Sorry if its bad place to talk about this but... (DLC purchase error)

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I decided to buy the Vecna DLC on Steam. I allowed the transaction but it somehow failed after I allowed it from my bank. The purchase happend since I got charged from my bank, but Steam still didn't give me the DLC. I didn't even get verification email and it's not even in purchase history.

So I don't have new chapter and money as well :-(


  • Beaburd
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    I would recommend contacting Steam support for this, since it sounds like the transaction failure is on their end.

    If the transaction truly went through, and is not just pending, then that suggests it was received somewhere. Since you purchased from Steam, I would assume that means it was received from Steam's financial institution, which they should be able to get record of and correct.

    Sorry to hear that though! Definitely reach out to support and see what they say.

  • EQWashu
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    I am so sorry you are dealing with this error, Chocolate_Cosmos. 100% seconding Beaburd on this, please contact Steam Support, and they will be assist you further with the transaction error <3

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