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First post so I haven't checked if the alpha surveyor status applied to my account properly but I was one of the closed beta players last year. I saw the email regarding the end of our NDA (which I'll keep vague in case it's not more widely known?), and I was wondering, is everything from the beta fair game? I recorded screenshots and videos for ease of communicating with devs & other players and I'd love to post some of them when the NDA ends, but I want to be sure I'm correctly understanding that that media specifically is good to go at that time.

Thanks for your time!

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    Answer āœ“

    Hello there! You are now welcome to share any closed playtest stuff. šŸ˜ Can't wait to see you all back in the wasteland - have fun in the beta!


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    I was wondering the same. Sadly I think only a Community manager or someone working for BHvr could tell us this. Hope one of them sees this post and can clear up things.

    On that note, it would also be helpful to know if it is the moment the 5th begins that the NDA is lifted or if it is coupled to a specific time on the 5th.

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  • AnnieRubyTTV
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    I can answer regarding the time at least, because the email says 10AM EST