Who can't stand the game anymore?



  • 100PercentBPMain
    100PercentBPMain Member Posts: 595

    For me it's the spawn logic of things like gens from map reworks/shrinking.

    For example, 2gens used to never spawn in RPD main lobby. Then it became super common. We can blame things like Skull Merchant or perks all we want, but it's kinda moot when killers can just spawn in and realize they don't need to move.

  • RaSavage42
    RaSavage42 Member Posts: 5,544

    So do we want a Balanced game or chaos???

    Seems to me that having a form of Balanced isn't as fun as we hoped…

  • Trips
    Trips Member Posts: 2

    i started playing when BBC and Nurses Calling were the big, "give your position" perks. from that time, to now, it has changed to making it a killer game only. EVERYTHING put out is another GIVE UP survivors Aura for x amount of time.(lack of originality) bbc within 44 meters gives aura unless in a locker for 6 seconds, i think. now its handing your ass over. it is ridiculous on how OP/Killer Sided it is. you are being forced to lose. it does make a difference on how good the killer is. although, that does not last long after playing it again a couple times. i can get on a killer and within 3 matches i can own survivors. it does no take long having the game handed to killers with the insane bs called perks. perks are one thing but are they really? might as well just call them for what they are. CHEATES! so, playing a killer goes to show how well a player really is. it is not about winning. it is about ego and the big ones play killer. just wait to see a perk come out that at the start of a match. "You" cant move for 30 seconds." or even start on a hook. that would make a nice addition to the bs. why not be fair? or more fair than what it has become.