This is getting really annoying (Shadow nerfs)


"Fixed bug that…." its a thing that was here for years and it become a feature at this point

Bumboozle gets nerfed because suddenly after years of working with powers now it can't?? why so suddenly? This is a nerf btw and should be in perk changes, this isn't a bug. Same goes for Plague getting stunned from everything suddenly, "fixed bug" what? Plague is from 2018 btw and just because you change how these things works years later doesn't mean its a bug anymore. Its a feature. If it takes years for you guys to take action its a feature by this point and yet you never talked about if its a bug or what else.

Stop shadownerfing things that you suddenly decided to change and calling them a bug, because its not. Its rlly annoying and if someone else didn't post this I wouldn't even notice bamboozle is getting nerfed. What the hell is this, its not fair.


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    I think the only time they explicitly said something was a nerf was when Franklin's Demise no longer worked on Pinhead's box. They changed it but did not call it a bug or unintentional.

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    Ahem, ahem...

    Hug tech.

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    Generally in games as a whole-

    If I buy a character with perks and they are broken it's fine by me if they are nerfed.

    If they are nerfed by sleight of hand I see that as complete BS and It does impact my decision to buy things in the future because I understand that in a live service game, things will come and go but I want to know about it because I paid for it I deserve that at least.

    Now I have played this game for years and got what I paid for out of these old DLCs so although it would be a bit rich for me to complain about it I know there are players with 50 hours who have just bought the plague just before she got nerfed or were getting to grips with the blight and learning his techs after buying him before hugtechs went away.

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    I assume the reason they decided to do this now is that Vecna can fly through windows and they didn't want Bamboozle to interact with that.

    …To which I'd say: As it stands, Vecna's abilities seem pretty underwhelming, and that's without even talking about magical items that can make them even more so. If anything, windows being blocked upon Vecna flying through them should be basekit. Certainly Bamboozle didn't need this nerf whatsoever.

    As someone that enjoys playing Legion, I hope this is an unintended change, or if it isn't, that they will reconsider on it. Edit: Oh, it's actually in the patch notes, so it's definitely intended. I guess this is my first bit of PTB feedback, then: This "bug fix" is not needed, not with regards to Vecna or any of the other killers that can vault windows using their abilities. And if this "fix" is intended to bring about "consistency" of killer powers not interacting with perks in unique ways, I implore you to reconsider on this "consistency" philosophy. You are actively taking unique and uniquely engaging/interesting gameplay out of your game, just like you did with, among others, the flashlight burn mechanic or Franklin's/Hoarder not applying to special items. You should if anything be doing more to implement and encourage such unique synergies.

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    What does BhVR have against Capcom, whether it's Nemesis or Wesker? It's too much for them to weaken a collaboration killer that is not only outstandingly strong, but at most, estimated to be in the mid-range of strength.

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    With the new engine migration, new things are possible. Bugs that were difficult to fix due to spaghetti code or whatever, are able to be squashed now.

    Stop whining and let the game change. Its absolutely terrible right now.

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    So if they still make the change, but dont call it a bug would that make you happy? Cuz thats the thing, they want to make this change.

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    Does no one test anything anymore before coming to conclusions?

    If you equip Bamboozle on 8.0.0, it still blocks the window after you vault with Legion.

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    I mean, the vault speed stacking is very clearly a bug. They specifically made a patch to combat this because stacking things like superior anatomy, bamboozle, and some add-ons for killers like Myers and wraith was causing vault speeds to literally break animations as well as gameplay.

    Iirc, there were combinations that had killers vaulting in under .4 seconds, so faster than survivor fast vaults, and the animations would completely break.

    Having it not stack with that is consistent with that patch, where they very clearly stated it was a bug and why.

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    Vecna's flying ability isn't coded as a vault. It's essentially coded in the same manner as Knight patrol path creation where it just makes vault locations practically not exist.

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    And what about that?

    Legion and Wesker's power-vaulting isn't affected by it, and hasn't been for years at this point (contrary to what some people believe). Despite the patch notes suggesting otherwise, that's not a new thing and not a shadownerf.

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    I get what they're saying but also some perks just feel handmade for some powers. Thanataphobia on Legion/Plague, Sloppy Butcher on Oni/Wraith. And on the opposite end some powers make some perks meaningless. A killer with an instadown power or Nurse wont want to bring perks that Expose survivors because they can already do it or are programed to not be able to use them

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    same thing happened with hook bubbles now suddenly blocking auras after 6 years of being see through for them and then they went like 'oh this is actually not a bug it's intended

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    "Fixing" the "bug" where Freddy could place snares through walls. Such an unnecessary fix