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First, this post of mine will not contain anything from the closed beta test, all that I will list are things we know through videos published by Bhvr or Meet your maker.

Pictures used here will be from either said videos or the media gallery on the official meet your maker website. This is the best I could do without breaking NDA so I hope it helps someone.

I tried making it as good as possible to read, but as English is not my first language there might be a lot of grammar mistakes or maybe other mistakes in the explanations.

I am also limited to the technical abilities of this forum so it might not be as ascetically pleasing as one would want it.

Progression of the open beta

It seems like it is planned that progression will be carried over which might be delightful for some people to hear.

P.S. for some reason the table of content gets randomly scrambled I dont know why though.

Now that I have all the disclaimers out of the way, let's start with the table of content

Table of content

  • Currency
    • How to acquire currency
    • Chimera Points
    • Parts updated visual (new)
    • Synthite updated visual (new)
  • Leveling
    • Player Level
    • Weekly Tribute
    • Advisor Levels (new visual)
    • Chimera Level
    • XP
    • Prestige Level
  • Co-Op
    • Crossplay (new)
  • Boosts
  • Building
    • Requirements
    • Size
    • Traps
    • Guards
    • Overdrive
    • Gravestones
    • Accolades
    • Drag n Drop building
    • Pre-existing Blocks
    • Champion Outposts (new)
    • Trap range (new)
  • Raiding
    • Equipment
    • suits
    • weapons
      • long range-weapons
      • short range-weapons
    • Hardware
    • Grappling hook
    • Second Wave
  • Ranking (new)
  • Replay Station & Command Centre (updated/new)
  • Sources
  • Extras

    Now that we have this out of the way let's start.


    We know that there are currently three revealed that can be used.

    The names of those currencies might be subject to change but for now, the star seems to be called "Parts". We can't be sure yet which currency does what and what they are used on.

    How to acquire currency:

    Two of said Currencies can be acquired by raiding outposts.

    Parts seem to be "dropped" by killing guards. They come in different size packages, those seem to have set values going from 1 Part to 10 Parts

    The second Currency that can be obtained is called Synthite and comes also in form of drops by killing guards. They seem to be set to three values: 25, 50, 100

    Synthite also can be found by destroying one of these structures

    These seem to drop multiple packages of Synthite.

    Chimera Points:

    This is the third currency we know of, it is called Chimera points, and is obtained by evolving the chimera.

    All currencys can be obtained via a so called "Daily Tribute" which is probably a daily log in thing. Another way is to level the chimera up.

    Parts updated visual

    Synthite updated visual


    There seem to be a lot of different levels, what each of them does is not known, or if they do anything besides displaying a number.

    Player Level:

    First, there seems to be a player or account Level.

    Weekly Tribute:

    This level has a maximum and seems to be reset every week. It is leveled up by successfully escaping with a certain amount of genmat.

    Advisor Levels: (New visual)

    Following is the newest visual for this leveling opportunity. This time showing quite clearly that it is related to the advisors.

    Apparently, you level them up by collecting the genmat and escaping.

    The genmat XP seems to vary from map difficulty:

    Normal: 1000

    Brutal: 3000

    Dangerous: Not known might be between those two at maybe around 2000.

    Champion outpost?:

    There is a new outpost type called champion outpost, more on that in the building section. Here there seems to be an opportunity to gain exp for all advisors.

    Chimera Level:

    Thirdly, there seems to be a level next to the chimera, this level is called "Chimera Evolution" and it can be increased by processing Advisors.


    Some XP, which one is not known, can be acquired by accomplishing so-called "feats".

    The first feat seems to be known as Destruction Feat and you seem to be able to acquire it by destroying traps.

    The second feat is called Kill feat. And can be obtained by Killing Feat.

    The third known feat is called Finesse.

    The fourth is not known but it seems to be scaling with killing guards and destroying things without dying. It is called the "Annihilation Streak"

    There might be even more feats that are currently not known publicly.

    Prestige Level:

    The prestige level seems to be a mechanic of maps, what it does, and how high it goes is unknown. The highest that was seen on camera is 10.


    Going next is the Invite feature which seems to work over pressing a keyboard key

    We can assume that it will be similar to the DBDs invite system or at least an earlier version where a steam pop-up comes out and then you can invite your steam friends. As the game states to be coop you will probably be limited to raiding and building with just one of your friends.

    This is also conveyed to us in the video about mym by the youtube Blarg.


    As for the newest screenshot, there seems to be at least some kind of crossplay planned. This is evident by global signals console players in DBD. The same visual is used here next to a number maybe an ID or name.

    Update it seems crossplay will not be supported at launch.


    From what can be seen there seem to be five boost slots, if this means that there are only five boosts or if you are just allowed to have five boosts Active is not known.

    On that note boosts seem to be connected to the advisors as one of the boosts can be activated at the advisor Suits. This one seems to be connected to Map Intel.

    From this, we can make out that they have some kind of level as there is a 0 which seems to indicate a level 0 boost. It is hard to say how this boost might play out but it might give information about the map, like traps and or guards. In another build, they were also outright called Advisor Boosts.


    Building is one of the activities one can do in meet your maker here you can build outposts for others to raid. There is a UI that helps you in the building.


    There seem to be different requirements that a map has to have before it can commence from inactive to the active map. Currently, there are two known.

    1. Harvester Path, here there must be a path for the Harvester to walk to the genmat, or at least that seems to be implied by the staff of meet your maker.
    2. Minimum Defenses, it is not really known what would count as a minimum defense but it is probably in place to stop players from creating outposts without any guards or traps.


    Also called capacity, every block, trap, and guard have a certain value and it all adds up to the overall capacity the only size that was shown for sure is 1000, 3000 and


    Currently, we know about nine traps, some of them are deadly, while others might not be able to hurt/kill the player. Traps can be equipped with modifications, that will alter what the trap can do.

    1. Corrosive Cube, it will kill you if you stay in it, but it seems if you just fall through one layer it will not harm you.
    2. Incinerator spews flames as an aoe for a certain amount of time. Touching said flames will eliminate you.
    3. Impaler, your standard deadly spikes coming out, if hit by it will do what its name is.
    4. Death Pistons, contrary to their name might seem deadly, but also seem to be mostly used to blockade the path ahead.
    5. Boltshot, shoots a salve of arrows that will make you into swiz cheese.
    6. Bomb ejactor, lets loose a bunch of explosive spheres that will explode. Explosions are deadly.
    7. Iron Claw, might hug you, but don't be fooled by its affection, it might not kill you on its own, but its friends will.
    8. Plasma Sentinal, is a powerful trap that has a 360° vision field and also shoots homing plasma balls. I am not sure if plasma behaves that way but sure why not.
    9. Holo cube, it seems, like a block but it isn't. If you touch them they seem to disappear, at least HRV will not leave you like that, right?


    Currently, we know of four guards, and those all have different weaponry. Guards seem to also have something similar to modifications.

    1. Enforcer, a dude with a gun
    2. Warmonger, he has blades for hand and will jump at you with them slashing at you. Maybe he can cut your sandwich in half
    3. Hornets, might not sting, but they are basically flying plasma sentinels.
    4. Cannonback, might look like the hunchback of Notre Dame, but he is dangerous, this guy shoots grenades at you with scary accuracy.


    Nothing is known about this feature, but it is a status an active map can have.


    There might be "gravestones", which indicate how someone was killed, it might help with finding more efficient trap combinations.


    Your map can be given two accolades, chosen from an assortment of four accolades, per raider, what they do is not known atm. (Or I couldn't find it)

    Those grades are Fun, Brutal, ingenious, and Artistic.

    QoL Drag n drop:

    As of today, we have been informed that builders will be able to use Drag n Drop to build faster. This change seems very good as it would allow one to make a wall and such things in an instant.

    Pre-Existing Blocks:

    There are some blocks that randomly spawn in with the outpost on acquiring it. Those blocks can be removed. There will be a feature to remove all those pre-existing blocks at once. Or you can decide to delete all of a certain block.

    There seem to block that can't be removed, we will call them, for now, Bedrock, and are black blocks.

    Champion Outpost:

    These are outposts that have a good performance and are appreciated by the community. This will probably be controlled through Accolades and a Kill per escape rate if I had to guess.

    Those champion outposts also reward raiders with bonus rewards. There also seem to be stages of Champion outposts.

    Trap range:

    You can now view the distance of how long the range of it is. This will help new players to easier understand where and how to place traps.


    Raiding is about going into a player-made outpost and stealing the genmat, and surviving.


    There are many different equipments and I won't go over them in detail here for now. As a raider, you have two weapon slots, two Hardware slots, one suit slot, and three Biolinks.


    We know of currently two suits, as far as we know those suits are just different in their textures, but they probably have their own benefits we have yet to learn of. Also connected to the suits is something called a Biolink, nothing is known what it does but it probably upgrades the effectiveness of your equipment.

    Long-Range Weapons:

    We currently know of two long-range weapons that can be chosen by the raider.

    1. The exonerator, has three shots and ammunition can be picked up again after being fired.
    2. The desert maw, is a crossbow kind of weapon, that seems to shoot lasers.

    Short-range Weapons:

    There are also currently three short-range weapons.

    1. Fury's edge, this blade strikes fast and can deflect projectiles
    2. Sledgeblade, this blade is probably the polar opposite of the fury's edge.
    3. Arc Barrier, is not a weapon but it works as a shield that will stop any incoming dmg for a certain amount of time.


    We currently know about four hardware

    1. Blast Grenade, explosives that can be thrown to kill or destroy
    2. Flash Barrier, this is hardware that can be thrown to create a sphere of protection
    3. Spike drive, this one allows the user to have faster movement speed.
    4. Phoenix Pod, generates a new body on death, one-time use

    Grappling hook:

    It allows you to repel yourself to the location its hook impacted

    Second Wave:

    After collecting the genmat, the outpost goes into the so-called second wave. Here there might appear new traps that weren't there in the first wave. This will give you another challenge as if you die here you have to start from the beginning again.


    So by pcgamer in an article it was talked about a Ranking system where one earns ranking points by Raiding outposts as well as activating outposts in the World map

    Replay Station & Command Centre:

    This is the replay station, here you can watch the raid attempts of other players on your outpost, or rewatch your own raids, where you raided other people's outposts.

    Command center:

    At the command center, one can choose to either raid or build, there are two different tabs for that.

    Nothing much is known about the Building tab atm.

    On the raid map, you can choose between fifteen maps that are seemingly randomly recommended. Those fifteen maps are split into three categories of difficulty.

    There have been quite some changes to the command center. Now first of all you now can see for which advisor you gain the exp for, in front of the name of the base. Also, we now will be able to report outposts as well as apparently take a look at a Player Profile.

    There also seems to be a feature called the social raid, we don't know what to expect of that feature yet but it might be outposts that don't normally would appear in the raid map.

    We also can see that we can abandon raids if we don't think we will be able to complete the map. There also seems to be a death counter where you can see how many deaths you already have on the map.



    Who the hell is Harvee897? Yeah, it might just be a developer or executive at meet your maker, but then why is this name featured in so many of the art pieces of Meet your maker?

    Maybe this is a lore character, maybe it is the guy in this art. At least we know that this creature builds outposts or something similar to it. So maybe this being also created the chimera or at least the harvester (HRV).

    Also, this is the myth, the legend, an unrivaled being, THIS IS HRV.

    Thanks for reading, props to you if you actually read all of this.

    See ya next time I am bored and have too much time,


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    Jeezus Hugo, that's a massive wall of text lmao. 🤣

    I guess it'll be pretty useful for the newcomers. 👍️

  • Hugo
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    I know right? It is this massive and I already didn't include any of the mods and what they do. And yes there is a lot of mod already known. 🤣

    I would hope that it can help at least one newcomer. But it might also not be in the Best version to comprehend. I still have to work on how to structure things more so that they are easy to digest. I guess it is fine for a first draft. But hopefully/maybe in the future I will be able to make better informational threads.

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    Hey Hugo, this is definitely useful (not only for newcomers)!

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    Thank you, and no problem. I will probably make more informational content either in a video format or as posts here in the wiki. Some things I have on my radar are an in-depth dive into types of equipment and Traps.

    Well if anyone has also other Ideas I should look into, just comment on any of my posts I will definitely take a look at it in some way or another.

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    When are Alpha Surveyors no longer bound by the NDA? Once the Open Beta goes live?

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    Technically we are bound by the NDA forever. No date or event in the NDA is written when it becomes obsolete/invalid.

    So basically outside of the Surveyor Lounge, we are not allowed to disclose anything that was in the closed test Neither are we allowed to compare things outside of that category to what they have been in the closed test.