Adrenaline nerf is the reason why more survivors are quitting the game

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There are already perks that counter adrenaline: No one escapes death that is nowhere as OP as adrenaline, you do not have to do anything for it to activate but reach end game, gives survivors exposd status and you receive extra speed boost UNTIL the hex totem is cleansed with the only counter is cleansing totems before endgame whilst most survivors don't even reach the end game. A hex totem that you can almost not counter unless you are a SWF.

Terminus is a perk that gives all survivors broken status in end game for 30 seconds, so you do not receive heals from adrenaline.

So I do not understand why it is being nerfed when there are already counter perks for it, yet we have to carry anti tunneling perks to not be tunneled? Solo survivors continue to get screwed over by dumb decisions that I have decided to quit the game until there are QOL improvements for solo survivors so in other words, permanently. I've never ever felt miserable playing a video game before. They only want people in premade groups to play this game, maybe should have advertised it as a party game, a waste of money.

Now I got my question officially answered this game is balanced around SWF!



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    Personally that was the biggest benefit when I was using it and was a pretty common scenario.

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    Solo queue does have issues. Your frustration is understandable but Adrenaline is still a top tier perk despite the nerfs.

    And Terminus only partially counters it. Even if it was a good counter this game has no draft system. Its fine to have counters available in the game but being encouraged to take a sub optimal perk on the chance you get to counter a meta perk is bad design.

    The same applies to Ultimate Weapon vs Calm Spirit. The main difference being that after UW gets its planned nerf (Area of effect tied to the locker rather than the terror radius) it will no longer be meta and will be countered by just leaving the area.

    you do not have to do anything for it to activate but reach end game

    True on paper. But for the killer to get good value from Noed he needs some setup and skill or heavy mistakes from the survivors. Bad killers don't win with Noed against survivors that play well.

    A hex totem that you can almost not counter unless you are a SWF.

    This is simply not true. Unless the Noed spawns next to a hooked survivor its easy to find it and cleanse safely while still having time to get a rescue. You even get to see the totem's aura.

    Now I got my question officially answered this game is balanced around SWF!

    If that was true Trapper and Pig would have gotten much bigger buffs than what they got.

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    calm spirit has a heavy downside ultimate weapon didnt on top you needed distorsion and you still gets blinded now it aint broken you dont need having 2 perks to halve nullify one perk

  • devoutartist
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    it aint there a decent amount of ppl that runs hexes with penta knowing exactly this its till 2 perk that dosent even fully counter one perk

  • THE_Crazy_Hyena
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    Matchmaking incentives are pretty much only for survivors these days. I guess that might be his reason.

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    Adrenaline is still a strong perk and I will still equip it.

    The question is: did it really need a nerf? Like anything in this game, it’s quite a complex issue. Like most strong survivor perks, it was easily counter-able by A tier killers (Blight, Nurse, etc) or one-shot/NOED using killers. But then it’s really harsh on M1/low mobility killers like Trapper who could have any end game pressure removed, particular in SWF’s when it’s not uncommon to have 2, 3, or even all 4 survivors running Adrenaline.

    I did always think it was very powerful that an unhooked survivor running Adrenaline could heal instantly off the hook. An argument could be made that it incentivises tunnelling in the end game even more now. Now I know people did abuse old DS in the EG, but devs have made their stance pretty clear that tunelling is fair game in the end game… no DS, OTR, and now Adrenaline off the hook? Call it “game health changes” or whatever you want, but devs are essentially saying that it’s ok to tunnel in the end game. Which I guess is a whole other conversation.

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    E should be higher. If a killer complains about adrenaline, they're probably not doing a good enough job during the match.

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    It's not really countered by strong killers though, they can just deal with it's affect better. The preassure is still removed for a bit, just not an instant loss.

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    Noed: You play most of the game perkless for a huge power spike in the end
    Terminus: Only works if the survivor is injured but even then they still get the speed boost or still get picked up off the ground

    The nerf was totally fine and like they did with nerfing DS to 3 seconds long ago… made the perk dummy-proof. You could still get major value from 3 second DS and you can still get major value out of nerfed adrenaline.

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    I was about to say something like this.. ^

    I dont think i have ever used adrenaline my self, its too little value. Compared to perks that can help me the whole game, and not just endgame.

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    Sounds rather weak of those people if a small nerf to a strong, endgame perk is enough to make them want to leave the game.

    The nerf is perfectly fine, Adrenaline is still a good perk and even if some feel it's not worth the slot now then maybe swapping up the build will give them a new type of build to experiment with and inject someone freshness into the staleness they've probably been experiencing.

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    ds just got buff and will probably take windows spot as the most use perk! survivors quitting now? The adrenaline nerf is a after thought in comparison

  • Paternalpark
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    Don't surivors have to run unbreakable and Decisive Strike both of which are paid perks? To counter not a perk but a playstyle.

  • ad19970
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    The Adrenaline nerf was truly unnecessary in my opinion, but I doubt it's this nerf that will make a noticeable amount of survivors quit the game. That seems like an overreaction.

  • HexHuntressThighs
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    Unbreakable is free. Ooff The Record is free and better than DS as well. If you want to pay to use DS that’s on you but that perk isn’t even that good tbh.

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    The nerf isn't even bad, u act like majority of players are playing hope chess, relying on adrenaline proc'ing during the most niche scenario. The only reason I run Adrenaline was to simply get a health state during late game, that's it. That way I can bank more off of Resilience. Adrenaline is fine.

  • HexHuntressThighs
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    Anti Face Camp mechanic takes care of hard camping. Deliverance is also free and prevents camping. Reassurance isn’t really good and has like a 2% pick rate. It’s better to just trade last second.

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    I personally don't think adrenaline needed the nerf at all due to what it took for it to activate, the killer has pretty much already lost if theyre being hit by multiple adrenaline users thats a skill issue not being able to finish the game fast enough, but it's really not all that bad of a change to the point i would be up in arms about it , is it worth running still? I guess it just depends on a variety of things sometimes it's gonna work sometimes it's gonna be useless so you have to ask yourself do I want this perk or something that guarantees me value?

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    Ah classic teminus only half counter adrenaline but can we say that calm spirit only half counter old ultimate weaon? I bet we cant. Also on noed this classic oh do totems but igore the fact that a killer who is bad all game and gets a free strong perk for survuvors doing their main objective is not a problem. Oh what a cruel world. Ty god this was not a perk I ran anyways and guys there is a perk I can suggest you can use but if i say what it is, angry killer mains may cry nerf for it so dm me xd.

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    I’m actually surprised solo queue survivors have waited this long. The game has been bad for solo queue for more than a year. Heck, I quit around the last circle of healing nerf .

    The game just isn’t fun for solo queue and hasn’t been for a while.

  • Nick
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    You didnt read the post. OP already said this and this guy replied to that. You're just repeating it?

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    As this has been pointed out literally every single time this mechanic is ever mentioned in any capacity:

    Anti face camping does not 'take care of hard camping'. It somewhat takes care of face camping if the killer face camps long enough to fill the meter, and does nothing against proxy camping.

    So reassurance is absolutely a valid perk to combat camping in general.

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    I doubt it... I can think of a dozen reasons why someone might quit the game but I doubt it's solely because of Adrenaline. That could be the final nail but not the reason.

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    Never said it wasn’t. They were essentially saying survivors had to pay for an anti camp perk because reassurance is a paid for perk. I told them they don’t need it because Deliverance is free and a much better anti camping perk. And yes I consider face camping hard camping and proxy camping as light camping. In my experience 9 times out of 10 if you get close enough to a proxy camping killer they will start chasing you and only go right back to the hook if the person is close to dying or you go to an insanely strong tile. But if you are willing to take a hit and go to a weaker tile they will stay and try to down you.

  • IamFran
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    The best thing of Adrenaline is that gives you a free health state and it remains the same, well, not when you are unhooked, but it had no sense at all.

  • Deathstroke
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    Expect this will not nerf adrealine in swf anyway only in soloQ. Swf will communicate instead and do the save before popping last gen now.