Open Beta Feedback: Refund site vs Destroy Site

whiskeyplz Member Posts: 5

I claimed a site, and got tired of undoing everything click by click so I exited to see if there was a way to wipe the site. Maybe this is what 'destroy' is for, but instead of a refund, it locked me out of the site. No points back, and the site can't be repurchased because I own it.

Kind of a pain in the ass. I suggest a better full refund option because i can't imagine why anyone would want to full delete something with no refund.


  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 140
    edited February 7

    When you are in building mode and want to delete all the blocks of a type or even just all of them you can do so my opening the menu to select blocks and beneath should be a delete option or so press that key and you should be able to remove everything.

    but yeah maybe getting half the resources back that you paid would work, when deleting a burial site from your thing.

  • leaf16nut
    leaf16nut Member Posts: 2

    Exact same thing just happened to me; clicked delete, no refund, no way to build on that burial site again.. Why even have that feature in the game, what purpose does it serve, waste of time and resources. Needs to be fixed, addressed or at very least a prompt saying what you're about to do IF there is a logical reason as to why it's a feature in the game.

  • Loys
    Loys Member Posts: 8

    I believe its intended. Your Bases need more and more kills to be reactivated(they run out after 1,5 days) and at a certain point you (probably) can't use them anymore. I am not at that point so not sure if that is true. I believe at that point you can only open them up for the social hub or if you want/need more space you can delete them. Doesn't it even ask you after a long button press if you really want to delete it? I don't think they can do much more here.