What does this mean exactly?

CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,943

This yellow icon kept appearing over Megs head but didn't have the Entity killer icon at all. Was it telling me that I had connection issues or someone else? I didn't feel any problems but it bothered me...


  • The_Krapper
    The_Krapper Member Posts: 3,220

    Your internet doesn't have a good connection to the server, that's to notify you it's having issues with a stable server connection

  • Krazzik
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    I get that in most of my games but have decent ping and no noticeable lag or desyncs so I just ignore it.

  • Gmoore23
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    It just means your internet's unstable. Mine's the same way usually, but I'm also in the worst area of my hometown for ISPs. Either way, don't sweat it too much. Long as you can still play normally you should be good.

  • Wiccamanplays
    Wiccamanplays Member Posts: 130

    I believe that symbol indicates packet loss between you and the server.

  • tjt85
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    I believe it's server packet loss, but I don't think it necessarily has something to do with your own connection and could be a server side issue. Not sure about that, though.

    I wish there was a guide for all the various connection icons because there are a few different ones and it's not clear what they all mean. Despite being on the same home wifi network, my Switch always has higher ping and more frequent connection issues than my PC (around 20 ms) for reasons unknown to me.