How to "balance" Decisive Strike


So: The new (actually old) DS will stun the killer for 5 seconds instead of the current 3. However, its way to weak against nurses, blights, spirits and even artists or huntresses but way to strong against weak killers such as trappers or pigs. So instead of buffing it to the 5 seconds, make it that every time a survivor stuns the killer, their power loses all charges.

A nurse would have to wait a few seconds to blink again and so does blight, spirit and artist. Cause lets be honest, 2 extra stunning seconds against a nurse or a blight wont mean anything but against a trapper…cruel.

So to be simple: if the power has a charge bar, it resets.


  • Hexling
    Hexling Member Posts: 657

    You dont even know what the new animation for ds looks like or how long it takes so how are you going to judge what's going to happen?

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,466

    Making it a base kit mechanic or at least generic perk for everyone to use? No.

    Keeping it behind pay wall to help with tunneling and kinda soft forcing to run it for everyone and never doing something about it in its core? Yes!