Let's start getting chats going!

We can't let this server stay inactive for too long. Let's start getting chats going, let's start making stories, and let's start theory crafting! I'll start... let's do a raid story first.

-Surveyor, Log 13-

The outpost was surrounded by stone, with one entrance leading inside. I knew it was a death trap. Waiting for me to spring it. There were bio-mats waiting for me.

I entered through the only entrance, before jumping back. Barely avoiding being skewered by spikes. There was blood on the spikes, someone had come here before. A quick bolt destroyed the trap, and I continued inwards.

It was suspiciously quiet. One long pathway leading down. I followed it, keeping an eye on all corners. Watching for potential traps.

Yet there was nothing there. There was a clanking as the HRV skittered past me. I watched as it left. It followed the same exact path I did. No Holocubes then? Must not be. Unless they are on the ceiling or walls. You can never know, builders can be psychopathic at times.

Still, I was at the gen-mat now. Once I grabbed it, if there is anything here, it will activate and I'll die. If I'm not fast. I check my grapple hook. Then I reach out and grab it... Only for nothing to happen?

I started to walk back, before hearing yelling. I glance down the hall. It was dozens of Armored Warmongers. I groaned, before tossing a grenade. It took them all down in an instant. I started to walk back out.

I walked up the ramp, leading to the exit of the base. It seems only War- THUD

I couldn't feel anything, I fell over. Glancing back, a hidden bolt trap. Right at the exit.

---Back at the Camp

"This is why you always check for bolt traps when you leave an outpost! It has caused many Surveyor deaths."