Getting Started - Outposts - Designing a death trap

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I'll be referencing All images will be using this video. If you want to watch the VOD start at 18:45 to get the introduction to building. Note: The screenshots and features shown in this video are not the latest build of the game. Therefore certain features may be different to what is shown but overall I would expect it to be relatively close to the final product.

So to start out you will need to purchase a plot of land.

Shippensburg - The name of the Outpost

1 - The current prestige level of the base

Inactive - whether or not raiders can raid the base. Note: raiders cannot raid a base that is being worked on.

Capacity - a ratio showing the amount of resources used over the amount of resources available.

In this image we can see that the resource cost of Stone is 1. Therefore, we can deduce that Shippensburg is limited to 2,500 stone blocks. In addition to this, in the video we can see that a purchased plot is not empty and that the blocks that are already placed are eating up resources.

Harvester - a robot (aka HRV or Harvey) that walks through the base collecting genetic material

Harvester path - a path (yellow dotted line) that the Harvester can take to get from the shipping station (next to spawn) and to the genetic material. Note: The path that the HRV uses will almost always be the path that a raider will take to get to the genmat (genetic material). The harvester will always try to use the shortest path available.

Minimum Defenses - the fewest number of traps within an outpost before the Outpost is considered valid and can be made available for match making. If we compare the previous image of the UI with the one below, we can see another part of the UI that was not visible before.

Difficulty - Easy/Medium/Hard. We can infer that the difficulty of the map is determined after the minimum defenses requirement is met.


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    Spend time and resources making the front of your outpost look nice. It is going to make all the difference in the world when raiders choose which outpost to raid.

    Make the outpost fun to play! An Outpost will do well if it's fun even if it isn't super deadly. If you see a particular strategy being complained about in the forums, I highly recommend avoiding that if at all possible. An outpost that is not fun to play does not fair well, beware!

    When purchasing a plot, I recommend purchasing the largest plot if you can afford it. And if you can't afford it then consider raiding until you can.

    I highly recommend reading through Hugo's post on what is known so far because after purchasing a plot the next step is to start unlocking guards and traps for building.

    I'm not going to say what you should unlock first. Instead I want you to think about layering your traps and guards. Everything that can kill a raider will give them a warning with ample time for them to react. If you can get a raider to over-extend then you can force them into a corner where you can kill them with either a guard or a trap.

    Raiders are vulnerable

    • immediately after using their weapon. This is because weapons have cool-down periods before they can be used again.
    • When they jump. Traps can often be avoided by jumping out of the way when triggered. But if they've already jumped then there options are much more limited.
    • When they become greedy. Give a raider a reason to take an unnecessary risk, many will because it's fun but especially if they can earn some kind of reward.

    Use misdirection

    • Give them an easy to follow path only to have it lead to a trap that you've setup
    • Make the pathway jagged and confusing. You don't need orderly tunnels. Orderly tunnels are easy to predict. Raiders will identify your traps from a distance. But if your outpost is chaotic, you'll be able to surprise them with many of the same traps that would have been disarmed.

    Be careful not to

    • Have traps or guards that destroy each other
    • Leave a gap in your outpost that will make it easy to enter or exit or allow a section of the outpost to be bypassed
    • Use decals that give away the locations of your traps (This will make more sense when you begin to build outposts)

    Once you've made your base, there is a replay station 27:21 in the youtube video. I recommend watching each and every raid attempt. Once you've watched a few people raid your base you'll know exactly how to improve the Outpost to make it more deadly. And once you have perfected your death trap, then it's time to purchase another plot of land and take all the lessons you learned and make an entirely new outpost from scratch and bring a friend because making outposts is more fun together!

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    Great job, @konchok love to see others making posts explaining things in more detail. Also thanks for linking my post about all we know atm.