What Killer do you main?

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What Killer do you main and why?

I main Plague for a few reasons..

Gameplay-wise I love it when games last longer. Her mechanic provides great slowdown. It really lets me dictate how long or short I want the match to go on for. Her perks also help with causing chaos. She’s just an incredible amount of fun for me to play.

Personal reasons are that I can relate to her struggles. I grew up very Catholic and always got upset that my brother could be an altar boy but girls (at least at my church) weren’t allowed to be altar girls. My grandma always told me that I could grow up to be a nun if I wanted. Ha! As if. So this idea of a woman stepping up to be a central holy leader really appealed to me. Plus I have had a history of… let’s say heartburn in my life. Also, while I may be a little above average height, I’m not as super tall as the Plague. However I have been told that I have the same build and upright posture. So naturally all the pieces fit together making Plague the obvious choice of Killer for me to main.

Who is YOUR main and why? 💀


  • SoGo
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    The trailer for her chapter was one of the first DBD related things I've seen.

    Love her design, power, perks.

    Also I like how I can snipe someone who's on the other side of a map.

  • RaSavage42
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    I main Pig

    I am a huge SAW fan… so it makes sense

    So she was the first Killer I played and learned (which is a reason why I don't tunnel and get at least one hook on each Survivor)

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Saw is so awesome. And wow, Survivors must love you. Do you enjoy Pig’s perks?

  • SoGo
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    Plague is also a really cool killer, she's high on my "Buy next" list.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Oh yeah I can understand that. The Red Mage is one of my favorite Final Fantasy job classes for that exact reason! Look at you Pulsar all experienced 😊

    Btw, are you still messing around with Billy? How has it been going?

  • Pulsar
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    I haven't really played since the update dropped.

    Got tired of all the map desync and stuttering, also you know, the strobing.

  • bazarama
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    I have 6 or 7 killers I play the most but main none of them.

    Too boring.

    As they say variety is the spice of life.

  • MechWarrior3
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    The Onyrō is my main because we are both dead inside. I feel comfortable playing as her.

  • scorpia
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    I mained Pig when I first started playing killer because she was new and easy enough to learn/play on controller.

    Switched to Spirit because again she was mechanically easy enough to play on controller plus she was strong and fun and cool and her design is so sick.

    Now I don’t really main anyone but I’ve been focusing more on learning Oni since I started trying to use M&KB more. I’m still awkward with M&KB so I’m not great at Oni but he’s fun and satisfying to play when things go right.

  • Shroompy
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    It simply started all the way back in 2018 when a friend of mine decided to P3 Hillbilly, his first fully prestiged killer. I thought that was cool af at the time because we were both pretty new, so I wanted a prestiged killer of my own. I almost went with Hag, who I had at P2 but then I played a bit of Trapper and he started becoming more appealing to me. The sound of a Survivor stepping into a trap was satisfying, and being able to end a game unexpectedly within a few minutes because of some well placed traps was one of the best feelings, and still is for me to this day. So he was my very first P3 killer on March 18th, 2018

    As time went on I then wanted to P3 other killers and have had several "phases" with them, but I always found myself falling back to Trapper. As I got better I started realizing just how much depth this killer had, all the nasty trap spots and unique ways of using his traps. So much so Im still learning new spots to this day.

    Once the new progression system came out, I knew I wanted 2 characters P100 for sure. Meg (First P3 Survivor, Dec 2017) and Trapper.

    I was able to get Meg to P100 in December of last year, just about 6 years of when I got her to P3, and Trapper I got to P100 in March of this year, once again about 6 years of when I initially got him to P3.

    Never would I have thought 6 years ago that I would have both of my mains at P100. Insane.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    I main pyramid head

    Ever since I was a child I was a devoted silent hill fan

    I remember when I was younger I used to play silent hill 2&3 on the ps2 and they were by far some of the best experiences for a horror game ever (even if at the time I didn’t understand what the games meant back then) and they eventually became a big thing for me to the point I’m very dedicated to playing games that are related to silent hill as I’ve played many many games out there that were either silent hill games or silent hill inspired games (still tho haven’t gotten my hands on Lost in vivo which is a silent hill inspired game) and wayyyy before silent hill was added I was a myers and hillbilly main and then eventually dropped Billy when overheat was introduced and became fully dedicated to pyramid head (because pyramid head came out during the time overheat was introduced)

    (And I’m so devoted to the games that I earlier showed a thread on the horror dungeon discussion where I showcased some cool movie scenes that inspired silent hill 2&3)

  • Rulebreaker
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    Does the randomizer count?

  • drsoontm
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    Nurse. It's such a pleasure to chase good survivors able to properly mind-game.

  • radiantHero23
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    • heavy focus on stratgy
    • stealth
    • ambush
    • moondash
    • memes
    • Saw / Amanda

    Enough said.

  • Rulebreaker
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    Then randomizer cause chaos is good for the soul (or lack of)

  • Depressedlegion
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    Dredge is my absolute favorite because besides badham and one or two other maps, he's not as people say, people don't know how to counter the remnant most matches, and I absolutely hate Dwight players and head-on.

  • Spirit_IsTheBest
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    Spirit will always be my main at heart and will always be my number one, but for the past few months I've been maining Chucky, I have him at p88 currently, he's just a blast to play as.

  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
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    Regardless of what anyone says, we are what everyone see's first when logging into the game :) Trapper Mains® Unite!

    I've mained Trapper since I started playing and thus far, he has less weaknesses than most of the roster. I like him due to his multitude of playstyles and difficulty he 'apparently' has.

    I've mastered most maps by spending hours in customs to look over survivor pathing and finding the legendary trap spots. Its nice not having a bad map.

    Most of the meta issues, like BU+FTP, needing regression, tunneling, just good survivor teams… it's all good with Trapper.

    I try to play by only hooking if I can get them from a trap. But regardless I am confident he has more potential for Tier S++ than anyone else. And with Naughty bear? Yeah, ggs.

  • Coz
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    Predominantly Artist here. Those snipes are so sweet when they hit. Managed to get my first double last week. From one end of the map the the other got two of them sneaky survivors at once. That was a buzz!

    2nd pick is Bubba. Always carnage with that one!

  • Marioneo
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    i know im gonna get hate but Skullmerchant she is a casuals dream i can be so relaxed and just be a m1 killer cause nobody tryhards against me they either dc when they see me or barely try

  • Xernoton
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    Billy. One late night, as I layed in bed, awake I started thinking it would be really fun to buy a chainsaw and run around the streets faster than Usain Bolt. 1 year later, I found out Billy does that too. Now, I am one with the chainsaw and the chainsaw is one with me. Also:

    Don't tell me you've never wanted to dress like the milkman and chase random people with a chainsaw.

  • Deathstroke
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    I don't have main but rotate mostly between 5-6 killers. Sometimes I change even those. Every killer has some weaknesses so there is just not one perfect to play. Oni has amazing power and fun to play with it but is only m1 killer at the start of the match. Many killer just feel you either destroy or get destroyed. Lot debends just on luck or RNG etc.

    There is just not good consistent power for me. Alien before her nef was closest now her power is too punishing. I think spirit is closest to perfect killer but I have bad hearing to track survivors and I don't like her that much but she is most balanced in my opinion to get consistent results and console friendly.

  • HexHuntressThighs
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    Huntress! I could honestly write a book on why so I’ll keep it short(er) Who doesn’t like throwing hatchets?

    Best lore, design and power. Could easily have her own movie/ game/ franchise. And would be one of the most iconic slashers of all time and THE MOST ICONIC female slasher of all time (sorry not sorry Pamela Voorhees)

    7’8” (234Cm) Russian Lady who is all muscle, Hunts, and sings to me while I play the game✅

    Crossmaps, Orbitals, Double shots, gap shots and trick shots✅

    Sound made when hitting a survivor with a hatchet 😫

    Insanely good voice acting✅

    Insane End Game Plays✅

    Best killer very much so🥰

  • dbdwight
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    i dont think i have a main, i just try to get the achievements of the characters i own and try learning at least their basics

    artist is my comfort killer character though, because i think its fun going for snipes with her even if i lose. i also like using her pointing animation in the exit gates and when survivors are friendly and stuff xD

    i like all the female killers and they are all iconic too imo

  • 100PercentBPMain
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    After 3k hours no, there is no maining anything.

    I did consider myself a Legion main, because I believe they are the best killer to get better at the game with. I played them when they were considered a killer with useless power, but for me that Killer Instinct allowed me to hone my macro skills while everything else came down to micro skill.

    Legion can't kill anybody without using basic m1 gaming so I credit my skills all to them. I wanted the killer that would give me results, and Legion is like being Rock Lee or Goku with the training weights on. When they come off and you get to use a real power, you feel unstoppable lol.

    When I use a killer who has specific or unique ways of looping, like Wraith or Spirit, I find myself going back to Legion to cleanse my palette to keep my skills and muscle memory sharp.

    Legions omnipotence is what naturally made me a Pinhead connesour because I'm used to figuring out where all survivors could be at a certain time.

  • JPLongstreet
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    Piggly Wiggly 💕🐷🐽

    Second killer I picked up, and by a huge margin played the most. Always liked her power, when I works it works so well. Fits my playstyle the most.

  • duygu
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    ive changed many mains as killers got nerfed, buffed or reworked, but none have kept me as much as wesker. probably because he barely got changed since release and he's arguably the most balanced killer along with blight. you can snowball games and have flexibility on power usage but almost always there's counterplay. also the feeling you get when you mindgame a weird loop and slam/throw a survivor is unmatched.

  • JustAShadow
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    I used to main many different killers throughout the years of playing this game, but now i mostly stick to killers with catchup chase powers like Wesker, Oni, Blight and Billy.

  • M1_gamer
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    Sadako. love her design, chase music, animations and sounds. overall just very cool to me. Freddy is my second.

  • Yharwick
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    I switch up a lot but tend to stick to the same few killers

    Xenomorph because it feels great to be able to get around the map so easily with the tunnels.

    Skull Merchant because tracking down survivors with the radar is nice and I know she doesn't have voice lines but I still think she has good voice acting.

    Huntress because tossing hatchets is chill. She's probably the killer I play to not try because just hitting hatchets feels good enough that I care about kills less.

    Plague because I can just laugh at medkits.

    I think in general I just like having a ranged attack with the exception of skull merchant cuz she goes zoom and gets free tracking.

  • dbdplayerabc123
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    Recently Trapper bc bored of playing to win all the time, and just the action of setting a trap alone feels satisfying, idk what it is. And of course, getting a good trap feels rewarding. Getting any amount of kills feels rewarding on Trapper. No meta perks, just whatever I wanna try. Occasionally playing the basement trapper build is fun when you get the perfect map/basement.

    Second is scratch myers.

  • RaSavage42
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    I only use Surveillance

    The other two aren't that good… MYC being 24M away from a save to get exposed but when going back I only see the unhooked Survivor… SH: HT seeing auras around hooks shouldn't be the only thing HT does

    I mean I guess they like me… but it's not cause I'm playing Pig but how I play Killer

  • edgarpoop
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    I don't have a hard main, but I always go back to Nurse, Spirit, Hag, Plague, Ghostface.

    Nurse is really chill and strong once you have a ton of hours on her. I can just kind of play the game.

    I love Spirit's power and the combination of prediction and audio tracking.

    Hag is somehow underrated at this point. The trap wiping really only comes into play if your placement is bad. I love how hard she can snowball when you understand pathing and rotations.

    Plague is oppressive too. I think that's a common theme with most of my mains. Really oppressive when played well.

    Ghostface is underrated to me. I think he's a really misunderstood killer. Very much a set up killer in the same vein as Trapper or Hag. I love starting the game with 2 or 3 ambush downs. Only downside are the games where you never really get rolling and can't build any momentum. It happens.

  • VomitMommy
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    Legion, Skull merchant, Wraith, Oni

    I just like M1 killers with cool skins.

  • ResidentLeaf182
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    I was a Legion main until they redid the Prestige system. I main Huntress now.

  • Tatariu
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    I main a few different Killers:

    • Legion (P100) - Chaining together hits and vaulting pallets is fun
    • Cannibal (P100) The flick Bubba playstyle is incredibly fun
    • Trapper (P100) Snowballing from a well-placed Bear Trap is fun
    • Hillbilly (P65) Ever since his rework I've been reminded of the OG Billy days and I'm trying to relive that

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    How nice. Those are all fun choices. I recently had an experience with Billy that was nothing short of exhilarating.

  • Xxjwaynexx
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    Gotta go with Huntress even though nurse was my first P100.

    Huntress is so satisfying to play for me. Couple that with her lore and fits and I couldn't be happier. There's nothing more satisfying than hitting an orbital into a lob for the down.

    Ive found that I don't even care about winning as the huntress as long as I can throw hatchets and get narly hits.

  • Lost_Boy
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    First main was Freddy. Then I went through different favourites. Hag, Doctor, Pyramid Head, Artist and finally my current main Deathslinger.

    I just love landing impossible shots with Slinger and feel like once you've tuned your muscle memory in on him you can go on some amazing streaks. I do play about 60% of the killer roster on a regular basis though so I can't really say he's like my main these days.

  • HolyDarky
    HolyDarky Member Posts: 393

    I main Artist because I like everything about her. Her power feels so smooth and satisfying to use and it makes fun to snipe players with birds. She also has such a beautiful design and her cosmetics are great too.