Stop nerfing killers


Survivor main here.

Saw the oni changes and am genuinely disappointed. Are the devs seriously waiting for people to buy and then immediately nerf?

We saw this back with Evil Dead release. yes, MoM was way too powerful, but the devs must have known and planned to nerf since it happened all too soon.

why make it to where we keep nerfing killers who don’t need it? seriously just think about it:

-top tier killers like Spirit will become widespread, and nonetheless she’s boring to go against, which in turn angers survivors and killers who like to play other killers.

-lobby diversity will be do conservative if this keeps happening. people will literally only play spirit (which nobody wants because it’s boring)

After this happens, and with time, the game loses players.

Devs please listen, and STOP nerfing killers!