Why not a mummy inspired killer?


Just a concept I had while at work, could even have different skins to change the sex and or appearance of the “Pharaoh”.


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    I read somewhere on here that the devs mentioned they don’t want to do the stereotypical type of monsters like mummies, vampires or werewolves. I dunno how true that is though, but I’d personally love them all to be in the game. Even better if we can get The Mummy from the Brendan Fraser film.

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    Something Egyptian-themed would be cool. Doesn't have to be specifically a mummy.

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    The problem is not only aesthetics but also gameplay.

    What kind of power would a mummy have? A bandage toss that snares or pulls survivor? Already there with killer like deathslinger or cenobite.

    The options get more and more limited gameplay wise, especially with an old engine and multiple times mangled spaghetti code.

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    Isn't Plague a sort of mummy character already? Some skins even have bandages iirc.

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    I always figured the Plague was the character to represent this kind of resurrected being from a lost ancient society trope.

    For funsies I've been trying to come up with a suggestion that fits a horror trope that isn't a rip off of an existing idea, is original but catches the same theme...

    It's actually harder than one would think 🤔

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    Who is that third from the left supposed to be?

    Im assuming the line up is Wraith, Oni, ???, and Deathslinger.

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    that is just silly...

    this is a game all about all the stereotypical types of slasher killers from movies. and we got most of them here.

    it would be a very weird line to draw.

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    Egyptian theme is pretty diverse. Mummy, Djinn, Horus, Medjai, Anubis warrior. Cosmetic wise, they could have a field day. Definitely a chapter id like to see.

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    I think the devs have stated before that they design a killer power a while before they design the killer.

    They come up with a new power idea, get it rolling and continue to work on it and then once it's established enough that they know the general feel of it, they will work on a design that makes sense with the power.

    Possibly they've yet to design a power that really works well with the design of a mummy.

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    A mummy isn't really on my list, but there are options.

    TP isn't exactly original, but a Mummy could TP using a sarcophagus they enter and pops up in other areas of the map (like PH's cages).

    Attack powers could be any number of things, from plague related powers to summoning familiars/minions. Mummies have been portrayed as slow and plodding, but a fast mummy would be pretty original and terrifying.

    Cosmetics would be wide open, almost limitless (like Dredge).

    I could think of a number of super cool moris, too: brain removal, conjuring scarab beetles/locusts that eat survs alive, burying alive, rapid desiccation, etc.