Criticism has its limits


I honestly just want to throw this out there... I feel sorry for the devs. If even a single one of them browses these forums I would be surprised.

nomatter the change, nerf, buff, redesign, anything... this forum erupts into childish hate and insults. Don't get me wrong, the devs have done a LOT that I don't like... specifically the position that poor Pig is in currently. She's not the worst, but she's a shadow of her former self.

and there is a laundry list of other changes and/or issues I have with the game... it's imperfect, clearly... but some people who post on here truly need to get a reality check or their parents need to give them a serious talk, and that includes many "supposed" adults on here.

The devs are people too, I'm not saying ignore their mistakes or put them on a pedestal, but damn... show some civility.


  • GodDamn_Angela
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    Peanits is usually around. And Almo sometimes.

    Anyway, I agree partially. There are definitely people who post who shouldn't, they are not helping anything and are really just making every, even those with legitimate criticism look bad.

    However, everyone has a right to express their thoughts and opinions on changes that occur. You can't tell someone they shouldn't state their criticism because there's already been too much criticism.

  • JC316
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    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. They HAD to know this backlash was coming, yet they did nothing to help ease the sting. If they do something this incredibly stupid, they deserve every ounce of hate that they're getting. Maybe, just MAYBE they'll listen before the entire killer base goes to play Civilization 5.

  • Blackadder
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    Most of it comes from bad decisions over the passed 3 years and the fact the devs still have not realised where the balance for this games needs to go.

  • samination
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    I think they are pretty used to it by now lol, but I'm sure a little still gets under their skin because (as you said) they are people. They probably just try to look for constructive criticism and filter out the angry. That's what I would do.

  • goat10em
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    Meh, the good thing is the criticism is coming from people who play killer. It seems pretty obvious the devs don't listen to anything killers have to say so it should be ok.

  • PoisonN
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    When it comes to the personal attacks, then I agree. Otherwise, I don't feel bad for them. Criticism it's part of the life and honestly, they do whatever they want to do.

  • terumisan
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    I mean people have been saying gen speeds are too quick and the devs nerf ruin without addressing the problem it's obvious that'll drum up controversy

  • Mister_Holdout
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    I try to be patient with the devs.

    But it gets pretty hard when they constantly make huge blunders.

  • Hex_KillerMainBTW
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    I'm usually very optimistic about what the devs do. Doctor changes? Excited to see what happens.

    But then they decide to act like Ruin usually stays til late game. It's a hex perk, soon as survivors see you have it, they're going to cleanse it. They generally cleanse a lot of the totems on the map. I would rather the devs be honest and say "we don't want to see this perk being used 80% of the games." Well, instead of releasing information of ONE perk and how often it's used, why not show how often other perks are used across the board? The thing that bothers me is that it's magically going to stay late game.

    I don't think they understand what's going to happen now, killers will now have to rely on slugs and tunnels to win games. Then the community will say "killers shouldn't be allowed to do that." And don't get me wrong, I absolutely hate having to slug survivors to win, but in the end of the day, I WANT to win. Not necessarily be a try hard about it, but I do want to win. And I'm sure many of the survivors feel the same way.

    That being said, just let Hex: Ruin just become a normal perk. It's not going to last very long, and we all know this. So until they show me something that'll actually let ruin stay on the map or perma in the match, I have very little faith in it. No, I don't use ruin on every killer, just slower killers; Plague, Pig and even some killers you need time setting up as.

  • The_Second_Coming
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    I think when you do things, repeatedly, that are consistently nonsensical and stupid, the limit to criticism is slowly lifted.

  • AshleyWB
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    It's important to voice your dissatisfaction towards something but once you start with a few insults it does get toxic.

    I will say that it's easy to label a bad opinion as insulting to the Devs or whoever, some harsh criticism maybe just has to be taken on the chin.

    If people never show how angry they are about a chance you won't get the full picture of what s particular action will have on the playerbases opinion.

  • Huff
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    I believe that words for the most part only have the power that you give them. Yeah, personal attacks are usually pretty unnecessary and dumb though.

    I'm mostly just concerned with people saying that because of this change they're gonna revolt or whatever. Not like I'm a stranger to these kinds of people since I play DbD. Either way though it's annoying to think about how if I randomly decide I want to play a round of survivor in the near future that I might get to go against somebody just taking their angers out on undeserving victims like a hormonal teenager.

    It's all over a change that just got announced so I haven't even gotten to think about how big of an impact this change will make, and I doubt many others have thought it through very well yet either.

  • Bear_g
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    It's true that this is just a video game. Yet it's more than that. It's a hobby to spend time on and a PRODUCT that has been purchased. If you went anywhere else and bought something that turned out to be defective you'd be furious. You'd want your money back or a replacement product. I understand that being toxic is frustrating for the devs who are trying to produce a good product for us to consume. Yet it's better to have comments to work with than to have a silent audience who simply...take their business elsewhere. And believe me, that is the next step. So I say bring on the salt so that the devs are at least aware of the impending doom of their game rather than just watching people walk away in silence.

  • DeKillerKiller
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    I do agree, I've seen some vile things come out of this forum. And I also agree that the devs should not take all of it at face valie.

    The devs are well-intentioned, why wouldn't they be? We're effectively paying customers that keeps giving them money as long as we get more content for the game.

    But I feel like the devs also tend to miss a lot of what they're aiming to do, and end up pissing off a lot of people unexpectedly (or expectedly, like with the recent Designer Notes post).

    I understand why they make these changes, really I do. They want to make this game accessible to new players. But because of that, it makes the game much more harder for more experienced players. Ironically the higher you rank up, the easier the game tends to be as a Survivor. Because the killers become more predictable as they start using more and more meta perks.

  • Avariku
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    so many people here assume I meant ANY criticism is bad... this is not the case...

    criticism is perfectly healthy when a rational discussion can be had or a debate can open up new ideas or solutions...

    its when you get 20 different posts about how "stoopid" the devs are, or how "killers are gonna throw a tantrum and intentionally ruin peoples games."

    there's nothing constructive to be taken from half of them and it's just people showing poor behavior and insulting people from behind a screen.

    it gets tiring to read and it's not even directed at me. I just feel bad for them... (even if I don't agree entirely with their decisions)

  • DeKillerKiller
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    I mean there's a reason the devs don't listen to the forums. Because everytime they open their mouths they tend to be bashed by the community. WOuld you want that?

  • Avariku
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    well aren't you just the absolutely perfect example of what I was talking about.

    thank you for your contribution!!

  • SpaceCoconut
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    Unlike the dev's capacity for questionable decisions.

    They're constantly one upping themselves.