TrU3Ta1ents video about Meet your maker

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 141

Some of you might have already seen it but as I don't really follow Tru3 I only found out about it today. If you want to watch it yourself here is a link.

The video he watches is from before the closed beta so keep that in mind. Also, be mindful of the NDA I am not sure if this "Wolf"(???) guy might have broken NDA by telling TrU3 in a bit more detail about things, I hope he or she didn't.

Now having said this I will look at some of his points and tell what I think about them, without breaking NDA (hopefully):

As for some of the points he is right, even though I think that some points are not as good as others, like that umpf, he talks about I get how some people would like it but then I would want an option to enable and disable it as I am not the biggest fan of screen shaking as if badly executed makes me nauseous.

As for the AI I think from what was shown in the video it still looks better than DBD's even though I haven't played in a while they might have made it better.

One point I get is that there is seemingly no repercussion to dying in a raid, which is a valid point but also is not bad as it caters to more casual players and not only the hardcore ones. Maybe a mode where only one attempt could be added, or you have three lives and there are 10 maps back to back that you have to clear. A time limit mode also could help.

Slow traps and slow projectiles also seem to be a problem he mentioned that I can agree with. But instant activation and shooting could be too rough for the majority, so finding a middle ground here is also what is needed.

I think Tru3 also said something about the textures looking wired as it is to clearly indicate where one block begins and ends, I don't really think that this is an issue. Also, he said that some of the texture you could add could have been randomized to make it able to be used in more unique ways. I somewhat agree with it except for the random part of it as that would make it so that the builder would need to place delete and replace so long until it is the one he wants, making a sub-menu for textures might be a way to get more variety in textures.

In conclusion, there are some points that I think are valid but some that are a bit more difficult to just say that they might or might not be bad.


  • Kharel
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    Being careful to avoid breaking the NDA, but a lot of his complaints stem from 2 things: the awkwardness of watching someone who's not particularly proficient or fast at the game meander through what looks like a particularly easy level, ignoring or easily dealing with most of the poorly-placed defenses, which seem to have been placed to draw attention to the traps and guards and what they do, rather than with any intent to actually kill the player.

    There's no sense of urgency in the raid he watched, because the level that was raided provided none. There's no sense of danger, fright, or challenge, because most players can think "I'd have easily avoided that, it's not even a threat", and they'd be right.

    I didn't bother to watch his commentary on the level design process; it seemed he had made up his mind about the game within the first few minutes and was just looking for more ways to justify the already-formed opinion.

    Quite simply, I don't think that stream he watched showed off the game well at all, and as he pointed out felt very scripted. As a result, the stream made the game feel very awkward and slow. It also looked like they were intentionally turning the camera slowly to avoid motion sickness on the part of viewers, and as a result it made the movement look clunky.

  • Hugo
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    Yeah makes sense, and I also can understand not watching the video further, most of it was really just looking for what is bad, which isn't necessarily bad but it can be harmful if not done right. Giving the developers examples of what can be done better is important for the "negative" feedback to constructive and not just destructive.