Thoughts on Healing Under The Hook

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I've been watching a lot of YT videos today where a Killer mocks Survivors for healing under hook immediately after unhook.

I use the perk We'll Make It and whenever I unhook someone they get the notification and immidetley crouch.

Do you think it's bad no matter what? OK to do if you have WMI?

Maybe I should approach the hooked Survivor and emote point away before I unhook so they know I want to heal them somewhere else?


  • Caiman
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    Healing under hook is okay if the killer is far away, especially if they're chasing someone else, in circumstances where them dropping what they're doing to return to the hook would be a tactical error. We'll Make It makes healing under hook significantly more viable as well. But it can be a very bad idea if the killer is within a short distance, isn't focused on another survivor, or is a very mobile killer such as Blight or Hillbilly.

    As with a lot of things, it depends.

  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
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    If I see on the HUD there is a chase still going I will. If there is no chase I can assume the killer is coming back to hook and I'll start running.

    Optimally you really shouldn't be healing under hook unless that person is on death hook or in your case We'll Make It. Always take them away so the killer has to search a little if they do have a habit of coming back to hook.

  • Yharwick
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    You know what's good for knowing if you can heal under the hook or not? I'm gonna say one word and then I'm gonna run away.


    runs away

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    It all depends on how the Killer plays. Some camp hook and some don’t. For those that go back to hook I usually will emote come here and then point to where I want them to go.

    I will wait to unhook until the Killer is in a chase with someone else. Then I will heal under the hook.

  • Sava18
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    Killers very much come back to the hook a lot more these days, so generally I wouldn't unless the killer is in chase.

  • Nazzzak
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    I always do, but I've rarely had killers had come back to the hook so I'm happy to risk it. Tunnelling is fortunately not that prevalent in my games. And usually if the killer does come back they'll chase the unhooker. But it's easy to predict if the killer will come back - if no one is being shown as chased on the HUD, then the unhooked and unhooker are likely targets.

  • CrypticGirl
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    I generally don't like healing right under the hook. I prefer to run behind a nearby wall or large boulder before healing.

    I know a lot of people say healing under hook is a bad idea, but it's not necessary to run all the way across the map for healing either, which just wastes time. I've had quite a few teammates who do that. Only run across the map when the Killer is nearby.

  • Marioneo
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    makes sense i cant find anyone else and theres two fully visible healing im at least getting the unhooker

  • Steakdabait
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    Just gotta use your brain. Does healing under hook against a billy/blight who isn't in chase sound smart to you?

  • Sava18
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  • Blueberry
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    Healing under hook is high risk. If you have We'll Make It it's generally known they should follow you a bit away for the heal.

    If you heal under hook and the killer comes back to down the person just unhooked you can't complain about tunneling since that was the risk by doing that.

  • Rudjohns
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    Only with We Will Make It

    Never against The Artist

  • moputopia
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    As people have said here, it really depends on the circumstances. I've also heard people mock healing under the hook, but it's one of those things where there's no always-right answer.

    Some things to generally keep in mind: is someone else in chase? Does the killer have fast movement, teleporting, or ranged attacks? Is the hook in an open or in a location where it's hard to see/access? With We'll Make It, I like your idea of emoting to get them to follow you to a safer place :).

    People here have mentioned that if the killer always returns to hook after rescue, it's not a good idea to start healing there, but I would say in a tunneling situation getting a quick heal with WMI before the killer gets back can be super helpful.

  • Nun_So_Vile
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    Basically what everyone else has already said. Most of the time it's a time saver to just get it done at hook, but if the killer is consistently coming back after the unhook then i'd say just travel in a pair and find a new spot. I agree that if the killer is dropping chase to come back to hook then get far away. In some cases it's better that the unhooker takes chase and isn't the one to heal.

  • spirit72
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    You can heal wherever you want, but if you're going to heal under the hook, you don't then get to complain that the Killer is returning to hooks. If the Killer knows that people are going to heal immediately under the hook, why WOULDN'T they return? It's sound strategy, it's a safe bet, and I do it too….I just don't go after the person that was unhooked.

    Playing Survivor, I'll usually emote to the person I unhook to follow me, and take them to some cover 5-7 seconds away. At least then if the Killer returns, they have to decide whether to spend time looking for us or not.

  • Xernoton
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    It's not the best idea. Unless you have something to speed up the heal, the killer will know where you are and probably be there before you finish. Especially high mobility killers. It's better to go somewhere safe first and heal then.

  • SMitchell8
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    Depends on what killer you're facing and what there playstyle is. Healing under a hook against a mobility killer is very risky bordeline crackers.

    I always run away from the hook to a safe place (walk if I can hear TR) and heal away from the hook, atleast make a returning killer waste a bit of extra time checking the hook and its immediate environment before being possibly found.

  • Mr_K
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    It's bad if the killer has shown a pattern of returning to the hook.

  • oxygen
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    Nothing is always bad, if while on the hook you see someone running the killer on the opposite side of the map then obviously it's a better idea than if the edge of the TR is tickling you. Even if the first case, if the chase indicator practically immediately goes away after the unhook, probably a good idea to reposition a bit just in case.

    If the killer isn't in chase at all, unless I know for a fact they're far away I'd rather move first. Even with no intent to tunnel at all, if you have no idea where any survivors are, the game just made a boom sound effect telling you where at least 2 of them are as the killer.