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Before I start, I’d like to say that this has nothing to do with BHVR or the game itself, this more so has to do with a small subset of the community (that is not representative of the community as a whole).

So I went against a streamer who was constantly yelling and cussing people out over minor stuff or people not “playing the game correctly” (for both Survivor and Killer) and I ultimately decided to talk about this since I feel like this often gets brushed under the rug…

Why do people feel the need to play a game that they dislike and/or are not satisfied with to the point of it causing physical stress on them?

Due to the size of DBD’s community, there are bound to be people who do not like the state of it, but I see people continue to play it over and over and over despite them not enjoying themselves. They have their own free will, but actively choose to engage with something that do not like, and sometimes take it out on others or worse their own mental health in the process.

None of this is to say that negative feedback or criticism is bad, actually criticism is helpful to the game since it can lead to improving many aspects of the game. But what I’m talking about isn’t criticism or feedback, it’s just someone moping in their own misery and it’s actually painful to see.

I really don’t understand the cause of it either. Is it the sunk-cost fallacy? Is it an addiction to the game, and they just can’t let go? I really don’t known.


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    Addiction is a powerful thing.

    And now that Im out of a trial I'll add onto this.

    Aside from addiction I like to consider what a person has learned in their life. There are those who grew up in an unstable household and cant see the ability to be happy therefor they find it necessary to make others unhappy - evening the terms of engagement if you will.

    Are they always aware of this? No. These, sometimes, are the ones that are easier to encourage growth in a more positive manner.

    Then we have those that do it because it gives them some modicum of joy. Narcissist's.

    If Im playing with someone who has become far too over the top in their attitude/mood/treatment of others and/or myself, I'll voice my concern and if that changes nothing I'll dip. Buh-bye.

    PS: The only 'correct' way to play a game is to play it the way YOU enjoy it - not how others dictate.

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    Sunk-cost and a lack of good alternatives.

    You're tired of CoD? You've got plenty of other shooters to pick from.

    Tired of a MOBA? Plenty of others.

    Tired of a MMO? Literally thousands of them.

    Tired of DBD? You've got the corpse of F13, Evil Dead and the rapidly deteriorating TCM. People keep coming back because there's not much else around.

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    "Why do people feel the need to play a game that they dislike and/or are not satisfied with to the point of it causing physical stress on them?"

    Well, I don't speak for everyone, but I have spent over 3k hours in this game and probably over 300 bucks (local, not dollars) in this game too. It's not that easy to just forget it and move on. If I could have all my money back I would gladly stop playing it, because the game is going to a direction that I really dislike. At the end of the day, we "like" the game and we want it to be good, so we punish ourselves into playing it despite not having fun

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    I think Pulsar has a good point about sunk-cost. A lot of people have invested/wasted a lot of money on cosmetics and DLC and it might be hard to give up on a game (it happens to me with LoL).

    And maybe some people like to be outraged/take it out on others. I mean if you've been online enough you know twitter...people there are bothered by everything but they still somehow refuse to touch grass.

    Also certain people take this game way too seriously. Idk if it's lack of control in other aspects of life (I've felt this) that they feel the need to have control in a game and they get super grumpy over it.