Introductions ?

Anokaa Alpha Surveyor Posts: 5

Hi everyone ! How about making some introductions so we can get to make some friends here ?

If anyone wants to, they can do it here !


  • Anokaa
    Anokaa Alpha Surveyor Posts: 5

    I'll start :)

    Hi, I'm Anokaa, I'm a big fan of bunnies and I'm a total video game addict o/

    Nice to meet you all !

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,341

    Hi Anokaa! Welcome to the forums!

    I'm Mandy :) And I'm the person responsible for the forums and the moderation here! Major game addict and play Until Dawn every single Christmas time, so it's now considered to be a Christmas game in my house!

  • ChickenCat
    ChickenCat Member, Administrator, Community Manager, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 12

    Welcome, Anokaa!

    I'm Julia/ChickenCat, and I'm the Community Management Team Lead for Meet Your Maker!

    I'm very into birds, and I'm a big fan of action RPGs, cozy farming sims, and builders!

  • Hugo
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    Hey Anokaa and fellow Forum Users,

    I am Hugo/True Coffee Cup, love playing/learning any type of Video , Card and Board Game.

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  • Hugo
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  • Zamice
    Zamice Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 2

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Zamice, university student from Australia. More knowledgeable on the DBD side of things tbh, but I really enjoyed the MYM Closed Playtest and I'm stoked to play some more once it's out. Other FPS games I've played have mainly been Apex and the Far Cry series, but I'm currently working my way through the new Pokemon game.

    Hope you are all doing well :))

  • Koloko
    Koloko Member, Mod, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 39

    Hello, I'm Koloko, one of the mods, I love a-rpg, mmo, open world, fps. And as my profile pic indicates I like to eat :)

  • GRIG0
    GRIG0 Member Posts: 195

    Welcome to the new forums Anokaa (and everyone else). I didn't know we could use "Meet your maker" profile pics!

    I tried the beta and was pretty cool, looking forward to its release!

    I'm still getting used to this site lol

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 578

    Hi everyone! I'm hastarkis. I really love video games (plot-oriented mostly but not only) and creating fan works. I'd been leading DbD-fanteam in local contest of fandoms for two years and I'm looking forward to be part of MYM fandom too ❤️

  • FrankieStein
    FrankieStein Member, Mod, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 11

    Henlo! I'm Frankie <3

    Part of the Mods and overall nerd. I love any story oriented RPGs and cozy games. Building myself up to be a Vtuber one day so I can start streaming again.

  • AmaiKarasu
    AmaiKarasu Member Posts: 2

    Ah lets see, name is Karasu and I'm an artist and game dev to put is simply-

    I love how the game looks so far and the concept behind it and I can't wait to see what comes of the community.

    I'm interested in how both the casual and competitive sides will develop ^-^

  • Chaipanduh
    Chaipanduh Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 4

    Howdy! I'm Charley, I'm an autistic streamer and DBD is one of my special interests 😅 I really enjoyed MYM on the alpha, it surprised me because I usually don't like games like it. I'm excited to see how the game grows as it moves forward!

  • Rookie1978
    Rookie1978 Member Posts: 75

    hi, i'm Rookie 1978, colloquially known as jason or evil spooky man depending on the platform you met me from. I'm currently majoring in teleproduction and make youtube videos for fun and entertainment. I'm heavily interested in the future of MYM and i'd love to base my entire personality around it for a good few months as soon as it releases.

  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    Since im developing into the forum-clown that posts in near every thread that pops up i thought i might as well introduce myself xD

    I am a middle aged dude in early retirement (medical reasons) that games his whole life already. I played shooters mostly in my tweens (back then Return to castle wolfenstein and RTCW: Enemy territority), in the last years actually mainly ARPGs (path of exile) with survival/building/management games strewn in between leagues (shooters dont really work out for me anymore cause age and meds).

    I LOVE building stuff, and the fantastic thing in MyM is that it actually has a use besides being a static base where you drop your resources/craft your gear like in most survival titles - others play my stuff and deliver me the replays that i really enjoy watching (after all i like shooter gameplay still).

    I really had a blast in open beta and am suffering from heavy withdrawal rn, cant bring myself to play anything else really. So yea, i think about MyM and camp the forums lol.

    Btw: People call me Clown and i am fine with that :)

  • ItsMistyMay
    ItsMistyMay Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I'm Misty (She/Her) and I am a pngTuber :) I played the closed and open beta of Meet Your Maker. I've never laughed so much whilst playing a video game! This is definitely going to be my game of the year and I am so excited to play it in April. If anyone wants to duo raid outposts together, let me know

  • sketchyman28
    sketchyman28 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    Heyyo my name's Daniel, I love Jesus. I'm married and we're currently looking for a house. This game is an absolute blast it has me on the edge of my seat everytime I play. I play on ps5 if you wanna join sketchyman28

  • Shoe_Horn
    Shoe_Horn Member Posts: 4

    Hi, I'm Shoe_Horn a.k.a. Will, and I'm a YouTuber who has fallen in love with this game. I don't know what secret sauce you guys put in this one, but the community that is growing in this space is unusually kind, supportive, and welcoming. It is a highly noteworthy accomplishment for a video game fandom, so props to y'all's game design, I guess😂. Oh, Right! The Stream! My Co-Host and I do a Community Showcase at 7:00 EDT till around midnight each Friday. Uhh, here's the one for tonight:

    I'm crossing my fingers for some Dev action on stream someday, if any of y'all are interested. (Please grant my deepest, truest wish and come say hi! I won't even peer pressure you into spilling any juicy Dev tea!) For real though, we have some truly amazing builders show up on a weekly basis and they're all good people who love MYM as much as we do and it would absolutely make our whole... month, I guess? Two months? Well, safe to say we'd be jazzed. You're of course welcome to just lurk if you don't feel comfortable talking directly to the community on off-hours. I respect that, no pressure. I don't like working late, either.

    Also, sorry for not using the official forums for any of our stuff earlier. We're pretty bad at social media over at our channel😔.