Is anyone getting weird performance issues/crashes recently?

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The past few days I've noticed myself and several other streamers are getting an issue where the game crawls to 5 fps and then crashes. I'm trying to figure out if this is some new targeted hack thing or there is some giant memory leak or something. So I'd like to ask the general community, is anyone experiencing this? Thanks.

So far I've determined it is not killer or map specific. I've seen it on all maps and on all killers, regardless of role. Could it be tome challenge related?

Example of what it looks like:


  • Superyoshiegg
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    Perhaps something in the latest update conflicts with whatever software is being used to stream the game. Has this happened at all off camera? What about in other games using the same anticheat? A concerning thought considering the recent Apex debacle.

    I've not seen any other complaints about recent performance issues either from people I know or online. Not more than the usual, at least.

  • dknb
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    Similar to the linked video, my situation is no frame drop and it suddenly freezes.

    The screen freezes and the sound continuing of the final moments.

    I can't log out or call up the task manager, that didn't happen before March.

  • Botiz
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    I mainly seem to be getting more FPS drops whereas I never got any before. Like i'll drop 15-20 frames and feel the difference

    Haven't had any crashing issues though

  • concubined
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    Auto aim has been on all time low for this event and the killer streamers I watch are experiencing it too.