new game is great but has a problem that can be easily fixable.

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No tr too strong considering the power of some killers, what if instead of no terror radius, killers have their normal tr halved instead, that should make it balanced.


  • tippy2k2
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    I'm loving the No TR mode. Honestly, it might be more balanced but I think it would be a lot less fun if the killer had even a small terror radius. I'm enjoying running around in the dark only to realize I just ran straight into the killers arms :D

  • solarjin1
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    bubba back in his insidious bag....and i don't like it one bit. Game mode fun but u camp to easy. Survivors extremely inefficient because of the darkness which just allow people to camp for free.

  • mikewelk
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    Because no seasonal event has ever been heavily in favour of survivors. At least this one is only 7 days.

  • Adaez
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    I agree, I'm tired of camping being a good strategy even a killer, fix tunneling and camping bhvr please, it's been 8 years!

  • pseudechis
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    Terror radius just breaks lights out as the moment you hear it you vanish off into the darkness.

    The lack of terror radius is one of the best features of lights out. There is no warning now and that's doing my head in.

    Survivor has never been so fun.