plot twist really really REALLY needs to somehow show other survivors you're plot twisting

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I just had a match where TWICE I was plot twisting in a far-off corner of the map, and got to 90%, and then some good-hearted survivor left a gen to run all the way across the map to me, and healed me to injured but not to healthy, and the killer followed their scratch marks to me and downed me.

I can't think of any other survivor perk that has this much difference in effectiveness between solo q and SWF.


  • MarbleThrone
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    You can hold down Shift to prevent someone from healing you, move a bit and shake wildly to indicate you dont want to have them help you.

    But yeah, it needs something like a blue buff icon in the bottom right corner.

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    I mean, HUD already does this. You always see that survivor downed without being in chase and screaming. Sometimes you know where the killer and dude in dying state in completely different place, when he was up few seconds ago. There was not a single case that i didn't understand that player uses Plot Twist. It's just soloq survivors hate to use their brain and given tools, nothing new.

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    They could just add an icon in the HUD. Also there being no difference between cleansing a dull, cleansing a Hex, booning a dull or booning a Hex. Is quite annoying

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    Better than the ones I get who bring the killer to me midchase and give the killer a hook state for free. It's like is there any reason why you're pathing the killer this way?

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    You can't improve bad players with QoL sadly. I got second stage on hook in soloq even with kindred and killer on another side of the map several time. You can give rocket launcher to kill killer and they will explode themselves. That's why you should never balance around low level.
    I don't mind your suggestion, i'm just saying it won't do anything. People run away from hook for no reason even with WWMI icon near their perks. There is no help for them.

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    Normally, I agree with you, however, I know that it is "Plot Twist" when it happens. I just pay attention to the HUD. Team mates need to be that skilled…

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    I’m a survivor main but this and the OP I can’t agree with. Yes having more info for solo Q like the HUD is very helpful but I don’t think asking for every single bit of info to be available to us is healthy for the game, and personally isn’t as fun. If I know everything that my teammates are doing in detail, which kinds of totems they’re breaking, them knowing I plot twisted, etc it removes a lot of the challenge of the game imo.

    There definitely needed to be some closing of the info gap between set and solo Q but I think the game should still be more about the unknown and how do we deal with it in the match.

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    Yes! Don't balance around low level! It's so obvious! But what the devs try to do is exactly that, and people support them with bad takes like, "Wow, you want to cater to the top 1% of players?" Yes! It's called balancing the game! Every other game does it that way!

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    Balancing THIS game around top level also isn't good imo. I mean, it's fair, but 90% will never reach this level and simple quit this game. Something slightly higher than average (and average level is also very low in this game) is fair ground i think.

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    No other multiplayer game balances exclusively for high level play. Many games consider high level play in their balance decisions, but only while also looking at other skill brackets, including making the game inviting to new players

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    Many perks have their icon appearing on the bottom right corner for other survivors, such as Kindred, Prove Thyself, Leader, Guardian, etc

    If they are not gonna show teammates perks by any means, then they should start adding more perks to that list of "icons being shown to everybody"

    Plot Twist
    Power Struggle
    Kindred (only if the survivor on hook has Kindred, so if you have Kindred as well you know for sure your other teammates are seeing auras)

    Any many other perks

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    You can have a big sign with neon and still not prevent being picked up.

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    Uhm actually, theres Calm Spirit and the killer could be undetectable. 🤓

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    Tbf, There's been times when someone gets downed without much of a chase icon, either by a stealth killer or sometimes the hud doesn't always track if you're being chased. Sometimes for challenges you will have a "be chased by x amount of time" and even though you're in chase it doesn't count. DBD has lots of bugs sometimes.

    However, I personally don't think some sort of indication someone is using plot twist is needed, as most of the time the context clues are there, like you mentioned. But just because they're asking for something that you or I don't need, doesn't mean they don't use their brains. No need to insult anybody.

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    got to 90%, and then some good-hearted survivor left a gen to run all the way across the map to me

    If you got to 90, and a survivor ran ALLL the way ACROSS the ENTIRE map, you had to have stopped lol.

    I'm kidding, as its was just a random example to toss Im sure. :)

    I hope they do add something like that. Kind of annoying for Solo'q to deal with these extra shenanigans, lol

  • ArkInk
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    I honestly find the pushback on this idea strange. In a SWF, this Plot Twist issue never happens, and making a minor UI change for the sake of clarity just makes survivor knowledge more consistent, and thus easier to balance the game around. Plot Twist is one of hundreds of survivor perks, so it's unlikely a new player will personally encounter it or expect to see it often. So when that new player looks on the HUD and sees someone on the floor, they'll probably think it's cause the killer downed them and they hadn't noticed, or the downed survivor was surprised by a stealth perk or killer.

    The point is, it isn't a skill issue when you simply don't know what's happening, and let's be real, DBD isn't the best at making information accessible to new players. A silly little icon on the HUD makes the game more accessible to newer players, presumably without disturbing any of us who do realize when someone is Plot Twisting. So what's the issue with adding this?

    I understand that players don't want the skill ceiling lowered, but this is hardly a skill, it's players misreading an unclear UI because of a niche perk and making a stupid decision because of it.

  • Krazzik
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    They do need to have more perks light up on the HUD when in play. When someone has Deli ready and is hooked it should appear next to their Hooked icon. When someone is downed and has Unbreakable or is Plot Twisted, those should appear next to their downed icon. When someone is in locker with Inner Strength or Head On it should appear.