Surveillance is Better Than Discordance. Change My Mind.


After many games with both perks, I've come to the conclusion that the perk Surveillance is a better gen-protector/tracking perk than Discordance and here's why:

Discordance is very easy to spot, since most killers go directly to yellow-aura generators, and Survivors make note of when the killer appears. Especially with how many Survivors are actually on a generator. This makes it only really useful at the start of a match.

Discordance becomes worse as the game goes on. As you start to lose Survivors, the remaining ones are less likely to work on the same generator, save the last generator when it's a SWF team and it's almost done. This was also more important before the introduction of ECG as the last survivor might have actually had to work on generators.

Most people currently don't expect Surveillance. Since it's currently such an underused perk, most people don't really know of it's existence. This means that someone is currently able to more easily capitalise on greedy stealth Survivors who try to get the gen done after you leave.

Better map knowledge. After you kick a generator, it's aura changes and you can more clearly see which generators have been worked on/are regressing. This can help you figure out which parts of the map to move to next or patrol in order to find and catch out Survivors.

LOUDER GENERATOR NOISES. Generator repairs are more audible with Surveillance, since the range of their noise is increased by 8 meters.This is valuable, as you now don't have to get anywhere near as close to a generator, giving yourself more time to go and protect other generators if someone isn't working on that generator. I swear it also increases the volume of the generator repairs, but I could be losing my sanity again. At time of post, I work in liquor retail and it's almost Christmas.

Please note that this is not for ALL killers, as I still believe that in some more niche cases, such as the Legion and the Shape, that Discordance is better because their power level increases when their powers are able to be used against multiple survivors, and these attributes are especially amplified on Stealth-type killers since it's easier to capitalise on the knowledge seeing as how it's harder for Survivors to detect you. Mobility killers will benefit more from the aura effect than the noise generation too, seeing as how they generally don't rely on masking a terror radius.

Do you use Surveillance? Do you prefer Discordance, as it helps find more Survivors early game? Did I possibly change your mind about this perk? Let me know and let's debate the merits, and flaws, of each!


  • PistolTimb
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    I generally agree for a lot of killers. It's exceptionally nasty when paired with pop (and arguably surge). Stealth (and small terror radius) killers can especially find use from Surv as they can patrol more efficiently and get the drop on people much more effectively

    Discordance is really nice but some games you'll get people who don't work on gens together. Then you're stuck with one less perk for the whole game. People really overhype this perk imo.

  • Rex_Huin
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    I think I agree - Surveillance is a really useful perk. Time is a precious commodity for killers and it helps you use it optimally.

    Having said that I have been absolutely wrecked recently by a hillbilly who paired Discordance with Infectious Fright and made it pay handsomely...

    Discordance can work but its power is out of your control. I think over an extended period of games Surveillance would provide more benefit.

  • PigMainClaudette
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    ...........but that would mean a Hillbilly used his hammer. That's not how you play Hillbilly. You use the chainsaw and only the chainsaw.

    Just saw.

    Just Saw.


    And now you know how to play the Hillbilly. You're welcome.

    Sad thing is that nobody will understand that second reference in there.

  • Rex_Huin
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    He had BBQ as well and something else. I complemented his build afterwards and he directed me towards a streamer who is apparently a hillbilly guru - I forget the name. Anyhow it worked in that particular game but yes you are right...hammer time.

  • Deadeye
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    I think it depends. You say in endgame it becomes less effective. I notice several games where it is the other way round. If you have 4 survivors alive, it is pretty easy for them to be in chase and they work on 3 gens in parallel, so you have no chance to protect all of them. If one or two are already killed and they need to push through because they can't wait 80 seconds, or if they 3gen'd themselves (even with 4 survivors left, deoending on killer) sometimes they have to work with multiple people on a gen.

    Surveillance is also (not that) easy to spot. But if you are near a gen that is pretty much progressed, wait for the killer to leave after the kick and immediately returns once you touched it again, then you can already guess. Since the following happened to me, I also tend to notice Surveillance pretty quick now. A survivor baited me after he noticed I run it by just running around and tapping kicked gens. If you don't notice soon what's going on, you waste a lot of time kicking the gens without finding anyone, while others can work on gens.

    Generally I also prefer Surveillance, but sometimes I run even both, depending on which perks I have to choose from. Especially without ruin, Discordance can safe the start, as almost always at least 2 survivors spawn in a team (I think it is stupid that a 4 man team spawn can happen without the offering)

  • Peanits
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    I feel like it depends on what you want out of it. Discordance is really nice for someone like Huntress, where I can see someone working on a generator, throw a hatchet at them at long range, then chase them without ever getting close to the generator. I'd have to run over to it and kick it with Surveillance, and by the time I can do that they would be long gone. It's also way better in the early game since it's active right away, while Surveillance requires you to regress a generator first (which you can't do until they start repairing it).

  • Sylorknag
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    Does surveillance work with Surge?

    Been thinking on a build for my Legion.


    The idea is to waste little time as possible kicking gens, and when I do kick one is to regress a bit more with pop.

  • Marcus
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    I completely agree, Surveillance is better, Disocordance is pretty overrated IMO.

    AAAAA Member Posts: 558

    I think they're useful in different ways. Discordance does its work early to mid game, and the information stream is fairly constant.

    Surveillance is better mid to late game when you want to keep 3 or 4 gens on lockdown. The disadvantage is that you have to kick the gen (or use surge) and the information is a one-and-done. The only counter to Discordance is to do gens by yourself. For Surveillance you can tap a gen and run or hide.

  • PoisonN
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    I'll take whispers over both! Lol

  • DeKillerKiller
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    I may try out Surveillance on my Freddy build instead of Discordance from time to time.

    I do however mainly use Discordance for early game pressure since most survivors spawn close to each other, making it easy to tell which gens I should patrol first.

    But, using Surveillance does feel like it might have some more interesting plays.

  • fcc2014
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    I like pairing Surveillance with POP goes the weasel on Billy and Freddy.

  • supersonic853
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    will discordance ever get a buff because tier 1 is better then tier 3?

  • ASpazNamedSteve
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  • Acesthetiic
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    I prefer discordance (Tier 1) over surveillance personally.

  • Venom368
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    I pretty much only use Surveillance together with Surge on M1 killers. I really hate going out of my way to kick gens, which is why I stopped running Pop (even though its an extremely strong perk). I don't think Surveillance is very good without Surge, and therefore don't think it's good on any killer that can down people with a non-basic attack. But Surge/Surveillance combo realllllyyyyy shines on Freddy, Ghost Face, Myers, etc..

    I think Discordance is just straight up better 90% of the time (if you aren't running Surge as well) because you don't have to interact with the generators before hand. You're not going to be able to kick every gen on the map and always know where people are with Surveillance. If you actually are kicking every gen, you're wasting your time.

    There's a lot of other pros and cons to each one for different situations, but I feel like the value you're able to get out of Discordance on it's own just beats out the value Surveillance can give you on it's own.

  • SaintsxSinners
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    Nah, Discordance let's me know where I need to be immediately, Surveillance, meh, it just tells me to maybe get there eventually. I'd rather have Discordance and Thrilling Tremors. Also I have to ensure I kick a gen to get value out of Surveillance.

    Also I'm not sure how many people realize this but you can hear when a killer has Surveillance as a survivor. The gens are noticeably louder during repairs.

  • TheAntiSanta
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    Yea, probably, but I usually play the killers that benifit from having a bunch of Survivors really close together, and I haven't bothered unlocking Surveillance yet.

  • NuclearBurrito
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    Discordance is an early game tracking perk.

    Surveillance is a mid to late game tracking perk.

    They are both superior at their respective functions.

  • wydyadoit
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    if we limit it to specifically those two then... I think it depends on the type of killer and survivors in the match.

    If a survivor brings leader, bond, etc. then they're effectively wasting some slots of perks just to avoid you from seeing them as a killer.

    a lot of gen rush strats rely on having at least 1 leader and some spare parts. I don't think either perk is great for preventing generator progression, but I'd argue that surveillance can work if you're playing someone like billy, freddy, or nurse who can get to the generator quickly and then win a chase. However, discordance is all you need for locating survivors as ghostface or meyers and by the time they notice you you're already max stalk. In those cases you can get multiple downs easy through slugging and assuming you don't whiff you might even get a 4 piece before they even know what's going on.

    with surveillance you won't be able to do anything other than go to the generator and then cry because the lightweight quick and quiet alert meg just out ran you. and your perk.

  • edgarpoop
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    Depends on the killer for me. I love the Surveillance/Surge combo on stealth killers like Ghostface/Pig/Wraith. Discordance works really well with Billy/Oni/Spirit/Nurse/etc.

  • thesuicidefox
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    Surveillance is a tracking perk.

    Discordance is an anti-gen rush perk.

    They may function similarly but have fundamentally different purposes.

  • 53nation
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    So it sounds like a freddy using bbq + pgtw would most benefit from discordance because bbq already functions as a tracking perk.

  • yandere777
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  • Liruliniel
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    Infectious Fright is whenever you get a down now. No longer need just a M1

  • malloymk
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    Early game pressure is way more important than end game. If there are 2 or more on a gen early on and you guess the wrong spawn point, it's now a four gen game.

    This makes discordance better in my opinion. Though both perks are nice and zi respect your well-written opinion.