Paired with Julie's Mixtape addon, I can eat a quick pallet stun, immediately refill my power gauge, then vault the pallet to get right back to chasing and chaining frenzy hits. If I'm feeling a bit more competitive, it's a combo that also pairs really well with the Iri button. Never respect a pallet again!

    It's brainless, stupid and probably mildly annoying to face but an incredibly fun way to play.

  • OrangeBear
    OrangeBear Member Posts: 2,400

    I like to use Enduring on chucky because i find avoiding stuns as him is more difficult than other killers

  • M1_gamer
    M1_gamer Member Posts: 338

    shadowborn. i cant play without it lol. good thing it being base kit next patch

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,279

    Shadowborn and Enduring on every killer

  • GentlemanFridge
    GentlemanFridge Member Posts: 5,396

    Sadako & Thrilling Tremors

    Downtime? I don’t even know her!

  • MrDardon
    MrDardon Member Posts: 3,880

    Pretty recently.. but I started using Gearhead on most Killers.. it's so good and gives quite useful information.

  • Shroompy
    Shroompy Member Posts: 6,280

    Trapper, Whispers.

    Its always been a very good perk, and is probably the biggest victim of power creep. Best way to play Trapper is to have a "territory". Some times you need to step out of it to go grab a trap and Whispers allows you to know when you have time to do so. It can also let you know when its not the best time to set a trap since youll know someones nearby and can possibly see you setting that trap.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,775

    Monitor and Abuse on Mikey. The number of downs I have gotten from sneaking up on them with my 99'ed tier 3 is just.....chef's kiss.

  • Verconissp
    Verconissp Member Posts: 1,572


    There's two that stand out tbf.. i can Hardly play without it.. before i miss it so, Sloppy Butcher,

    if there was a Second Pick... Bamboozle, it throw's survivors off completely when they don't expect you to have it,

  • DBD78
    DBD78 Member Posts: 3,454

    I like Lethal on Hag. Perfect to see where survivors are not going so you can plan the set up of traps better.

  • Azulra
    Azulra Member Posts: 399

    I don't really have any specific perk that I use the most(especially since I have a common tendency to bounce around between different killers), but if they were to make Shadowborn's new effect to be that it gives the killer essentially perma-Dredge vision by making the map darker in general and drowning out most of the color with gray while causing survivors in your LoS (Line of Sight for anyone who doesn't already know) to light up then I'd be constantly running that perk 24/7. This would just help players like me who are commonly very oblivious to spotting survivors which would just be nice in general and pretty fitting for the perk.

    (Seriously though, I'd prefer this effect VERY MUCH more than the current effect that is intended for Shadowborn in the PTB because I'd care less about the Haste than better vision imo.)

  • WishIcouldmain
    WishIcouldmain Member Posts: 4,081

    That is a possibility, but for the other killers I use Lethal primarily to immediately start a chase.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 1,157

    mah boi dredge with darkness revealed and/or lethal pursuer

    it just works

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 2,399

    ... that's really clever.

    A lot of things I've tried before and/or know about (still fun to read people's answers)... but this one was genuinely new... I've never tried that... smart 😅

  • dbdwight
    dbdwight Member Posts: 35

    I'm addicted to spies from the shadows and I almost always run it when I play killer. In my opinion it's an underrated perk

  • BlightedDolphin
    BlightedDolphin Member Posts: 1,678

    Coup de Grace on Ghostface.

    Really helps down the exposed survivor faster and you only need to use one stack! And it makes chasing non-exposed survivors more manageable so even if you are struggling to get marks it still gives a lot of value!

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 2,399

    I used that on Myers, I haven't tried yet on GhostFace! I'll give that a look! 😁🤘

  • ChaosWam
    ChaosWam Member Posts: 1,259

    Sadako and Deadman's Switch.

  • RaSavage42
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  • Shroompy
    Shroompy Member Posts: 6,280

    Its what happens when youve been playing the guy on and off for 6+ years :)

    He's one of the killers where theres surprisingly so much to learn. Ive lost count of the amount of cheeky traps Ive learned thoughout the years. Best ones I can think of atm is RPD West side entrance upstairs to the waiting room, in chapel main at the corner of the upper stairs, and Sanctum you can shove a trap under the planks

    Have fun :)

  • Heliosse
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    Dark deception is my go to perk, i love the confusion it can create, but it only works in combination. I love this particular build:

    M&A, dark devotion, Ultimate weapon and Infectious fright. It creates so much confusion among most survivors. You can UW/IF the dark devotion and M&A will change your TR quite frequently which will add to the chaos.

    I use shadowborn, plaything and trail of torment a lot too.

    As for the "synergy" with the killers, my 3 mains are all chase oriented but suffer from W since they do not have mobility (xeno has a restricted mobility, not a free one like blight or wesker). So having stealth can give me some meters and thoses meters make the difference. Of course the best synergy with any killer is just regression but i enjoy stealth the most for my picks.

    Honorable mentions when you play "optimally":

    Xeno with make your choice and agi + camp in a tunnel to proc MyC and zoom out, since you go 18m/s, you can go "away" to proc MyC really easily

    Executioner: Forced hesitation to obliterate both survivors in a cage camp scenario

    Nemesis: Ruin with zombies is great, i like PWYF a lot too since i usually hit and run a lot especially at the start, having extra speed after an infection or a hit can be great

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
    Atsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 341

    I never had a staple perk on my killers until Ultimate Weapon was released. I feel it's a MUST HAVE for mobile killers like Wesker.

  • Rickprado
    Rickprado Member Posts: 462

    Corrupt Intervention. Makes so i can play matches much more chill and relaxed.

    Also, makes the first chase far less punishing, allowing that some mistake at the beginning does not cost the whole match.