Question on the game's Monetization Structure.

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Hi! Super excited about the open beta next week, Looking forward to trying the game out!

What is currently the planned monetization system for Meet Your Maker? Will it be:

1. Free to play with in-game transactions,

2. Pay to play with in-game transactions, or

3. 1 time cost full game unlocked (with the option for paid dlc expansion packs down the road).

As someone who grew up with Ps2/Gamecube/Xbox the third option is the most attractive to me and I'd imagine people in my mid to late 20s demographic, but I understand the modern day pull towards the other two.

My fear with option 1 is that f2p games is a fully saturated market right now. Between battleroyals, Hi-rez's constant attempts at huge f2p games, and every startup trying to make a cosmetics driven game you'll be tapping into an already very thin market. What reason do I have to play "Meet your Maker" and not something like "GALAHAD 3093".

The issue I see with option 2 is that -most- gamers have limited funds that they're willing to divert towards gaming. There is the percentage that is willing to spend as much as it takes to have the best game experience, but that is not the majority. For a game like battlefield players feel some level of reassurance that there will be full lobbies and an active playerbase for a few years after launch, but even then some players can feel like they got swindled or that the company heading the game is trying to get a cashgrab (especially when there are solid f2p alternatives around the corner)

Personally with the third option I'd feel an incentive to continue playing this I game I payed for while feeling that the developers respect my time and money. It'd be nice to purchase a game for 40-60 USD and not log into a game hidden behind a bunch of paywalls. And as I mentioned before I'd be comfortable with the idea of reasonably priced expansion packs down the road (Like WoW or Mario kart 8 did), just not micro transactions.

Sorry for the long and read, and I know it's very audacious for a random person on the internet to say all this, but i've seen so many games flop based on these things that I wanted to bring it up before the game's full release.

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  • Hugo
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    From what we can go of, we can take a look at how Dead By Daylight, another game made by BHvr Interactive, is operating. Of course, that is not definite and it might not be the same, but for now, it is the best option we can look at as there hasn't been any announcement about the monetization.

    DBD is a pay-to-play game that offers optional DLC and in-game transactions via skin. In the DLCs, there are new playable characters that get unlocked.

    So we can assume that Meet your maker will at least be pay to play and in the future will also have DLCs. As in-game transactions come more popular as they make a bunch of money it probably will be possible to obtain skins via an in-game store later on. The price for the Base game can be assumed to be around 20 $ as DBD did cost around 20 $ when it was first released.

  • Kharel
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    I strongly suspect they're leaning towards #3, or at least #2 with purchasable microtransactions being cosmetic-only, plus possible DLCs. I can't talk a whole lot about why due to the NDA from the previous closed beta, but to sum up information available from public sources they've shown off two different playable characters, something like 10 different-looking traps, 3-4 guards, decorations and decals, all that sort of thing.

    While many of these (especially cosmetics) would be prime targets for microtransactions for a F2P, in one of their streams they showed them being unlocked and upgraded using a currency the player obtained in-game. During this stream, they looked through a number of menus and at no point was there any mention of or hint at a cash shop. To me, this strongly implies the base game will be B2P with in-game earnable currency to unlock new things.

    That obviously doesn't prevent them from adding a paid currency and using it to purchase new things at some point, but I doubt they'll have day-1 purchasable unlocks, as it's unlikely they'd have gone to all the effort of hiding any sign of a cash shop in the stream and trailers they've shown off.


  • FlamingZelda
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    Thank you. These answers are helpful. I've heard good things about DbD so I'm cautiously optimistic. I understand people really enjoy cosmetics, I just have a pretty limited gaming budget so those things aren't really for me.