Underated survivor perks you are sleeping on


I am that kind aperson that has a very special perkbuild for every surviver. i dont have a single perk that isnt used at least once (yes, even visonary). so naturally i thought that after chaos-shuffle people would not immediately go back into meta.

Since that doesnt seem to be happening, here are some surviver perks you really should try out if you havent had the chance during event.

Botany Knowledge: yes, it has the tendency to deplet your medkits faster than your dad leaving for the milk, BUT the 50% extra healing speed arent coppeled to that. the work on any healing action. just think about that plus we`ll make it!

Alert: Alert might be one of the most powerful aura perks for survivers. No cooldown, no range requirement, extra sound alert for better awarness so you never miss it being activated.

Stake out: I LOVE stake out so much. great SC challange? stake out. gen finisher build? stake out. i am so gonna abuse bardic inspiration with stake out!

Breakdown: Ok, honestly all jeff perks are GOATed, but you already know about aftercare and distortion. what you dont know is the joy of seeing a killer waiting 3 minutes for a hook to spawn again while you do 3 gens.

Solidariy: i dont care if you are using it solo, with autodidact or with resurgence, healing 2 survs at once will never not be OP.

built to last: oh yous ee this colmpletly op toolbox i just depleted? i have another one. and another one!

deception: that might be the funniest perk on this list. use it, and the killer will question their own sanity.

fast track: are you a solo q surviver whos teammates get slaughtered all the time? why not turn that into profit.

Bite the bullet: you know what is funny? using selfcare in an actualy efficient way. corner teching was nver this easy.

Clairvoyance: you know what i love? information. and this perk gives you a lot of it. it even shows you hatch with twice the range of left behind.

parental guidance: again, making the killer think they went insane is ######### funny. its even better with smash hit, just a super stealth sprintboost.

overzealous: the 10% standard are enough to counter most slow down perks, but the 20% with a hex totem are even better! and you will get use of that since everybody uses hexes these days.

reactive healing: i once had this game were i used it and got to 98% healing done just becaus ei kept close to action.

friendly competion: you knwo that this perk stacks, right? not talking about other perks, like prove thy self, but with itself. two people use it and very suddenly you have 10% bonus. plus prove, plus dejavu, how am i not supposed to genrush with this?

Lightfooted: oh, you have your headset set to max for easy mindgames? well, thats just too bad! i honestly think the bug fix they did back in the day when it silencend all footsteps nerfed it hard, but it is still good.

Invocation: Weaving Spiders: ok, that is mostly situational, but if you can play with no mither you should use it. espacially since this perk can actiually range activate gens. i had this one game were i activated it and 2 gens on 90% got activated because the effect works that way.


  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Member Posts: 13,575

    I would give some buffs to both of them but even in their current state I think Lightfooted and Iron Will are underrated. I can get some pretty good mind games out of them both, requires a bit of skill though.

  • adam1233467
    adam1233467 Member Posts: 926

    This perks are no underrated, they are bad

    Only botany and build to last are good on this list

  • C3Tooth
    C3Tooth Member Posts: 8,263

    Alot of these perks are not underrate. Its that if you get tunneled, you're defendless.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,993

    I use Alert alot. I use Overzealous and Fast Track on the odd occasion.

  • Unknown2765
    Unknown2765 Member Posts: 1,983

    Iron Will - is very underrated, people think its weak because it went from 100% to 75% - but they are wrong, its still a strong perk.

  • Rickprado
    Rickprado Member Posts: 506

    Yeah, that a problem of the game: right now you need at least one anti-tunnel perk or you will be on your own in case of the comes back to tunnel.

    But except for that, i believe a lot of perks are underrated and survivors can use more diverse perks than killers do right now.

    I love built to Last, Champion of Light and Botany Knowledge. I have a build for SoloQ and other for when i'm playing with friends.

  • Junylar
    Junylar Member Posts: 2,005

    That burger on the ground outside is very underrated, people think it's disgusting because it fell from 100% to the ground, but it's still a tasty piece of food.

  • NerfDHalready
    NerfDHalready Member Posts: 1,451

    ah solidarity my beloved. i always loved the perk in my healing build but did some math, by itself it's more efficient than botany if the user is also injured; with botany 2 people resetting takes 26.6 seconds and with solidarity it takes 24s. this efficiency further increases if you use healing speed perks on top. you can't get your teammates to use healing speed perks, but this perks lets you do that, in a way. it's always so satisfying getting solidarity value

  • tjt85
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    I got some pretty decent value out of Resurgence, Overzealous and Iron Will when I had these perks in the Chaos Shuffle modifier. Iron Will value really depends on the Survivor you use, though. I was playing as Cheryl at the time and she's almost completely silent with Iron Will equipped.

  • KingFieldShipper
    KingFieldShipper Member Posts: 612

    I don’t think a lot of the, are bad, but it’s just that to make a lot of them work well it requires coordination with other people. Breakdown is prime example. Unless it’s late game this perk sort of dows nothing unless your team also has it or are doin sabo things. The aura reading is nice but mostly unneeded. But some things are sorta just throwing if you bring them. Deception is fun ya, and weaving spiders MIGHT be gamechanging for but most matches I’d argue you are better off bringing any other perk.

    alert is fine, but I think the more useful perk is any means necessary. While it doesn’t proc on gen kicks, etc, I think the aura reading on the pallets is much more useful, and when you see a pallet disappear it’s more valuable information.

    And lastly, I really think most of these perks just need flat out buffs. Bite the bullet could be better, and I feel like it’d be more interesting if it hid both you and the others auras in addition to masking the sound, botany got overnerfed imo and should also work on yourself, solidarity and reactive healing are so incredibly situational and frustrating to get value of (mostly solidarity) in solo queue. Just my two cents tho.

  • hermitkermit
    hermitkermit Member Posts: 250

    People have teased me before for using lightfooted! It’s so nice to see other people seeing its value. I find so many killers rely on sounds to pin point where you are. I’ve escaped many a tile because they couldn’t see or hear which direction I was in. Pair that with quick and quiet for vaulting, maybe even lithe, and just to be silly deception or toss a pebble lol.

  • MauriceMaverick
    MauriceMaverick Member Posts: 275

    but i have to say it was better when it was "bugged". the fix was bullshit.

  • hermitkermit
    hermitkermit Member Posts: 250

    Yeah, I agree with that… idk sometimes it's interesting to see what some people find "too strong" lol.

  • H2H
    H2H Member Posts: 669

    Lucky Break is ridiculously strong and no one ever runs it.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,804

    Technically speaking borrowed time now a days is underrated since it’s virtually never used anymore

    You’ll almost always see killers try to wait out the default timer but oh wait it was extended!

  • 100PercentBPMain
    100PercentBPMain Member Posts: 595

    Words cannot describe the ecstasy of having multiple survivors watch a Deathslinger instashoot somebody off hook, count to 10 and eat a big fat endurance.

  • Unknown2765
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    edited June 13

    Thats a very wierd comparrison tbh.

    The burger is most likely contaminated after being dropped.

    Iron Will is still a good perk, closing your ears and denying it, dosn't change that.

    And what does food have to do with perks in a computer game??

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  • Beaburd
    Beaburd Member Posts: 954

    I like and even use many of the perks mentioned here, but there's one in particular I refuse to accept as being underrated - Friendly Competition.

    I'm sorry, but that perk is saving you about ~2.5 seconds per person who gets the buff on every second generator they do. That doesn't even factor in the repair penalty you get from duo/trio generators, which reduces the benefit further. There's also a really decent chance it goes entirely to waste to in a dynamic environment where you can't grind generators. I would honestly be surprised if you saved over 10 seconds of total gen time throughout a game with it.

    Personal opinion is this is actually one of the worst perks in the game.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,993

    Yeah I was fortunate enough to be playing as Cheryl when Chaos Shuffle gave me No Mither and I ended up escaping that game. I had zero issues, just crouched in a bush (Toba's Landing) near whatever gen I was working on and she was silent

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,960

    You missed out Lightweight. Lightweight is one of the best survivor chase perks there is. You can lose killers so easily with it and, if using perks like "Fixated" or WoO with it, you can mislead Killers on all sorts of wild goose chases.

    It's an unbelieveably underrated perk.