Thoughts on The Clown?


Calling all survivor mains, do you guys love em? hate em? love hate relationship? Somewhere in between? Lemme know.


  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,808

    He's very boring to face in my opinion. Just pre drop pallet and run away.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 5,050

    Not a fan, but the experience is a lot better since they updated his bottle effect. It always gave me a headache.

  • Beaburd
    Beaburd Member Posts: 954

    If it ain't Blight or Wraith, it's okay by me.

    That said, I don't mind clown. He's strong at quite a few loops and running forward isn't the best vs him, but I don't mind.
    If I had any issue with him it's just the aura reading add-on, but that's because I'm a stealth player who dislikes running distortion when they can help it.

    In short, he's fine to me - neither hate nor love when facing him.

  • Yharwick
    Yharwick Member Posts: 521

    I play both sides so not strictly a survivor main but I think Clown is the most slept on killer in the game. I see a lot of people put him bottom of C tier or even bottom 5 when he's like very solidly B tier if the clown knows how to use both bottles.

    As far as just playing against him goes I don't mind him especially after they removed the blur effect, he's not exciting or anything but I feel like the clown matchup is fairly solved atp so I very rarely feel like anything happening is cheap.

  • solarjin1
    solarjin1 Member Posts: 1,858

    He just force pre drops... auto pilot snooze fest zzzzzzz. They always invigorated while wall hacking making looping a bad idea. Being slow most of the chase is about as fun as going up against old mft

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,512

    He Is bit below avarage on both sides. He Isnt interesting to play or VS but He Isnt boring (much).

  • Spirit_IsTheBest
    Spirit_IsTheBest Member Posts: 855

    One of the most boring killers to verse, being slowed down is not fun and having to pre-drop pallets is not engaging in the slightest since it’s a guaranteed hit otherwise if you don’t.

    I do appreciate the devs removing the blurred vision from his bottles since it caused me motion sickness, but he is still one of my least favorites to verse.

  • KingFieldShipper
    KingFieldShipper Member Posts: 612

    Not a survivor main and play both sides essentially 50/50 (if not slightly more killer) but he’s one of the killers I sorta don’t like to play or face because of auditory sensory things, his cough and the bottle smashing make me feel ill. Not the only killer, btw, like I can’t play bubba because of his recharge notification sound, or have the audio on in the menu with slinger cause of the mouth noises.

    But also echoing the pre dropping and run play style super is super boring

  • bazarama
    bazarama Member Posts: 228

    I don't play to win so clown is one of my favourite killers because he's fun.

    Now I know survivors find him boring to play against I'll play him even more