I don't have permission to use the link to request the alpha-surveyor badge

Brosmule Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 2

I have verified my email, but when I press the link from the discord I am met with a screen that says I don't have the required permissions. I would really like the badge, anybody got any ideas?🤠

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  • FrankieStein
    FrankieStein Member, Mod, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 11
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    Henlo! Sorry for the delay ^^ At the moment, badges are given out manually by us Mods so we usually do them in waves. So you should have them now. If there's any trouble, do not hesitate to contact us!


  • BJam
    BJam Member Posts: 1

    yeah i have the same problem :(

  • OnlyHunter
    OnlyHunter Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 1

    Thanks for reaching out to me, no i do not have any solutions.

  • CleaverofOz
    CleaverofOz Applicant Posts: 1

    I have the same issue and if I click the link for the person to contact I get the same thing.