Lore Question: in the game, are we robots or humans??

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I just found the game last night (ty game awards) and I already love it and want to play it SO SO bad !!. but at the same time I have only one question: are we robots or like one of THE last humans on the planet ? ty sm for reading !!

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  • Kharel
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    Judging by the trailers (can't talk about anything I saw in the closed beta, and the story concepts may have entirely changed anyway since then): the playable characters from the trailer are pretty clearly humanoid, but don't look entirely human-shaped. If they are "human", they're probably heavily modified like the monsters shown (which also look human-ish), because I can't see how you'd fit them into those suit shapes otherwise!


  • Doorknob
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    All creatures in the game are clones made from clones made from clones... etc.. of one human. You can imagine all of that genetic cloning would result in some not-so-stable lifeforms, so they need robotic parts and implants to stay alive. So to answer the question: characters are technically both robots and mostly humans.

  • RaNdOmKiLs666
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    Maybe we're like the Servitors in warhammer 40k, both man and machine.

  • Hugo
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    Hey, I am a bit late to the party but here we go,

    we are not "Human" in the same sense as you and me, we also are not a robot as we can see in some videos that we clearly bleed blood, also if we were a robot I think there would be not many traps that could harm us as the player. Yeah, there still is the possibility of us being a robot but it is highly unlikely.

    Now as stated in the dev diary video on the mym youtube channel, we were created by the chimera, so we would either be a mutated being like the guards we see or are some kind of clone. Another thing is that we might be not even made from any human DNA or stem cell mixture, so it is hard to say what we are with the current lore, but we probably will find out someday.