Best Killer for Low MMR

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I'm a survivor main so don't often play killer. When I do play killer, I main as Doctor, mainly because when I was first starting out the game, I found him to be the most difficult to play against, both because I wasn't used to successfully completing 100% skill checks under normal circumstances, but also because of the static charge which revealed my location when I was stealthily urban evading around the map like the noob I was back then.

When I started watching DBD Youtubers and their Killer tier lists, I was surprised to see that Nurse and Blight were at the top of almost every list, because they seemed pretty awful when I went up against them.

I recently played a game as Trapper (who is often very near the bottom of every tier list) to complete a daily ritual, and because my killer MMR is still really low, I'm up against low MMR survivors. They kept running into every trap and I would have completed the ritual in that one game even if I needed to catch 10 survivors in bear traps.

I next played a game as Spirit, who I had only unlocked recently, and tried to complete her Daily ritual. As a survivor at an above-average MMR, I find Spirit the hardest to play against. But as a low-MMR killer, I found it extremely difficult and it took me 3 games with her to complete that ritual, only getting 1 kill across those 3 games.

So, for those who are still fairly new to the game, or those who still remember when they were babies in DBD, who do you think are the best killers at low MMRs to both play with and against?

For me, it's:

  • Doctor
  • Cenobite
  • Wraith
  • Trapper
  • Myers
  • Ghostface
  • Legion


  • crogers271
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    If I understand the topic, its what killer is strongest when both the survivors and killer are new? I'd go Wraith, when I started the game Wraith seemed grossly overpowered.

  • Shroompy
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    The noob stompers of todays DbD are most likely Doc, Legion, Ceno, Unknown, and basically any of the stealth killers. The 3 mentioned all provide great information and slowdown, Unknown requires Survivors to look behind them in a chase, which not many new players do, and stealth killers take away the heartbeat, so theyre less likely to hop on a gen.

    Whenever I first started the noob stompers were Wraith and Doc, who were both awful when you look at todays standards (they were still awful back then as well)

    Wraith couldnt do anything other than vault while cloaked, meaning if he wanted to kick a gen (which was just slightly faster than kicking a pallet) he would of had to uncloak, kick, then cloak. He also didnt have a built in speed burst after uncloaking, that was old Windstorm but it came at the cost of his movement speed while uncloaking. His cloak movement speed was 126.5% (compared to todays 150%), his bell and whoosh sound was map wide, he made a little bone rattle noise at the beginning of uncloaking, AND he started ringing the bell the moment he started uncloaking, rather than midway through.

    Doc was also very different, he had to switch between 2 modes: Treatment and Punishment.

    Treatment mode made survivors passively build madness within his terror radius thanks to his static field, the closer they were to him the faster they would build madness. Treatmode also allowed him to send out a shock, but the range was very little (I think 6m?) ... and didnt interrupt survivors like they do now. It was purely an ability to build up madness. While in treatment he also had a slower movement speed.

    Switching to punishment mode was him just being an M1 killer, nothing special about it. But it did slow him down while doing so.

    The best part is both of these killers were even worst before I started playing, and thats not even taking into account how much stronger survivors were back then. Pallets at every spawn... bigger loops... god windows... pallet vaccuums.. insta blinds, insta heals.. the list goes on.

  • edgarpoop
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    I would say Doctor. His tracking is much more impactful when survivors are more reliant on hiding and don't understand positioning yet. Plus newer survivors will camp pallets against him, so his shock is more effective.

    Survivors won't really care about his static blast when they have thousands of hours, or they'll play around it. And his chase power can be really inefficient against good pathing.

  • Souplet
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    Isn't it freddy ? I recall him being extremely deadly at low mmr and utterly garbage at high mmr

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Fundamentally, all Killers are good at low MMR, but some are vastly better at stomping new players than others. A few that come to mind are:

    ~ Dredge: Nightfall… need I say more. Also pair it with Blindness perks, pretty much a free win at that point.
    ~ Any Trap Killer: They wont look behind them so why would they even bother to look down?
    ~ Any Stealth Killer: New players don’t have the ability to use their neck to look around so they struggle a lot. Also the ability to use their ears isn’t unlocked until 50 hours in or so, it’s a shame that BHVR decided to lock it behind playtime, really following in OW2’s footsteps there.

  • Unknown2765
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    Bubba (Bamboozle is a must on him), its rare that i see him, but when i do, im always on edge for the whole game.

    Spirit and nurse, nurse always ruin my games, and a good spirit is also really strong.

  • Nazzzak
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    I remember one of the devs saying that Legion performs very well in low MMR

  • tjt85
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    I'd be very surprised if Legion didn't have the best win rate at low MMR of all the Killers.

    Less experienced players tend to do things you should never do against a Legion. They like to group together on gens. They try to hide from a Legion in Frenzy. They also hate to play injured, so they either heal often and give the Legion lots of free slowdown, or they play injured and fail to make it to a loop, gifting the Killer easy downs. Legion is a nightmare for players that like to stealth and can't loop well (I include myself in that category).

    And there's also a good chance they'll hit the dirt because they don't understand the deep wound mechanic yet (BHVR really need to do a better job of explaining the deep wound status to newer players).

    I say this even as a Legion main, they are definitely a Killer that I find difficult to verse.

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  • radiantHero23
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    Wraith is a pretty good noobstomper.

    Legion would do as well.

    Both are really simple to play but very hard to deal with when someone is less experienced.

    As someone said before, at the beginner level, every killer is absolutely strong.

    Don't let any tier list discourage you. Find your favourite character and enjoy the game. I'm a Pig main for over 2k hours straight and she is also considered weak.

  • TheArbiter
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    Personally I think for the basement of mmr Bubba would have to be the best noobstomper. The ability to instadown and be able to hit multiple survivors in one sweep, not to mention if you have bamboozle unlocked on him

  • SimpleSage
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    Oddly enough pretty much every killer is viable at low MMR. Killers who have high skill floors are going to look weak in low MMR because those are people who are new to the killer, you kind of have to hope the survivors are worse than you are.

    However , Stealth Killers and Killers with mechanically demanding or un-intuitive counter-play are your best bets.

  • Devil_hit11
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    Pig. beats all new players easily.

    Myer's is also pretty good. free instant down. Imagine a new player loading into the match vs infinity evil within 3. They got no chance.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    Unknown definitely punishes new Survivors for making beginner mistakes.

  • Nick
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    Any killer with 115% movement speed (4.6m/s) you will do well with at low mmr. Low mmr survivors are extremely bad, dont use any resources, but just run forward. You only have to follow them

  • 100PercentBPMain
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    Legions foolproof tracking makes them a phenomenal option for understanding survivor psychology, habits and patterns.

    Docs cool and all but Legions tracking has more consistent uptime