First impressions from Open Beta (New player here)

So I played so far around 2,5 hours and will probably continue later on during week as well. It's my first time playing so here it goes.

  • Building is more fun for me than Raiding, however It's bit expensive to build (buy places). I thought it was "free" option same as raiding - you just build or raid freely, you don't have to grind anything. That was bit suprising for me, but since it took me just around 1 hour to unlock medium sized place, it's probably nothing too grindy I quess. Within few hours you can unlock hopefully few maps that you can build.
  • I like how you can see stats from your public maps (Feels good when people rating and dying in your map haha).
  • Raiding isn't that super interesting imo. I feel like playing more than just few maps in row will be boring to me. It's quite repetetive.
  • I am not sure if griding needs some balancing, since (at least for building) you have very basic things you can build (two traps and one NPC) and it will probably take lot of hours to unlock all basic tools for killing raiders (not counting all upgrades). Also what if someone really spends a lot of time playing... is there some end game? prestige? (Like in DbD you can keep grinding add-ons / offerings, etc. or there are SO MANY characters, etc. it's like endless in a way).

Overall I really like idea of this game, I probably prefer building than Raiding since it's quite repetetive. Also I hope the game has decent ammout of playerbase since the concent will be primary making the community (building maps & raiders using them). If there is too little from one side or another it could be a problem.

Thanks for reading! :3


  • noggieB
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    I also agree that grinding for the first few unlocks should be easier. I spent hours just to upgrade my first trap.

    However, once you have a few outposts set up, they will give you resources for free, so in a way you just have to wait. That said, if you want synthite, then your outposts need to be effective at killing people, which can be difficult with 0 unlocks!

    So I would like if the first few upgrades are a bit cheaper, even if later upgrades are not. (Like, maybe you get a 50% discount on your first three unlocks, whatever they are.) That could lead to some interesting tactics, like do you want a particular weapon which will help you to earn more, or do you want a particular trap to help you to earn more?

    Obviously, I don't know how late game balance is, but the first day did feel a bit like endless raiding for little reward, which might not be a great experience for new players.

  • noggieB
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    By the way, I'm sorry you don't enjoy raiding. Personally, I like to do both, but raiding is just for fun, building is a passion.

    The game should definitely support both playstyles. But I think it sort of needs more raiders than builders, because in order to prestige, each outpost needs around ... 9 raids? I wonder if raiding could be more fun for you, if it was easier to find the style of base you like to raid.