dc penalties should not apply when there is a bot in a match

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This goes both for killers and survivors

Sorry bhvr, but no matter how sophisticated your bots are, (almost) no one wants to play against or with AI. Especially when there are 3 or 4 bots. There are custom games for that.

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  • Seraphor
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    So one DC means everyone DCs?

    I actually like playing with a bot on my team. They're often better than the types of survivors who DC a lot.

  • _Onyx_
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    I agree that Killer should get a free DC if there are 2 or more bots in a lobby. But Survivors should never get a free DC.

    Survivors who DC or suicide on hook are idiots. Most of the people that do are typically gen rushers anyway. So there is literally no difference in gen rushing in a match they don't want to be in, with gen rushing in a match they are happy to play out. Anyone who wants out, gen rush. They most likely will end up winning anyway lol

  • MrDrMedicman
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    2 survivor dcs, and free killer DC is a good idea. No bps, but no penalty

  • pigslittlepet
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    I agree. I personally would prefer it with one dc but I understand why it should be two. I have zero interest in playing with bots so if I get one I ignore it. Then I get yelled at for tunneling because I didn't chase the bot. If I do ever chase a bot it's because everybody else in the game is incapacitated.