Inside a Blood Zone - Is this intentional or some kind of bug?

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I thought I was going crazy this week but it's happening to me all the time now.

When I am inside a Blood Zone, I hear distant and faint sounds of injured Survivors and Killers who are not in the game.

For example, I'll hear David's grunts of pain even though there is nobody injured and no David in the game.

Just now I heard the Lullaby of The Huntress but Ghostface turned out to be the Killer.

I'll hear the sounds of Survivors falling from a great height or being injured when there is absolutely nobody around.

To those of you who use a headset, do you hear these too while working inside a Blood Zone on a generator? They are very faint and distant but they are all easily recognizable sounds to veteran players.

EDIT: The faint and distant sounds I described are literally just like the whispering voices you hear if you are using Weaving Spiders! The difference is that it's happening inside blood zones while working on generators and you can easily make out the sounds, like David's injured grunting or the Huntress singing her lullaby, it has that same exact distant echo to it

I personally have not equipped the perk myself as of yet but have participated in the ritual with a couple Sable players in the basement

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    I know you play a lot with minimal breaks, any chance you're just hearing things from playing so much? Kind of like when a song gets stuck in your head? I'm hopping on soon so will test it out with headphones because now I'm curious lol

  • CountOfTheFog
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    Have you seen the new Weaving Spiders perk in use? When you are doing the ritual in the basement with a Sable player using it you hear the faint and distant voices whispering - that is exactly how they sound, faint and distant but I easily recognize the sounds like the Huntress Lullaby

    Maybe it's an audio bug related to the new perk being implemented because it sounds exactly the same but instead of unintelligible whispers you'll hear the things I mentioned previously

    I wish I had mentioned Weaving Spiders in my first post because it just hit me what exactly it sounds like

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    i swear i noticed different survivor sounds of pain coming from one of The Unkonwns hallucinations since the recent patch , sounded like David groaning & maybe Nea too

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    Could be the twitch stream in the background?

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    Idk about the blood zone, but one thing I'm 100% sure is that the last seconds of the Demogorgon shred miss sound effect sounds like David grunts.

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    It wouldn't surprise me.

    Unrelated, but I sometimes hear Weskers menu theme or the Attack on Titan theme for a brief moment when I flip through menus s