ElodieSimp Member Posts: 354

So why did she get gigabuffed?

Asking for a friend.


  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
    Spare_Them_Mori_Me Member Posts: 1,328

    She did, then she didn't. The Entity giveth, and taketh away. Let you friends know so they come back to the game! <3

  • bjorksnas
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    She didn't get way too much 2 hatchets and 10% windup barely make up for 6.5 years of negative changes and map updates aka slap 400 trees around with massive branches that prevent you from doing cool stuff, 5 indoor maps, and putting almost every gen in a closed off spaces so less map pressure. And well the main reason for the buffs some maps are just massive locker deadzones with my favorite examples being badham and haddonfield, nearest reload can easily be a +10s walk

    Id say after 6.5 years a bit of basekit buffs were well deserved since they can't sacrifice the artistic integrity of maps to make huntress, dredge, and trickster better

  • Feneroe
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    She wasn't gigabuffed and she was buffed because she's gotten weaker as map design changed to include a lot more clutter and los blockers.

  • Archol123
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    Well to quite Zubatlel "Because Huntress is dogsh** against good players".

    I would go with the map design argument as well many of the newer maps have really weird hitboxes and too much stuff to put in line of sight making her annoying to play as. But I would say even with those changes she is Allright to go against, nowhere near as annoying as Trickster to go against.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    I think her buffs are fine.

    That movement speed one on PTB was absolutely too much and it would be S tier Killer if they want put it there.

    Now she has 2 more hatches and bit faster ready up time like… come on, its not a huge deal. People overeact imo.