Why do we have to have this factionalism?

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Call this Fogeralist Paper #10, 'cause I'm going after parties in DbD.

The #1 thing I hate in this forum and community is the polarization. Everyone is a killer main, a survivor main, or plays both equally. It seems like KMs and SMs do nothing but complain, and the Boths do nothing but tell KMs and SMs can't have an opinion because you don't play the other side. Even if you express an opinion without bringing mains into it, someone will inevitably say "lol butthurt KM/SM, git gud". And there's also people doubting that someone is ACTUALLY a SM/KM/Both if they don't follow the party doctrine. A "real " KM can't support nerfing NOED; a "real" SM can't be okay with Ruin.

I don't have any problem with anyone playing one side more than another. But I hate seeing discussions turn into "you're a KM/SM" "well you're a SM/KM!".

I want people to be able to talk about controversial topics in the game in a polite and reasonable manner. I don't want the DbD community to be like US politics where nobody can respectfully disagree and going against the majority opinion of your faction makes you a traitor.

I don't expect this post to change the culture of the community. But I hope it can make some people think twice before calling someone a nooby KM/SM. The Fog is a harsh place, we need all the kindness and support we can get.


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    The problem with the forum is that people will get angry or toxic if the devs don't immediately change something that fits their agenda.

    That's basically it. A lot of this forum can be catered off to two groups of people actually. People who care about balance and people who only care about their side winning. And that's basically it.

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    As I had started writing here, I had try by everything to see also the survivor side.

    ...Until I had realize that it doesn't matter.

    No matter how your argue, they will not care about what you say, even if you are a person with more experience, that are killer, or survivor mains for their side truley are.

    And that makes as a result of you someone who plays also this game of toxic ignorance, only to hope that the one or other argument of you find its way to the devs, so that they may realize the one or other problem.

    That is just my experience here. It's sad, but I don't think we can break out of this circle of the devil.

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    If i see an opinion that is different from my own, i look at the arguments and facts the person got to develope that opinion. Sometimes i change my own opinion.

    An example for that are the legion changes. First i thought legion got legioned again, but some people, their opinions, builds and thoughts make me think legions not tht bad atm.

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    I agree that Boths are usually better informed, but that doesn't mean other opinions are invalid or should be scorned. So long as we're clear on that, I'm in total agreement, and tbh you probably worded my points better than I did.

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    Its really just a way for people to disregard an argument someone is making by pointing out a bias that may or may not be there. Its the "us vs. them" mentality that has always been a thing for us humans, because, for some reason, when someone doesn't agree with you then they belong to the "others" and the "others" is bad and wrong. Its a way to deflect your own biases by saying the other person is more bias.

    The DBD community is one of the best, and worst, when it comes to utilizing it though. Its basically a meme at this point, since its used literally all the time as a counter argument, that much of the community still use seriously.

    Its all dumb but what are you going to do? 🤷‍♀️

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    Totally on your side. I think the main problem is that true "mains" lack in seeing things from both sides, simply because tehy don't play the other side. But that should not be a problem regarding the respect. But I have to admit that I also tend to be disrespectful if I get the impression someone else is disrespectful