who is hard yet interesting killer in dbd?

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    I recently got Pyramid Head. It's super satisfying to land an M2 at a loop by predicting where the Survivor will be, but oh boy is he a difficult Killer to learn. One of the few times I totally agree with BHVR's rating for a Killer. He is very hard to play as.

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    Singularity. He's actually ridiculous with an endgame build

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    pyramid head

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    Singularity. Extremely hard to play but super fun and good if you can figure him out.

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    I tried to play Blight to do his Tome Challenges... I can't handle him nor Nurse. The controls mess with me and I have no idea what I'm doing.

    I played as Singularity the other night and did one if his Tome Challenges. It was just luck and baby survivors. His controls are complicated as well.

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    The Cenobite.

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    Singularity is at the top of this kind of debate for sure. In his current form he's even less console-friendly than old Trickster was, his skill ceiling is EXTREMELY high with his skill floor being basically directly under it(which is too high for skill floor imo), and the EMPs can tend to make his power not feel rewarding enough with the amount of effort survivors need to remove Slipstreams compared to the amount of effort the killer needs to apply Slipstreams.

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    I’d say a weak killer like Freddy. It feels like you are actually using skill and not held up on power crutches. Another is trapper, I’m guessing it is entirely skill with m1 killers when you play him. Killers like blight and nurse don’t feel as fun due to them having strong powers and it is less actual killer skill

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    Timing is everything to her… and it also depends on how one plays her (Tunneling a Survivor with an RBT on doesn't count)

    If you forget to put an RBT on you might just lose all pressure

    Also her RBT's do work as a Hook check… if you put one on every Survivor that you down and Hook

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    Singularity, he’s very difficult to play when you first pick him up, but he eventually gets easier and in the end it’s worth it, he is super strong in the right hands, and throw on a good build, your all set.

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    All of them.