LMAO Distortion. I almost played a game as Perkless Huntress.



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    None of this was my point. Its always 'What should I do?!" As if there was any other option. Of course you should go for her. If killers are going to take any and everything as a "What should I do?!", then I also have no words for you. You did fine in this scenario. What are we talking about, as I think something got lost here.

    My issue was you pretending to be a victim, as if you HAD to do something that felt like tunneling. You did fine.

    The issue is when this happens from the start of the game. Like.. load in, tunnel tunnel tunnel. Those are the bad apples and the ones lowering the quality of the game as a whole, along with BHVR's updates. The combination is like BU+FTP+BGP+FB. At once.

    You did just fine in that scenario. If someone says otherwise, just move along :)

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    Yeah but the problem with stealthy is that people will stealth then complain when a killer can't afford to spend 30+ seconds looking for each survivor when they patrol a gen and ends up camping or tunneling. It still is overall just an overtuned perk on how it counters so much for so little.

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    No survivors bring 4 healing perks because an exhaustion perk is must run, so FP will not counter an entire survivors build.

    I have, so that's incorrect.

    But even if I hadn't, wouldn't that also be a notch against your argument? No killer has any reason to bring four aura perks.

    Forced Penance applies to ONE of FOUR survivors at a time and goes on cooldown for 80 seconds which of why it’s garbage.

    Neither of those statements are true. The broken effect gets applied to one survivor, yes, but it bans ALL survivors from healing them, thus disabling ALL healing perks. Multiple survivors can be broken by Forced Penance simultaneously, as it does not, in fact, have a cooldown.

    I’m talking FOUR of the exact same at ONCE.

    Why are you bringing the same perk four times?

    Not only that but 4 KILLER perks. Killer perks should not be so easily countered because they are the killer after all. One killer perk countering 4 survivor perks would be far more reasonable than the other way around.

    Except Distortion doesn't work like that because one Distortion doesn't block any killer perk by itself. You need four distortions to block those killer perks.

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    They want to make finding survivors a chore.

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    Just because the killer knows where the survivors are doesn't mean he gets them.

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