QOL suggestions and wishlist :)

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First of all: Great game, really enjoying the graphics/UI, atmosphere and gameplay so far. Played quite a bit, more on the building side though probably (i am a tad older and raiding is pretty stressfull for me lol). Enjoying watching the replays a lot though, especially how artistic and fast others can act in my... dungeons? Anyways, i digress...

QOL Suggestions:

  • Ability to remove all buildables from a site in one go (yes, even the scattered blocks at the beginning, especially on large ones there are hundreds). Maybe make it cost a bit, idk, but if i decide to rebuild/change a lot on an outpost removing all one by one gets really tedious. Otherwise a better delete-function/tool would be nice.
  • Ability to claim all "drops" from kills without entering buildmode and searching for them. I see that this is a good tool to evaluate your traps and optimize your outpost, but at some point it gets pretty tedious - especially if you have build rather labyrinthine (i can get lost myself in one of my outposts lol).
  • Ability to mark/delete several replays at once. (or even all at once)


  • More block-shapes. There are only three... while i see that this serves simplicity and doesnt let building get out of hand/make it too complicated, a real triangle corner and an inverted corner would be nice at least (i hope you get what i mean, can bring pictures otherwise)
  • Quick-Toolbar for blocks. Like in other building games, a bar at the bottom of the screen where i can place often used blocks/traps/whatever. Maybe even several i can switch with a key combo.

Thats it for now, will update the post if i can think of more stuff :)


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    "Ability to remove all buildables from a site in one go"

    This already exists. Go into the build menu, go to the tab on the far right (sets or something like that) and there should be an option labeled "Free up memory" or something like that. Select that option and it will remove all blocks of a selected type. Do this for the 3 or 4 block types which start in the outpost, and viola! you have a clean bedrock only outpost.

    "Ability to claim all "drops" from kills without entering buildmode and searching for them"

    100% agree. Picking up drops is a newbie aid tool, but for an experienced creator who understands the replay function it'd be way better to just automatically harvest the drops.

    "More block-shapes."

    I played for a few hours last night, and while just the three block shapes was a bit of a steep learning curve, I agree a triangle corner and inverted corner would be great additions. My idea is we put regular block, half block, and triangle corner in one shape cycle, and then the existing strange triangle and inverted corner in a different shape cycle. That way players can still cycle through 3 shapes, but there is the option to select more shapes.

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    Actually even though there are 3 shapes available I always only use the first two, I wonder how to use the third shape besides decoration purposes?

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    Thx for the tip, think i found it! (but didnt test it cause i didnt want to destroy a working outpost, will try on next claim :) )

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    QOL Suggestion: I like the UI but everything being the same color makes it easy for certain button prompts to hide in plain sight, took me a few times viewing the page to figure out the Prestige Outpost input. I've noticed a few other complaints/questions on this forum already that could have been avoided if the button prompt for what the person was trying to do was easier to spot. Might I suggest adding a few more colors to the UI to help certain elements stand out more? Doesn't need to be super vibrant, a few same-toned reds and yellows should do.

    I also agree that an option to auto-collect resources dropped by players dying in your outputs would be great. As fun as it is to go in and see where everyone died and how I can see this getting very tedious, especially if you have a particularly successful outpost.

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    • Global stats page where people can see stuff like the amount of raids/successes/fails/rip-ratio for raiders and Raidattempts/successes//killrate/accolades for builders. And i mean for all outposts together, not broken down per one, we have that. There could even be a public ranking of some stats?
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    QOL Suggestion:

    • I want to see the results/details of this report per outpost, but have to wait till the genmat and XP got awarded, maybe make it so you can skip those steps with mouseclicks? (picture 1). Also why has the detailed report even the entries for depleted/inactive outposts? (picture 2)

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    I'd add here an option to leave replay page before it loads. Several times I got to replay station and regretted instantly because I had to stare at loading of the list for couple minutes without ability to leave (ESC does nothing during loading). It's kinda frustrating.

    And management options for outposts should be accessible more easy. It's ridiculous we need to go into build mode and back waiting the whole loading both times just to deactivate outpost and then repeat that again to activate different one. This shouldn't take this much time.

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    • Allow decals/light props on holo blocks. Gotta mark that secret exit somehow not too obvious :D
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    Does the ability to move objects in build-mode if can we add that to the list? Not a fan of deleting a guard or trap then readding it with all mods again. I understand guards need to have the patrol recorded.