Welcome to the No-Ruin club!


Hi, my name is JawsIsTheNextKiller, and I used to be a Ruin addict.

I haven't done Ruin for a couple of months now. There have been times were I have had a bad day, and I have been drawn to Ruin. With support from friends and family, I have fortunately stayed on the wagon.

When I was addicted to Ruin, I would start my games and immediately get stressed, where is my Ruin? Do I run to it? Do I run from it? Do I run towards it but pretend I am not running towards it? It would always end the same way, cleansed in 15 seconds. Then what do I do? Despair sets in. I'd run to a corner of my basement, lay lots of traps around myself and have a little cry.

Since I gave up the Ruin, life has been wonderful. I start the game, look around. Shall I go over here? Shall I go over there? It doesn't matter. I am free now. What perks should I choose? I can choose anything. I am free. I am not tied down to one perk.

Join us in the No-Ruin club. It will be difficult at first, but life is better without it.


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    More like "Welcome to the genrushing club"

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    Looks like we're all joining the no ruin club. Well except the people who've already joined the no dbd club.

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    ######### hex ruin. I am no longer friends with hex ruin. Corrupt intervention is my homie now.

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    I've been a member in this club since the plague's release. i found a better version that is guaranteed to stay for 2 minutes and not get removed in the first 15 seconds of the match and most importantly. affects veteran survivors. it's called corrupt intervention.

    before this existed. i literally used ruin in ALL of my matches. even with trying out new killers. i would NOT use them until i unlock ruin.

    but after the release of corrupt intervention and plague. i asked myself. since there's other perks that can easily replace ruin like pop, discordance, and corrupt. why am I still sticking with this perk? it gets cleansed at the first 15 seconds. and veteran survivors are not affected by it. why am I still using it?

    so i switched from ruin to corrupt and PGTW at the start. and found them stronger than ruin and guaranteed to not be gone in the first minute of the match. and after around 4 months. i fully stopped relying on ruin for free pressure and started using corrupt and pop goes the weasel a lot more instead.

    Join us in the No-Ruin club. It will be difficult at first. but life is better without it.

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    Yea pay to win mechanics are very fun for everyone. No hag? No plague gg bud get gud

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    Who wants to be a member of the "Playing exclusively survivor"-club?

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    Sorry I can't Im already in the "Trying Civ V club".

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    This gave me a chuckle. I need to start playing hag again. I get stressed but she can be loads of fun

  • Mushwin
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    Is very much okay with the Ruin change and as a surv main i have ALWAYS said ruin needs a BUFF....i think tool boxes should only be sabatoge only so killers don't complain about them been added to the gen rush....it's funny i guess when surv things are nerfed, MOM and DS etc the killer mains sort of are quiet....o.O it's a start.....personally i think ruin the new one should be automatic, so it gives killers full use of 4 prks and not need to add ruin in as a perk.....that is just a thought, my opinion on such.....i am already about of the loosers club, dwights anonymous and the groot club house, i can get in on this too :D

  • Raven014
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    It's not that ruin's too bad now, since it had easy counters, but that it was to stop early game rushes to buy time for your efforts as a killer to mean something. If you ever tried keeping your ruin up intentionally, it would be a waste of your efforts.

    It could be changed with corrupt intervention easily.

    But I wouldn't want it changed until the core issue was fixed. Until that, Ruin should stay the same.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
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    Once you are out of the Ruin club, there is no more "Oh my totem got cleansed in 15 seconds". The thing is, I used to be so reliant on Ruin, I forgot that the last majority of games, the totem was taken down in under a minute. When you take the perk out its just like playing a game where you have Ruin cleansed early BUT you have another perk slot to use for something like Corrupt Intervention.

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    Currently in "Playing LEGO Batman"-Club.

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    I spent a few hours today watching high level killers play the PTB. Some of them didn't use Ruin before, but the ones who did use it were able to make the change without much trouble. In fact they were already experimenting with new builds, some that included Ruin and other that didn't. But I agree with the original sentiment of this thread: The feeling of obligation and associated anxiety that Ruin inspires for so many killers and the various feelings it inspires for survivors, ranging from dread to boredom, are worth giving up if it means shifting the game toward creativity and experimentation with perk builds.

  • LemeTheMeme
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    Been with the no ruin club for awhile now, I can completely agree that it feels nice to load into a match and take a deep breath of that fresh air. Never have I ever turned back, I love how I feel without it; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all killing these hoesally.

    Jk, I use it on my Huntress to assert dominance on these poor rank 1 survivors playing with their rank 13 friends.