Killers, what is the secret to making you friendly?


Killers, how does a Survivor activate your friendliness mode? For some it’s booping a snoot. For others it’s receiving head pats. What are YOUR personal friendliness mode activation conditions?

Personally, it’s the standing still, looking at the floor, slow head turn from the side that does me in 😆


  • Friendly_Blendette
    Friendly_Blendette Member Posts: 2,923

    I'll always appreciate a wacky build. Like if you flipflop me or something and I find it funny I'l probably spare you.

  • TatsuiChiyo
    TatsuiChiyo Member Posts: 684

    Making me laugh, but only cause I do the same stuff. Had a game the other day where I was playing my Cybil (fav Silent Hill character, the cop skin Cheryl has). We loaded into RPD, entered the main lobby same time as a Legion who saw and hit me. In a desperate attempt to save myself, I ran behind the counter and started miming working as a cop. I pointed towards one side of the map, and than started "typing" on my computer. Legion stared at me for a bit than left.

    My guy let me work in oeace, he let everyone go. That kind of dumb nonsense

  • Huge_Bush
    Huge_Bush Member Posts: 5,085

    Being a cute Claudette or Shirtless David.

    Also, if you’re obviously new or just really bad.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
    D0NN1ED4RK0 Member Posts: 743

    Lisa, Cheryl, Cybil and Maria mains

    I love Lisa so much ever since I played sh1 and I always just ignore her and kill all the survivors and then I give her hatch

  • UndeddJester
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    Personally it's when a player DCs or SoH.

    I don't see why everyone else should be punished. I basically play out the game as normal taking maximum hooks, and whoever doesn't quit, doesn't give up on their teammates by being a rat, and doesn't become toxic, I'll let them all leave.

    I also tend to do the same for the last survivor. Long as they keep trying to win, and don't become toxic, I'll usually let them live. It's especially rewarding when playing someone like Skull Merchant (who I only ever put drone at gens and hex totems, always play normal mind games at loops).

  • ChaosWam
    ChaosWam Member Posts: 1,290

    Making it clear you want to farm/dropping an item/doing the beckon emote out in the open.

  • duygu
    duygu Member Posts: 323

    if a survivor gives up very early or if i know i've won midway and it wasn't a challenging game, i'll let the remaining survivors finish the gens and give them some stuns

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 10,216

    Dropping your item, of course. A request for mercy that I'm always happy to accept.

  • Brimp
    Brimp Member Posts: 2,788

    Depends. If you generally played on a strong map and provided no chase interaction other than pre-drop W or main building and try to act all cutesy afterwards... lets just say you're going next without the extra 5k bp.

  • M1_gamer
    M1_gamer Member Posts: 338

    nothing. im a killer. i kill.

  • freddy123
    freddy123 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    when the game was too easy ( i mean i killed everyone too fast) then i might give a chance to someone

  • CrimsonVoid
    CrimsonVoid Member Posts: 14

    For me is either just exist and dont be toxic and I will not only be friendly but I will 2-hook everyone and let everybody escape. Im that friendly.

  • TieBreaker
    TieBreaker Member Posts: 501

    Anyone here appreciate getting hit in the face with a pebble?

  • Akumakaji
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    Usually when I am stomping and was obviously matched with survivors way below my paygrade or when the last survivor gives up. I want some kind of guesture of submission, like, if you run the whole endgame from my and try to "win" the regular way, then I will accept that and put you on the hook if I get the down. But if you turn at me and crouch, then I will most likely also accept this and let you open the gates or get hatch. Just interact with me in any way besides BMing me and slamming something in my face and you should have a good chance of mercy.

    But of course, I could be on an adapt run or have a certain tome challenge, then I will be sorry, but ask you to not take it personally ^_-

    And showing that you got a personality during the trial also helps, never looking back and just mindlessly pre-dropping every single pallet won't make me any more sympathetic to you then you BMing me at every corner. But usually I am pretty chill with the last survivor.

    Also, when I down you and wait 2s and you wriggle like mad on the floor, then I know that you REALLY want to escape.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Member Posts: 13,342

    If I can tell the survivors are wasting time intentionally.

  • GentlemanFridge
    GentlemanFridge Member Posts: 5,400

    Conga lines, general shenanigans, and absolute curbstomps.

    I also accept toblerone.

  • Yharwick
    Yharwick Member Posts: 481

    If a survivor stands out to me as very good and are trying their best and they have dumb teammates or teammates that give up I'll usually avoid that person and give them hatch.

  • Ginnypig
    Ginnypig Member Posts: 151

    These are my matches, high mmr suck balls

    If you face swf over and over and over with this setup, you never get friendliness, ever.

  • Xyvielia
    Xyvielia Member Posts: 2,415

    It’s natural that I’m always friendly😌

    Doing good and giving, hoping for nothing in return is the way.

    The Entity doesn’t own me.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,972

    Not blinding me at every opportunity is a good start.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,778

    Just be a Dweet. Simple as that.

  • Valyrie
    Valyrie Member Posts: 31

    Anything silly. I've had matches that were easy 4k where I've let 1 or 2 people live just because they did something silly, melted my heart, and we all got to be silly for a while. In a game where so many people take it way too seriously or try their hardest to make it miserable for other players, anyone willing to participate in some light hearted fun deserves an out imo.

  • Royval
    Royval Member Posts: 258

    Just loop me the longest out of everyone I’ll probably give hatch if it was a considerable margin 😃

  • Doxie
    Doxie Member Posts: 61

    When I accidentally tunnel someone. It happens, you cross paths too soon. I make sure they survive. I don't play like that. Winning isn't all that important.

  • Hexonthebeach
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    Survivor crouching to you and look up, sometimes melt my heart.

    But don't tell anyone! 🤫

  • SoGo
    SoGo Member Posts: 481

    If I stomp them heavily or there's that one very new and inexperienced player that I keep finding.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Only if it’s Chris.

    He’s moved on from punching rocks to hurling them.

    Bonus points if I’m Wesker.

  • MrDardon
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    Depending on the situation, if a Survivor does a gen while I approach and instead of running away they just stand up and give me a side-eye and then they slowly walk towards me.

    Or if a Survivor cleanses a Totem, not giving a flying f*** about me being there.

    And the classic, they offer me an Item or Syringe/Spray.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and if you play Yoichi you have a 100% escape rate against me.

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,368

    Give me a good chase and don't be a dick. That's all it takes.

  • Bedslamb
    Bedslamb Member Posts: 70

    I can take the blinds , i'll eat the pallets , but , the Head On enjoyers must suffer

  • HPhoenix
    HPhoenix Member Posts: 567

    As a Clown player:

    If you do anything goofy or give me an item from the start, I'll be friendly xD.

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 4,202

    I usually play friendly when survivors are completely helpless and (this is important) do not give up.

    I also tend to let the last one leave, tool offering or not. (But I take the offering as a "thank you".)

    That being said:

    A map offering is a death sentence.

    If the rift tells me to kill, I'll kill. This is pretty rare mind you.

    And of course: "bully" teams are fair game : no mercy. Last time I had such a team, I've ignored the runner to kill everyone else, made him watch (he was never far) and killed him last.

    I need to point out "bullies" are my favorite kind of opponents.

  • Grumblephant
    Grumblephant Member Posts: 73

    If you have a person DC early in the match OR if I gave everyone two hooks and your team is at 4 gens.

    I'll goof off at that point. Throw the occasional knife or turn into an M1 killer.

    The DC is self-explanatory. It's not fun to have a person DC once they see me. I feel like it ruins it for other players, even if they get replaced by a bot.

  • Akumakaji
    Akumakaji Member Posts: 4,947

    OMG, I remenber this one time on Dead Dawg I came about 4 Claudettes in bushes, and they had some choreography, where they would BOOP up in sequence and had quite the elaborate dance routine. It was so precious and I nearly shed a tear when I put them on the hook. Just kidding :D

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,368

    Sorry to hear that. But for me, there is nothing more to it.

    Do that and show me you want me to play friendly (for example dropping an item or shaking your head when I down your team mate) and I'll be friendly.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    Nothing 😅

    I play to win, which doesn't always happen but I'm not in there for a little chin wag. Id probably consider letting a survivor off if they kneel as I approached as Knight, but given his popularity that's happened a grand total of 0 times. I did read a post a long while back that an Oni player (on Yamaoka) caught the survivors all kneeling/crouching in front of the Oni mask inside the house. He let them all live 🙃

  • oxygen
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    Don't really go fully "friendly" as I find it boring, but at the same time I play pretty nice in general as it's just what I find more fun.

    But I absolutely love players that can do goofy little things. Something as simple as seeing someone crouch and look up after I whiff a hit on them at a window vault, or a Bubba cranking their DPI up to a billion and swinging their mouse around during a tantrum, a survivor getting off a gen and crouching while looking down as if asking for forgiveness after missing a skillcheck, that stuff immediately makes me feel I'm with fun people and you better believe I'll goof right back.

    I'm fully aware that especially when it comes to stuff like people doing silly stuff from the other side of a vault/pallet or after downing someone, some players will consider it some capital crime tier toxic act. But not me.

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  • ValkarianHunter
    ValkarianHunter Member Posts: 7

    If I get a couple of early hooks and/or gens haven't been touched that much I'll chill out and start farming