All the traps and what they can do

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As the title says this will be a post about all the traps, guards, and equipment you can unlock. This might differ as I wrote this with the knowledge of the closed beta test. Some might have images but I don't have Images for everything.

Something to note is that a trap can only have up to two modifications. One is also able to see the mods as they are displayed on the edge of the trap.

If a trap is not active anymore it will close its shudders. Destroyed traps won't.

  • Traps
    • Holocube
    • Iron Claw
    • Impaler
    • Deathpiston
    • Plasma Sentinal
    • Boltshot
    • Bomb ejector
    • Incinerator
    • Corrosive Cube
    • 2nd Wave mod
  • Guards
    • Warmonger
    • Enforcer
    • Hornet
    • Canonback
    • Enhancements
  • Equipment
    • Weapons
    • Hardware
    • Suits


A defense used by builders to eliminate raiders, and stop them from reaching the genamt.


A trap that is not directly harmful, will look like one of the unbreakable blocks. The visual has some effects that can indicate that it is not a real block. Upon a raider coming in a certain distance of the holocube, it will be Destroyed. Traps behind the holocube activate the moment the holocube is destroyed and the trap is a line of vision on the Raider.


The holocube will act as a normal block around guards. Letting them not pass through and such things.

Picture Perfect

Reduces the effect that one allows to determine if a block is a holocube or not.

Eagle Eye

Increases the range in which the holocube detects the raider from one block to three blocks.

Iron Claw

This trap will not damage the raider. It will take some time to launch at the raider but it will follow the raider until the raider is grabbed or is able to find cover behind a block/wall. Once the raider is grabbed the Claw will pull them in and hold them in Position for a certain amount of time. It will go off until destroyed.

Double Down

After the hook has been destroyed as long as the trap itself hasn't been destroyed it will be able to reform the claw for a second time.

Greased Chains

The pull-in speed of the claw is faster than normal.

Quick Launch

The speed at which the claw is fired is increased.


This is your standard tomb trap where spears come from the ground. This trap will kill if the person is hit by the impaler directly or if the raider runs into the extended Spear object. This trap will normally only activate ones.


After activating, the Impaler has its spears extended for a longer time than usual.


Allows the trap to activate as long as the trap hasn't been destroyed.

Self Destruct

If the trap is destroyed trap will explode destroying and killing anything in a one-block radius.

Death Piston

A piston-like trap, that when hit by will kill the player, this includes when the piston retracts and the player is on the same square. Death pistons do have a rhythm to which they extend and retract. They are a great way to block paths or hide traps behind them.


Now the pistons will kill the player even when just touched even when it doesn't extend or retracts.


Pistons are extended for a prolonged time.


Pistons retract and extend in random intervals.

Plasma Sentinal

This trap shoots one projectile that follows the raider but is slow-moving, it is also the only trap that has visions on all its sides which allows the Plasma Sentinal a 360° view field.

Plasma Cloud

On impact with the environment, the projectile will leave a sphere behind which will instantly kill. After a while, it will disappear.

Self destruct

On the destruction of the Plasma Sentinal, it will form a Plasma cloud around itself.

Eagle eye

Increases the range at which Plasma sentinels can see the player.


Shoots several arrows in a straight line. If hit by an arrow the player will die instantly. It will shoot after seeing the player. It can only shoot once.


The arrows will now act like a homing missile.


The trap can be fired a second time.


The range the arrows fly is increased drastically.

Bomb ejector

Releases a bunch of bombs that will fly in random directions and explode after a few seconds. They will destroy other traps.

Chaos Bombs

The bombs will have a stronger bounce to them.

Heavyweight Bombs

The bombs will nearly not bounce. They will more or less stay where they landed.

Eagle eye

The range of detection is increased


It is a flamethrower that shoots a flame in a straight line. The flame will be exuded over a small amount of time. After a cool of time, the flamethrower will be able to shoot the flame again. This cycle will repeat until the trap is destroyed.

Dragon Breath

The range of the flames is increased.


After the flame subdues, the block on which the flame impacted last will have a lasting flame there for a few seconds.


After firing, it will have a small explosion at the origin of the trap. This will not destroy the trap but can kill the raider.

Corrosive Cube

IT'S ORANGE JUICE NOT LAVA OR SOMETHING. Now to the real point: It is a block that can be grappled or fallen through. If the raider is in one for an extended period of time it will kill the raider. You can see through this block.


After applying the mod it is impossible to see through the cube.


It is now impossible to go through the cube. If the outside is touched for too long it will kill the raider.


If fired, hit, or grappled through, a fragment of the corrosive cube is attached to the player which can be dodged if fast enough. But if not dodged will kill the raider after less than a second.

Second Wave Mod

This is a mod that all the traps have. It is the cheapest to apply and will make it so that the trap will only be visible and interactable in the second wave after the raider has picked up the genmat.


Another form of defense, this one can move, a path can be set for them tthey will then patrol.


The only melee guard, it will run you down, and after a short charge-up time will jump at you with a pounce attack.


It shoots at ya, with a gun that shoots bolts. It has a charge-up time before it can shoot.

Swarm Shot

It can now shoot four bolts at once. These are shot in a way to covers the most linear area possible and are next to each other. Like in my professional paint painting.


This unit is able to fly around. It has the same projectile as the Plasma Sentinal.


It shoots bombs. Yeah, that's pretty much it.


These are enhancements that are shared by all of the Guards.

Optical Implant

Increases the vision so it can detect enemies from further away.


This is armor that can block certain attacks at the guard. Every guard has their own unique weak spot. At this weak spot, they will still die in one hit.

short leash

They will not follow the raider indefinitely but after leaving a certain area they will return to their original post.


They can be alerted to raiders if there is a fight nearby. Meaning they can detect enemies through walls without having vision on them.

Reflex manipulation

Their attack is delayed. Or happens in a not common rhythm.

Adrenal Converter

When in combat they are able to move a lot faster than normal.

Dead man's switch

When killed, the body of the guard will explode after some time.


Things that can be equipped by the Raider.



It grants you access to three bolts that can be shot. You can reclaim said bolts to be able to fire them again. They can destroy armor, kill enemies and destroy traps.

Fury's edge

A light blade that has a fast attack speed. It can destroy traps and kill enemies. It also allows you to deflect bolts fired at you. It can't destroy armor under any circumstances.

Arc Barrier Mk3

It is not a weapon per se but it can allow you to be immune to all incoming damage for a very short amount of time. The Barrier has a cooldown on it. You normally can't use any other weapon while the shield is active. If you choose to use another weapon the shield will disable immediately. After upgrading the shield to the max you can use the bolt shot while the shield remains up and steady.

Desert Maw

It is a fast-shooting crossbow. The ammunition can not damage a trap or destroy armor. It can only kill guards. But it bosts with 5 (15 instead of 3) times more ammunition than the Exonerator.


It is a blade that has a slow swing, it can destroy things in a small aoe (area of effect) and it can destroy armor. You are not able to deflect bolts with it.


Blast Grenade

It is a grenade that destroys and kills everything in its blast range. It can kill you as well so be careful when using it. You have only a set amount of grenades per raid attempt/death which is limited to 3. This is a resource that can be depleted so use it sparingly if you aren't rich in parts.

Flash barrier

It is the arc barrier but can not be moved. It lasts for a longer time though and can protect your co-op partner as well. Guards can enter the range of the barrier and then kill you so be careful. It was one of the things that I myself felt was one of the strongest things you can have at your disposal. You are limited to 2 per raid attempt/death.

Phoenix Pot

You can place this pot at any time. If you die you will be respawned there. If you place it before the genmat has been collected and then collect the genmat the Phoenix pot is destroyed. You can though place it after picking up the genmat and if you then die it will respawn you there still with the genmat in your possession.

Adrenalin Suringe

After injecting yourself with it you will gain more movement speed on the ground. This effect seems to be stackable.


There currently are two suits. They have different Biolinks that you can upgrade. If a Biolink reaches the Master level it can be placed on all suits.

Melee Suit

Here the Biolinks heavily focus on melee weapons and giving special bonuses.

  1. If a Trap is destroyed in melee you gain a short movement speed buff.
  2. The attack speed of melee weapons is reduced
  3. You have a greater lunge range. Meaning you will be able to close gaps faster

Ranged Suit

Here the Biolinks heavily focus on the ranged weapons and giving special bonuses.

  1. The speed at which you can shoot is greatly increased
  2. You can see the location of your bolt shots through walls, they also have a ping on them.
  3. You can collect bolts from a greater distance than normall