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  • killers will play against ONE top mmr swf and assume the entire player base is that and want all survivors nerfed to the ground. if killers played solo queue (especially prior to mmr), they would know how much of a trainwreck those games are and that it's basically u versus 4 killers
  • where are you reading ANYTHING on here that wants killers nerfed? this forum is heavily populated by killers that post anti-survivor things like nerfing dumb perks like DH and BT and complaining about body-blocking and flashlight clicks daily... you keep saying 'buff killer' but that is literally the biggest generalization…
  • i literally don't bully killer mains bye
  • all we need is more people complaining about killer.. regardless of whoever they are, they are a pick-me survivor that just posted here so killers can have their egos fed
  • ...because it was a post made by someone with a literal few hour old account that repeated the same exact things hundreds of other killers say here whoever made this post is a pick-me survivor
  • if you took the time to look through my other posts i do sympathize w killers ONLY with boon totems, most other complaints killers have are ridiculous i don't play killer bc i don't want to, i am very good at survivor so there is no need for me to play it
  • not entitlement when i know i'm right but thank u
  • then maybe don't tunnel and camp all the time? so many killers camp or tunnel for the wrong reasons then get surprised when a whole team of survivors are bitter towards them in end game chat.. if it was for a good reason then just ignore it, not that hard
  • this is genuinely one of the worst suggestions i have ever seen from a killer on here and that is saying something lmao some of yall just want this game to be absolute h*ll for solo survivors and people with disabilities and it shows... if all aura showing perks were eliminated how are people with hearing disabilities able…
  • i literally don't get why ppl are saying that survivor queues are longer?? my queue times now (solo/1-2 man swf AND 4 man swf) have been faster than they were earlier this year.. there are millions of active players in this game from all levels of mmr and locations it is ridiculous to assume everyone has flop queue times…
  • sorry i'm already top mmr for survivor and plan to keep it that way!💋 every 4 man swf isnt op yall just are unable to capitalize off mistakes they make & can't take an occasional 1-2k match and thats YOUR problem. for every 1 4-man SWF there are 9 other lobbies with its fair share of incompetent survivors
  • just get a bully squad swf period
  • not the blight main saying what is and isn’t an exploit please
  • great more killer propaganda
  • no offense that prob just means ur survivor mmr is low😭also what do you expect when no one can communicate with each other and at least one person on your team is urbaning when they hear your terror radius and self caring after they get hit prior to mmr it was a lot worse, i exclusively played solo before mmr was released…
  • some of yall need to calm down… most of you mad about comms are prob just bitter you don’t have a group of 3 friends to play with if bhvr ever made a swf or solo survivor experience option in game, every killer would opt to play with against bot solo survivors😭this would cause swfs to never get into games and be a disaster…
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  • i don’t know why you think bhvr would care about killers complaining about DH or BT on here every other day killers also literally had every add on reworked in one of the most recent updates so idk what you’re so mad ab if you took like 10 seconds to look at the BHVR twitter account it’s just noob solo queue survivors…
  • i've had constructive discussion w ppl who actually comment something they want to discuss, not people who are just calling me out for baiting or making this just to see killer mains complain. i can see how i may be seen as being hostile to ppl i completely agree w what you said ab how killers have no one but themselves in…
  • i only play survivor bc my swfs drop anyone that play killer so
  • period your post served. i basically only play survivor and don't think either side is easy, but the constant hate survivors get from killer mains is laughable. like the constant DH complaints where it's a braindead perk that requires no skill.... like anyone can 'press E' for a DH but only a certain level of players can…
  • ya and i LITERALLY talked ab how the game has been becoming more survivor favored with the addition of COH, prob the only thing i sympathize with killers on besides toxic flop players. my survivor queues are never long when i play solo and there are millions of survivors with different wait times so assuming that…
  • except i didn't where you literally talked ab how survivors are whiny which i literally agreed with...😭go off claire main
  • i've never said killer is easy period and i'm fully aware of how whiny survivors are (e.g BHVRs twitter account where noob survivors cry ab camping). i never see top level survivors whining about gameplay because they are competent, only the ones that flop and can't escape for their life
  • hasnt bhvr literally released stats on how many players play solo vs swf and most people play it casually and solo... which is why balancing at top level gameplay would just ruin the game for most of the player base😭if anything you should be flattered ur good enough to be playing against 4 man swfs
  • i totally agree with your post and actually thank u for not being so hostile unlike a lot of the killer mains on here. like i said many times before, the game has increasingly been survivor sided with the addition of boons (specifically COH). while i don't like boon perks' design, COH is undoubtedly unfair to go against as…
  • god forbid a survivor main voices their opinion on this forum and isnt the regular whiny killer main post😫🤯maybe try getting better at the game if what i said bothered you so much💕 
  • no but running pop, ruin, tinkerer, and discordance just shows that you are incompetent at monitoring gens 😭unless a team is sweating with prove thyself and gen rushing toolbox builds (which is an insane minority of the player base) there should be no reason 3 gens should be flying at the start of a game...
  • literally. i never see any other survivors here and whenever other survivors voice their opinions they get shot down regardless of what they say. most killer mains have complexes and think bhvr owes them everything when they arent entitled to it
  • maybe if you spent the time u spent on thinking that i made this post to bait whiny killers on reading the constructive conversations with other ppl i've had under this, u would recognize that it wasnt bait! <3 if i want to see killer tears i'd just scroll through this forum for 2 minutes and see plenty. take ur 9,000…
  • COH is the only valid killer complaint i have seen. it is undoubtedly unfair to killers when dealing with 3-4 SWFs with COH but makes solo queue games manageable to get through. bhvr should at the very least add particles or some sort of visual that indicates if you're within a COH radius (small or large), as it will help…
  • regarding snowmen? it was just a cute thing added to the game that hindered chases by seconds at MOST. the hitbox of survivors jumping into snowmen was quite long and survivors could still be downed if they waited too long to get into it. the only way i can see this being a huge obstacle is if the surv has a syptic…
  • this is genuinely one of the most ludicrous comments i have seen yet please almost every survivor perk can be countered by killers, the few that don't are only based on if the killer can wait out 60 seconds for DS, 8 seconds for soul guard + UB, etc.. if anything, survivor items don't have specific things that counter them…
  • when did i rant 😭just simply said that killers all too often hold survivors accountable for their flop games when a lot of what went wrong was caused because of them... i said multiple things in my original post that are obv up for conversation yet you respond to everything but that
  • if you can't handle the stress then don't play killer. dbd isnt mean to be some easy sweep every game. if you want something relaxing maybe try minecraft💞
  • when was the last time there was a constructive conversation held in this forum please lmao
  • i'm a survivor main at top mmr for surv and play against top mmr killers constantly. while boons are absolutely overpowered in swfs, it makes solo queue games MANAGEABLE to get by and actually have a chance of escaping (aka not getting killed 5 minutes within a game because teammates r clueless). if you cant hear a boon or…
  • this also happens to me so much it is so frustrating. also this 99% heal glitch happens when i use medkits as well
  • that’s literally my point 😭 blights can hide their devour until they start killing survivors with their hands
  • period!!! like yall have second chance perks too🤦🏼‍♀️
  • killing myself on hook is counterplay to spirit
  • i can’t wait until tomorrow when we will literally get this same exact thread again! this forum is literally an echo chamber of green rank killers that don’t know how to counter it and survivors that dead hard into walls
  • please not everything in this game needs counter play. the whole point of DH is to extend ur chase so you waste more of the killer’s time. even then most competent killers wait out dead hard and usually knock down survivors seconds after them using it if u don’t know when to drop a chase just say that and move on…
  • he has such a high win rate because all of you run devour on him, camp totems, and use j/z flicking (exploits) to compensate for his average ability and add ons🤦🏼‍♀️please
  • it was long overdue for them to address this like this game has been absolutely unplayable for a so many people for MONTHS bc of the frame drops and glitches for console users. they only addressed it now that PC players were experiencing similar things bc of the new update
  • not the killer mains crying on here bc they ended 3 matches in a draw when they were running non meta perks… please go outside do you want all survivors to run ace in the hole, slippery meat, technician, and urban evasion or something?? survivors will run BT, DS, iron will, DH for all the same reasons killers run pop,…
  • most red rank killers (most of the time r rank 1-2) i go against literally do not know how to drop chases and get mad after they get a 1k lmfao i literally ran a rank 1 bubba for 3 gens because i clicked my flashlight to take aggro from my teammates who kept getting tunneled
  • oh my god stop crying i’m on console and i literally dc at some point 9/10 times when i go against a nemesis. i (and MANY others) should not have to deal with week long bans because bhvr can’t deal with console issues