Last played survivor/Killer and their build


Curious what everyones last played character on both sides is and what their build was. Obviously some will lie but for you honest folk out there let's see how many of you be sweatin (plus there might be some fun builds)

For me it's:

Hag with Scarred hand and Waterlogged Shoe. Perks are Rapid Brutality, STBFL, Batteries Included, NoEd

on Survivor its:

Elodie with all 4 Boon perks

I just thought of this cause I was gonna get back into the game after skipping out on the last 3 1/2 chapters but since the new one also sucks i'm probably not gonna bother


  • humanbeing1704
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    Last survivor build I used was resilience dead hard leader and any means necessary and I played my main jake

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,909

    As a randomizer, mine often make no sense, but here was my last one:

    Survivor: Detective Tapp

    Perks: This Is Not Happening, Sprint Burst, Better Together, Resurgence

    Item: Sport Flashlight

    Add-ons: TIR Optic, Focus Lens

    Offering: Clear Reagent

    Killer: The Ghost Face

    Perks: Furtive Chase, Enduring, Thrilling Tremors, No Way Out

    Add-ons: Olsen's Address Book, Cheap Cologne

    Offering: Rotten Oak

  • SimpleSage
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    Feng Min:

    Flip Flop, Power Struggle, Tenacity, Bond

    No Items or Offerings


    Lethal Pursuer, Barbecue and Chili, Darkness Revealed, Grim Embrace.

    Glowing Concoction, Rose Root

    No Offerings

  • MagicDragon
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    Wraith: Distressing, Coulrophobia, Unnerving Presence, Thanataphobia. Sloppy and Persistent TR addons, Midwich offering

    Dwight: Sprint Burst, Flashbang, We'll Make It, Bond. Yellow toolbox with brown charge/repair speed addons, Party Streamers

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 10,216


    -Prove Thyself



    -We'll Make It

    -No offerings or items


    -Hex: Devour Hope

    -Brutal Strength


    -Corrupt Intervention

    -Add-ons were Nancy's Sketch and Prototype Claws. For an offering I used a Survivor Pudding.

  • skylerbound
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    Yui - DH, OTR, Windows, MFT. This is my anti-tunnel build I’ve settled on. No items but did use a sac ward.

    And killer was Adept Chucky which I got against 4 baby survivors with less than 50 hours each(idk why they matched with me). I used his cool-down on hit and cool-down on miss slice and dice add ons.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    lithe vigil OTR adrenaline

    item: medkit + surgical suture

    offerings: bp offerings

    pyramid head (this from the recent PTB)

    nurses calling, lethal, tinkerer, discordance

    Addons where burning man painting and the new crimson ceremony book

    I was testing his new crimson ceremony book addon and I am pleased with it finally becoming a viable addon

  • Xyvielia
    Xyvielia Member Posts: 2,415

    Last Killer match was:

    Nurse with Demise, Nurses, Spies and Pop

    Ataxic Respiration and Fragile Wheeze

    Last Survivor match was:

    Nea with Balanced, Inner Strength and We’ll Make It

  • caligraph
    caligraph Member Posts: 359

    Claudette: Adrenaline, OTR, Distortion, SB

    Probably blight but I haven't played killer in a while. my typical build was something real meta but I cant remember exactly what

  • Chiky
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    Oreo + Cheryl


    Oreo: Gen kicking build

    Cheryl: Solo Q build

  • Shroompy
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    These arent counting PTB

    Last Survivor: Meg

    Bond / Sprint Burst / Object of Obsession / Champion of Light

    Last Killer: Trapper

    Ultimate Weapon / Bamboozle / Corrupt / Pop Goes the Weasel

  • Xyphus
    Xyphus Member Posts: 86


    Bond / Calm Spirit / Dance with me / Dead Hard


    Scourge: Floods of Rage / Lethal Persuer / Gearhead / BBQ

    Add-Ons (forgot the names) - Duration and Speed increase

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,862


    • Distressing
    • Beast of Prey
    • Brutal Strength
    • Lightborn


    • Distortion
    • We'll Make It
    • Resilience
    • Kindred
  • TWS001
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    Killer - Clown

    - Nemesis

    - Game Afoot

    - Tinkerer

    - Pop Goes The Weasel

    Had to get hooks on the obsession for an archive, ended up with about 8 obsession hooks and a 4k.

    Survivor - Vittorio

    Decisive Strike

    Head On


    Windows Of Opportunity

    Another archive build, this time to get killer stuns against a Billy. Didn't get any as I had zero chase time as he spent most of the game chasing and tunnelling a Nea who made him look silly at times. Zero chase time and a 4 escape on one of the junkyard maps.

  • TWS001
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    Sorry, double posted