Freddy Main’s advise builds on Freddy

vito180 Member Posts: 15

I play Freddy often, set myself a goal to achieve 100 prestige, use perks Discordance, Pop, Bamboozle and something 4 . Advise more working builds of perks on Freddy


  • charmless
    charmless Member Posts: 16

    I just use the basics.

  • The_Krapper
    The_Krapper Member Posts: 3,220

    It's hard to say from me because I like to just throw the dice when it comes to perks ill just look at the survivors I have in the lobby and throw a random build together, I would just sit down and think of different perks that have synergy with Freddy's ability that best suit your playstyle and randomly swap between that perk group, you know all the undetectable perks are off the table from the start lol so I would just start from there and see what interests you in trying out

  • Jocelynbee
    Jocelynbee Member, Administrator, Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 1,295

    I would be remiss if I didn't bring Blood Warden. The others I usually bring are generator or aura related, such as Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Surge, Call of Brine, Surveillance, Dead Man's Switch, etc. I also keep Lightborn in my backpocket if I see a lot of flashlights.

  • Nick
    Nick Member Posts: 1,222

    I'd always use Corrupt on low tier killers. Sadly slowdown is necessary if you want to have somewhat of a chance against decent teams. Its a shame because they dont do anything other than regressing generators, which is a quite boring effect. Pain Resonance and Pop are the only useful ones. You could argue Surge since Freddy is an m1 killer. 4th you could also use Bamboozle, or maybe Noed.