1 survivor suiciding on hook causes a chain reaction

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Uninstalled the game because it was the last straw, last match one anonymous user suicided on hook because he got grabbed in a locker at the start of the match, the 2 other survivors followed along. Previous match, same thing happened where every player suicided on hook causing me to die because I tried to go for the save and the hook progress was half way but I didn't know they were not doing the skill checks. This is 1 in 3-4 games this keeps happening it's just unplayable, and I am wasting so much of my items for no reason. Matches are not even lasting 5 minutes, killers taking advantage of it too knowing teammates dying on hook and just tunnelling out the rest and camping because they know it's a guaranteed loss for us.

Nothing being done to battle this and none of this has even been addressed or acknowledged. Somehow what they are doing isn't even against the rules, so what is the point of playing anymore lmao. 2 games in a row, had the same exact anonymous nea with the same outfit and build, suicided on hook at the start.I am 100% convinced some players are going anonymous mode with the intention of sabotaging the match because it's not bannable. ANother match everyone hooked except 1 person, know what the unhooked person did? Spammed noise triggers to get themselves hooked instead of unhooking the other players. The state of the game is at the bottom of the barrel. I see no hope for this game's future so I am going to drop it entirely, was playing less recently to the point that after 1 match I just closed the game, cba anymore. Cant even have fun in the modifier mode.

Ya'll seriously need to do something because the survivor experience is an utter joke and the worst i've seen in a video game. Don't know what you guys doing to the game that people are rebelling in matches, last year when I played it wasn't bad at all, but now it is so severe to the point it's not playable. This is going to be my last post. Seeing posts from months ago and seeing there has been nothing done tells me everything.


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    "Matches are not even lasting 5 minutes, killers taking advantage of it too knowing teammates dying on hook and just tunnelling out the rest and camping because they know it's a guaranteed loss for us"

    Let me ask you, what are killers supposed to do in this situation? A nice killer might allow the survivors to do a couple of gens and then kill them, or farm some points together etc. But if they don't, it's likely that the killer just wants out match at quickly as possible because going 1v3 just isn't as fun for them either. Sure it's annoying when someone gives up on hook, (sometimes it's warranted) but if a player wants to forfeit then they will find a way regardless.

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    For the next, find 4 good friends from your list, and play against them only in a KWYF.

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    It's the entitlement on both sides

    Survivor: "i should be able to finish all 5 Gens before the Killer can hook

    Killer: "I should be able to see all of the Survivors at all times"

    ETC… also it's the "us VS them" that we all have grown tired of

    Survivor: X Killer perk, "meta", Addon(s), playstyle, or Killer is unfair… but I run "meta" every match the same way (or "I don't run 'meta')

    Killer: X Survivor perk, "meta", Item(s), playstyle is unfair…. but I run "meta" (Killers and Perks) every match the same way (or I don't run 'meta')

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    solo q a waste land of DC's and suicides. No clue how to fix it but something need to be done soon.

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    Unfortunately the gap between solo and SWF is just so wide that there’s not much to do other than find friends to SWF with. I was so excited for this bloodfeast and was planning to play every day to grind points and level up my next survivor. Instead I’ve barely played because either killers are tunneling everyone out, camping to death or survivors are DCing, giving up on hook or sandbagging their teammates. I’m finishing matches with 30-40K with a 3X BP boost and my own BP offering and that’s ridiculous to me. Not even worth it

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    Sorry but I'm not playing farming simulator for 10 minutes when I can move on and actually play out a real match. Maybe one day 5 years later they will actually remove 4% basekit and people who ruin matches will actually have to eat a penalty.