This is getting out of control


I'm sorry but honestly this is getting insane. I'm a survivor main I've always been one and really just don't like playing killer but with that being said, survivors are killing this game for me. All they do is cry and complain whenever a killer has an option. Most survivors seriously just want the game handed to them. Some killers did need nerfs but people want everybody nerfed, they want all killer perks/add ons to be nerfed. Just turning into a bunch of rage quitting cry babies whenever they get out gamed so they want to cry "over powered"

Seriously most killers in this game are just a joke so whats the fun in playing against killers when every survivor knows that the game is in our favor way more than the killers. On top of that people complaining "oh if im the last survivor and the hatch is closed the door should be at least half way opened for me". Stop freaking crying and complaining about everything, the fact is the game is about 70% in the survivors favor but they demand more instead of actually wanting a challenge they just want every freaking thing easier for them. Its annoying, just shut the hell up already