So how does prestige work?


Maybe someone can shed some insight on what prestige does, what the levels bring, what champion outposts are and how a base becomes one etc.? I just discovered the tab to level my outposts (prematurely) some hours ago and did it with two, but not really sure what that actually means lol.


  • noggieB
    noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

    When the base is depleted, nobody can raid it, until to Prestige it.

    If your base didn't do well (make kills or get accolades) then you cannot Prestige it. (Although I think there is some mechanism to retry.)

    One benefit of Prestiging is that the base gains capacity, i.e. you can add more blocks, traps and guards to it.

    (I don't know if it also generates more resources than it did at level 1 base, but I wouldn't be surprised.)

  • 2lagged2frag
    2lagged2frag Member Posts: 8

    It looks like Prestige makes the base earn far less Raider GenMats? Like, 10 per kill instead of 100?! So, that's a huge downside. Makes Overdrive non-viable.