Who are you maxing for cakes this year?


Title pretty much.


  • ReverseVelocity
    ReverseVelocity Member Posts: 3,436

    Sable! I already got p100 Legion so Sable is my next goal.

  • Jwmj
    Jwmj Member Posts: 26

    It's my first anniversary event so I'm not too sure just yet - I'm gonna stack blood points and then decide on who I'd like to work on. I'm super excited since like I mentioned, first time being around for an event/anniversary. Pretty excited for all the goodies in the shops :) 😍

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,592

    Piggy. I hope to break my record of 530ish cakes from last year.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,259

    Plague and Kate 🎉

  • Deathstroke
    Deathstroke Member Posts: 3,283

    I will update nancy she is already P87 though so I probably just update after that everyone else.

  • OrangeBear
    OrangeBear Member Posts: 2,485

    Chucky, i already have 187. I'm considering trying to get him to p100 during the event.

  • DragonMasterDarren
    DragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,768

    I plan on getting Demo to P100 or at least close to it

  • ThMnWthNVwls
    ThMnWthNVwls Member Posts: 16

    I P100'd my main last year and then had to stop using him because of lobby dodging. He still has 800 effing terrormisus on him. This year I'm leveling every survivor equally instead, along with 5-10 of my favorite killers

  • fussy
    fussy Member Posts: 1,294

    Meow-Jin and Artist / Twins

  • Yharwick
    Yharwick Member Posts: 517

    Rn got roughly 60 cakes on Sable I got her to p13 and plan on keeping her there cuz it feels right.

    Will be leveling up Unknown and we'll see how far I go with him cuz I really want to learn him and see if they're really as bad as people say or if it's just a case of "not a dash killer therefore they're bad" and people not taking the time to really learn them. Maybe I'll p100 them maybe I'll get to p3 then stop and wait for drac we'll see.

  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 3,013

    Once I finish getting all of the Survivor perks (Ive been too lazy and have a lot of catching up to do), Ill probably do the same.

    I know P100 Demo isnt anything special, but I like Demo, so I wanna do it.

  • Imagine_Milk
    Imagine_Milk Member Posts: 95

    P100 Thalita , Xenomorph and Singularity during this event prayge 🙏

  • Kaethela
    Kaethela Member Posts: 347

    Pig and Sable. Absolutely loving Amanda's new outfit.

  • VantablackPharaoh91
    VantablackPharaoh91 Member Posts: 252

    All my Mains. :) I have several Mains.

  • Patrick_Kaur
    Patrick_Kaur Member Posts: 29

    Renato and Wesker !

  • BlightedTrapper
    BlightedTrapper Member Posts: 332

    Nicolas Cage and Chucky are gonna be high priorities. Love my characters that spout goofy lines during the trial!

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,799

    Dwight and Mikey. Same as every year.

  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
    GolbezGarlandGabrant Member Posts: 868

    I have over 1400 Terrormisu on Felix and over 1000 of the Y6 cakes on Dredge. I want to invest in Gabriel but likely going to be Felix again.

  • Heliosse
    Heliosse Member Posts: 82

    I already have my Pyramid head P100, so i'll get Xenomorph now, after that, Nemesis and Alessa.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,968

    I have a few survivors I still need to P3 (Jane, Ash, and Yoichi) so I'm working on those. Then just whoever I feel like levelling up some more I guess.

  • Kaitsja
    Kaitsja Member Posts: 1,718

    Plague, Kate, Ghostie.

  • aterosx
    aterosx Member Posts: 5

    Yun & Gabe

  • vol4r
    vol4r Member Posts: 192

    There is no way I am maxing 1-3 characters only. I did that last year with Ace - he got like idk 1.2-1.5k cakes on him at the end of the event and I've got sick of playing him xD

    I actually want to prestige a lot of characters :D

    • Nancy from 90 to 100p
    • Quentin from 80 to 100p
    • Zarina from 80 to 100p
    • Laurie and Tapp from 18 to 25p
    • Yui and Jill from 12 to 25p
    • Slinger from 65 to 75-80p
    • a few from 13 to 16p - spirit, legion, ghostface
    • chucky from 11 to 25p

    Well, there is a lot of prestiges for me to do :D

  • For_The_People
    For_The_People Member Posts: 224
    edited June 14

    I made a self-rule a year ago that I wouldn’t prestige anyone above P20 until I get better at the game (spoiler, I still haven’t and I’m not lol)

    But it’s gotten to the stage where my favourite character (Lisa Garland) is pretty much left with bog laurels and the odd brown toolbox..

    So I may splurge on her to get to P30 at least and so I have enough cakes and so on to share even after the event is over :)

  • SleepyLunatic
    SleepyLunatic Member Posts: 397

    Cheryl and Artist i guess

  • Caiman
    Caiman Member Posts: 2,331
    edited June 14

    Right now, Adam and Jeff. Later on, maybe Nic Cage, Alan Wake, Gabriel, Zarina, Ace, David, Sable.

    I like switching up my survivor a lot.

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  • feechima
    feechima Member Posts: 896
    edited June 14

    Yui, Renato, Clown and Doctor. Yui is 74 atm so her first. She ends up with most event stuff including hoarded cakes.

  • Krazzik
    Krazzik Member Posts: 2,375

    I'm just getting 'em on whoever I need to level up. Just bought Vecna and the bard so they'll be getting a lot.

  • Depressedlegion
    Depressedlegion Member Posts: 318

    Dredge, vecna, and clown for killers, and Rebecca and ace for survivors.