Chaos Shuffle Modifier | Share Your Builds!

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It’s time for the Chaos Shuffle, Dead by Daylight’s brand-new Modifier that fills every loadout with random Perks. If you get a particularly interesting one, or one you have fun with, please share here!


  • MechWarrior3
    MechWarrior3 Member Posts: 1,600

    I’m excited to try this when I get home hahaha

  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
    GolbezGarlandGabrant Member Posts: 868

    First match was Left Behind, Dark Theory, Self Care and Fogwise. Not bad.

  • 100PercentBPMain
    100PercentBPMain Member Posts: 577

    This is gonna be a long shift at the office....mentally anyway. Can't wait to get home

  • CrypticGirl
    CrypticGirl Member Posts: 538

    It'll be on my DBD match data spreadsheet for sure. :)

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,935

    The Nightmare

    • Tinkerer
    • Trial of Torment
    • Deadlock
    • Eruption

  • o7o
    o7o Member Posts: 334

    This modifier should stay in the game, it's super fun, shakes things up. Only thing I found it's a tad sweaty but other than that, best mode so far.

  • MarbleThrone
    MarbleThrone Member Posts: 325

    My builds so far:

    Hubris - Coup de Grace - Remember Me - Hex: Plaything

    Infectious Fright - Bitter Murmur - Shadowborn - Enduring
    Darkness Revealed - Dying Light - Deadlock - Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
    Stridor - Leverage - Nowhere to Hide - Undone
    Deathbound - Hex: Two Can Play - Ultimate Weapon - Nowhere to Hide
    Unnerving Presence - A Nurse's Calling - Furtive Chase - Hex: Pentimento

  • fussy
    fussy Member Posts: 1,294

    I got 3 matches in a row with No Mither teammates. Am i so lucky, or it has higher chance? Also i saw Troubleshooter way more than other perks.
    Probably most fun matchi had today was on Pig: Ruin, Plaything, Monitor and Overwhelming Presence. That rare case, when ruin did a great job.

  • Souplet
    Souplet Member Posts: 345

    No mither

    No mither

    No mither

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,947

    My last 6 Survivor and Killer builds:


    1. Teamwork: Power Of Two, Strength In Shadows, Red Herring, Open-Handed

    2. Dance With Me, Small Game, Clairevoyant, Champion of Liiiiiiight!

    3. Boon: Illumination, Wake Up!, Bite The Bullet, Bond

    4. Corrective Action, Dramaturgy, Background Player, Deja Vu

    5. Fogwise, Streetwise, Lithe, Rookie Spirit

    6. Boon: Shadow Step, We're Gonna Live Forever, Boil Over, Alert

    And as Killer (The Dredge)

    1. Trail Of Torment, Hex: Crowd Control, Scourge Hook: Hangman's Trick, Thwack!

    2. Insidious, Dead Man's Switch, Thanatophobia, Batteries Included

    3. Distressing, Rapid Brutality, Bloodhound, Scourge Hook: Gift Of Pain

    4. Iron Grasp, Hex: Haunted Ground, Hex: Crowd Control, Deerstalker

    5. Undone, Machine Learning, Hex: Two Can Play, Agitation

    6. Whispers, Blood Echo, No Way Out, I'm All Ears

  • HeroLives
    HeroLives Member Posts: 1,985
  • Slowpeach
    Slowpeach Member Posts: 691

    My best build was

    Strength in Shadows, Botany Knowledge, Deja Vu, Fogwise

    Pretty decent.

    My worst build was

    No Mither, Object of Obsession, Self Preservation, Blood Rush

    Two actively harmful perks with minimal upside (if you don't build around them), one perk that is already nearly useless and then gets made even more useless by no mither and blood rush literally does nothing without an exhaustion perk never mind having it with No Mither. Playing this mode has really shown me how many god awful survivor perks there are and perks that are dependent on other perks. I mean I knew that of course but even the worst killer perks aren't actively harmful where you wish you had no perk instead, except for maybe Predator.

    Played a few killer games but the builds were mostly alright nothing too extreme on either side.

    Best may have been

    Plaything, Haunted Ground, Coup De Grace and Cruel Limits

    Had Haunted Ground on somebody near shack, gen completes, they can't vault and would have made pallet if it wasn't for Coup De Grace.

    Can't think of any build that was particularly awful but even the worst build I can think of would be nothing to how much a bad survivor build can cripple you.

  • Header
    Header Member Posts: 308

    just played with no mither, adrenaline, sole survivor, urban evasion against a clown with pain res, dead mans switch, grim embrace, thrill of the hunt

    (escaped though)

  • Shroompy
    Shroompy Member Posts: 6,289

    My first game as killer yesterday I got Devour, Pentimento, Haunted and Blood Favor

    I too was surprised

  • Spirit_IsTheBest
    Spirit_IsTheBest Member Posts: 796

    The most interesting build I got was Invocation Weaving Spiders, Deliverance, Boon Shadow Step, and Iron Will.

    That one was the best because all the perks kinda synergies with each other.

    I also kept getting Invocation and Deliverance just in general with all the matches I played with the modifer.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,947

    Had my first nearly-useless build today! I was playing Wraith and got Insidious, Unrelenting, Hoarder and Spirit Fury. I got the 4K, but mainly through playing the Killer on its strengths (with a mild bit of Spirit Fury).

    Insidious on Wraith is somewhat unneeded, but funny to see.

  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,695

    First killer match I played was Huntress Lullaby, Retribution, Septic Touch, and Agitation. Seeing that made me go out loud "oh yeah, this is one of the builds of all time"

  • 100PercentBPMain
    100PercentBPMain Member Posts: 577

    I'm not sharing my build, but on my 1st killer game I made a meta call to play Knight cuz I figured Survivors would be loving flashlights.

    In my 1st made I had only 1 flashlight, but I DID encounter a Flashbang+Background Player combo! Both of those survivors were on point, too and would have gotten away with it I'd it weren't foe those meddling guards!

  • Venusa
    Venusa Member Posts: 1,466

    everyone hates me…😭

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,592

    Floods of rage, leverage, septic touch and thanatophobia on nemesis.

    Its bad but fun.

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,382


    • Agitation
    • Awakened Awareness
    • Coulrophobia
    • Alien Instinct

    It worked surprisingly well thanks to a bit of luck and some mistakes from the survivors, although Coulrophobia didn't do anything until I had already won the match. I was surprised to get so much value from Alien Instinct. I'd be more motivated to play the game, if the first match I played in 2 weeks wasn't bugged though. The no chase bug is still in the game and it's still irritating like crazy.

  • PassarinoT
    PassarinoT Member Posts: 909

    I just played a match in Chaos as Killer and wound up with no perks, favorite build!